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Optreden Vader Abraham in het tv-programma Grote Clubactie, TROS 1990 (Bron: fotocollectie Beeld en Geluid)


1935 - current


carnival, Dutch-language, entertainment, levenslied


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Vader Abraham

The most successful artist in the history of the Dutch Top 40.
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Pierre Kartner   zang

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Biography Vader Abraham

The most successful artist in the history of the Dutch Top 40.


Pierre Kartner, the grandmaster of the populist genre is born.

1943 - 1965

Pierre teaches himself to play guitar, piano and double bass. He forms the group the Headlines.

Addy Kleijngeld Dimitri van Toren Headlines Heintje Jaap Goedèl Johnny Hoes Lettersets


Kartner releases his debut album: Ik Wil Nog Even Met Je Praten ('I just Want To Talk To You').

Patricia Paay


Pierre signs to Dureco where he works, very successfully, as a plugger and as a producer.

Lord Wanhoop


Kartner becomes successful with Duo X. They score three Top 40 hits in a row: In Gedachten Zie Ik Het Kerkje Weer (In My Memories I See the Church Again'), Niemand Kan Ons Toch Scheiden ('No-one Can Keep Us Apart') and Kijk In Mijn Ogen ('Look Into My Eyes').

Annie de Reuver Corry en de Rekels Duo X


Pierre's big break comes with the song Huilen Is Voor Jou Te Laat ('It's Too Late For You To Cry') by Corry & De Rekels, which to this very day is the best-sold Dutch-language single ever but one (namely Marco Borsato's Dromen Zijn Bedrog), selling over 1 million copies. It stays in the charts for 41 weeks.

Ben Cramer Corry en de Rekels Jacques Herb Wilma


Pierre writes his first carnival song: Vader Abraham Had Zeven Zonen ('Father Abraham Had Seven Sons').

Heintje Wilma


When Corry breaks up with the Rekels Pierre finds a new singer in Hanny. With her the band records the song Mario, which shoots to the top of the charts.



With songs like Bedankt Lieve Ouders ('Thank You Dear Parents') Kartner discovers a new audience: old age pensioners.


Pierre records a carnival song about the international oil crisis.


Kartner crosses the line when he records the controversial single Wat Doen We Met Die Arabieren Hier ('What Do We Do With Those Arabs'), which was also inspired by the oil crisis.


Pierre Kartner has international success with the song Het Kleine Café Aan De Haven ('Little Café By The Harbour'). It's been recorded by artists like Davey Arthur and the Fury's, Engelbert Humperdinck, The Barron Knights, Audrey Landers and Hervé Village.


Kartner becomes world famous when he records the Smurf Song. Over 400.000 copies of the single are sold in The Netherlands and more than 500.000 copies of the album.

De Smurfen


Pierre Kartner receives the Dutch Export Price.


On a regular basis Kartner performs for charity.


Pierre Kartner is awarded Most Popular Artist in Mexico.


Pierre presents a weekly radio show.

Willem van Kooten

1990 - 1991

Optreden Vader Abraham in het tv-programma Grote Clubactie, TROS 1990 (Bron: fotocollectie Beeld en Geluid) Vader Abraham writes several hits for Hanny.



Kartner works as a disc jockey.


Pierre Kartner releases an easy-listening album.


Pierre records a duet with upcoming Dutch-language Schlager star Frans Bauer.

Frans Bauer


Kartner releases the single Adios Mijn Vriend ('Adios My Friend'), a duet with singer Corry Konings.

Corry Konings


Pierre is still active as a songwriter, composer, producer and talent-scout.


The compilation album 30 Jaar Vader Abraham ('30 Years Vader Abraham') is released. Pierre also receives a royal honour.


Vader Abraham re-records the Smurf song.


Kartner releases a topical single about the local and national elections. Also, he writes the music to 3D computer game Space Lander.


Ria Valk records the Pierre Kartner-written song Cup-a-Soup op. However, food multinational Unilever disallows the single sales.

Ria Valk


Als Je Wilt Weten Wie Ik Ben ('If You Want To Know Who I Am') is the first ever DVD release by Father Abraham. It contains his greatest hits, enhanced by an interview.


The hit song Van Breda Tot Aan Maastricht can be heard in a radio commercial for courier DHL. Het Moederlied ('The Mother Song') is a duet with young singer Wesley. Pierre Kartner writes and produces the single Ik Ben Dries ('I Am Dries') by singer Dries Roelvink. In July a new version of the Het Smurfenlied ('The Smurf Song'), recorded with Belgian band Dynamite, is released. On October 9 Vader Abraham and Mieke can be seen on stage again for the first time in 25 years when they perform at the Doelen in Rotterdam. With Die Kleine Kneipe (the German version of Het Kleine Café Aan De Haven) Father Abraham is in the Top 100 of best German-language songs ever, as voted for by viewers of national public television ZDF. In November the station invites Kartner for a live rendition of the song on its Unsere Besten Jahrhundert-Hits ('Our Best Hits Of The Century'). He also sings the German version of his famous Smurfs Song (Das Lied der Schlümpfe). In December Kartner tells de Telegraaf, the country's biggest newspaper, that he's working on an album consisting of more subdued and delicate material.

Dries Roelvink


To commemorate his 70th anniversary, on January 18 Kartner is honoured with a tribute show by local artists staged at the Mezz club in his hometown Breda.

2007 - 2008

German act PS Alex releases a German version of Kartner's song Maar Vanavond Heb Ik Hoofdpijn (But Tonight I Have A Headache). Schlager singer Patrick Lindner records his song lied So 'n alter Schunkelwalzer and Eberhard Hertel sings a duet with Pierre Kartner on his album Auf Das Leben, Auf Die Liebe. Kartner composes several songs to the album Durf Te Geloven (Dare To Believe) by Flemeish singer Wendy van Wanten.


Pierre Kartner writes music for Christoff and Frans Duijts. In November it is announced that he will write the song for the Dutch contestant of the Eurovision Songcontest 2010 in Oslo, Norway. The track is called Ik Ben Verliefd Shalalie ('I Am In Love Shalalie').


On 7 February five acts perform their version of Ik Ben Verliefd (I Am In Love) Shalalie, the band Loekz and 17-year old singer Sieneke Peeters end up with the same score. Pierre Kartner has to decide which of the two acts will go to Oslo. He picks the young singer from Nijmegen. Sieneke is the youngest solo contestant ever to represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Songcontest. On 27 mei Sieneke fails to reach the finals.


Discography Vader Abraham

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Video Vader Abraham

de platenkast van Pierre ...
de platenkast van Pierre Kartner (jr, music scene 18, 1994)
Vader Abraham en de Smurf...
Vader Abraham en de Smurfen - Waarom?
Vader Abraham Smurfenlied
Vader Abraham Smurfenlied
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Vader Abraham en de Smurfen - Waarom?

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