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1971 - current


gitaar, metal, symphonic rock, toetsinstrumenten, zang


Metal Majesty


Musical child prodigy who manages to make a good impression with his debut album which features a mix of various influences which range from Queen to Kate Bush and beyond.
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gitaar, toetsinstrumenten, zang

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Juan van Emmerloot   drums, percussie

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Biography Valensia

Musical child prodigy who manages to make a good impression with his debut album which features a mix of various influences which range from Queen to Kate Bush and beyond.

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V   gitaar, toetsinstrumenten, zang


Valensia is born on 13 april 1971 in The Hague as Aldous Byron Valensia Clarkson.


The Clarkson family regularly visits Spain where the young Aldous, at the age of seven, makes his official musical debut on the beach.


Aldous is offered a recording deal but his parents refuse it because it denies him playing his own songs which he is then already writing.


Aldous contributes two songs to Ami Winston's debut CD. He starts working with Vengeance and plays keyboards on two demo's which were produced by Erwin Musper. These demo's will later end up on the compilation CD The Last Teardrop.

Erwin Musper Vengeance


Aldous can be heard on the song Turn It Up from the first solo album of former Vengeance singer Ian Parry. Valensia has got a recording track and releases the epic-like track Gaia which hits the top of the charts late December. Valensia can also be heard on a Japanese bonus track for the Robbie Valentine debut CD Magic Infinity. Valensia receives a Zilveren ('Silver') Harp music award.

Frits Spits Ian Parry Robert Kempe Vengeance


No less than four singles are released, but only The Sun makes it into the Top 40. The debut album Valensia - which also features Aldous aunt violinist Emmy Verhey - is doing fairly well. And also Gaia is doing well internationally. In Asia more than one million copies are sold.

Emmy Verhey

1995 - 1996

The album K.O.S.M.O.S. which is preceded by a five-track mini album released in December 1995, comes out in 1996. The album is produced by Pim Koopman and John Sonneveld. Due to bad promotion and a changing musical climate both the CD and the two singles fail to make any impact. Valensia is still going strong in Asia, however. This is also where he makes his stage debut. A Dutch show, at the Rotterdam Ahoy, is cancelled.


Phonogram's new A&R man decides it is time for more modern music like Blur and Oasis. This decision has serious consequences for Valensia. Valensia leaves a bad impression to assume that these two names are actually one new band, like for instance, Hall & Oates.


Early this year the new CD, Valensia '98 Blue Paraphernalian Dreams Of Earth's Eventide Whiter Future & Darker Present Soundspheres From New Diamond Age Symphonian Artworks To Yesterday's Westernworld Rockcraft Under The Raging Nineties Silver Promise Of The Happy Hundreds On The Break Of The New Millennium's Hazy Misty Dawn, comes out. With this album Valensia tries to please the record company. He fails to succeed, however, and Phonogram decides not to release the album in the Netherlands.


In Japan a CD is released with the title V. It is a new collaboration between Valensia and Robby Valentine. In the meantime Valensia is working on his second CD. He works together with his brother David, who plays the drums. Disappointed by record company Phonogram, Valensia is determined to release the album only via the Internet if necessary.

Robby Valentine V


The album Gaia II is released in Japan and Korea. Valensia temporarily steps out of the limelight to reconsider his future.


Luna Luna, a six-track 'spring album' is released in May. It includes a cover of Mecano's Hjo de la Luna which was a big hit in the '80s.


Valentine vs Valensia, the second V (Valensia and Robby Valentine) album, comes out in Japan late May. In July the new solo album The Blue Album is released. Valensia not only plays all instruments but also produces and mixes the album and also shoots the video.


The song Aquatica becomes the theme song of the Waterweek, an international conference about water management. In May the album The Queen Tribute comes out. In October it is announced that Valensia suffers from RSI. He is forced to stay away from the computer for a while. Consequently, the mini album he is working on has to be postponed. Late December This Is Not A Drill comes out, the first of three metal albums Valensia and his new band Metal Majesty are to release on the Japanese label Marquee Inc.


The Blue Album from 2002 is released in Europe by Escape Music. The mini album Non Plugged comes out in Japan. In May both the single Man From Manhattan and the album Metal Majesty are released throughout Europe. In June a Queen Tribute album is released in the Benelux countries, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Germany. Later this year the album is released in Brasil. Late 2004 The Best Of Valensia comes out. The musician has been living in Spain for many years but he is now moving to Los Angeles, California. With Jeff Scott Soto Valensia performs a short set at the Dutch Queen Convention. It's his first Dutch show.


The track Aquatica, written two years ago, is made available as a download. The proceeds go to the victims of the Tsunami disaster in Asia on Boxing Day 2004. In January Lion Music releases the album 2005 by Metal Majesty.


The last album with his prog rock soul mate Robby Valentine by the name of V is titled NYMPHOPSYCHOSCHIZOPHONIC. Valensia's contributions have been featured before on his own project Metal Majesty.

Discography Valensia

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Valensia - 'Gaia' live @ ...
Valensia - 'Gaia' live @ Ekdom in de Ochtend
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Valensia - 'Gaia' live @ Ekdom in de Ochtend

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