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Tielman Brothers


1956 - 1986


Indo rock

Tielman Brothers

Holland's most famous indo-rock band who made the first Dutch rock-'n-roll single in 1958.
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Reggy Tielman   gitaar
Ponthon Tielman   basgitaar
Loulou Tielman   drums
Andy Tielman   gitaar, zang

Former members

Roy Hakkert   gitaar
Nini   toetsinstrumenten
Leo Masingi   gitaar
Rudy Piroeli   gitaar
Hans Bax   gitaar
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1946   Hans van Eijck
1957   Andy Tielman
1958   Renée & The Alligators
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Biography Tielman Brothers

Holland's most famous indo-rock band who made the first Dutch rock-'n-roll single in 1958.

1947 - 1956

Originally called the Timor Brothers and the Four T's when they still live in Indonesia. They move to The Netherlands in 1956.


After performing at the worldfair in Brussels the Tielman Brothers record the first Dutch rock-'n-roll: Rock Little Baby Of Mine. They are way ahead of their peers partly because of their musical skills but also because of the spectacular stage act. The brothers go to Germany where they play in the same clubs as the Beatles.


The band releases its records on the Imperial label. In the meantime the Tielmann Brothers develop an increasingly spectacular stage act, very much like the ones by the Who and Jimi Hendrix a few years later.


Tielman Brothers bij tv-programma De Weekendshow (bron: fotocollectie Beeld en Geluid) After Germany the Tielman Brothers also break Switzerland, Austria and Sweden. In the meantime other Indo-rock bands also start to break through both nationally and internationally.

Peter Koelewijn


The Tielman Brothers are a top act in Germany and they are highly respected by their peers. The band releases several singles and EP's, but it appears they have great difficulty in recreating their 'live' sound on their records.


The Tielman Brothers start releasing records especially for the German market on the Ariola label.


While the Beatles make it big in Britain, indo-rock is at its peak on the Continent. The Tielman Brothers are the top of the bill.


The first signs of the band's decline are eminent when Reggy and Andy are involved in a serious car accident, Ponthon decides to quit and beat music has become the next big thing.

The Time Breakers


The album East And West is released and in the autumn the Tielman Brothers have a hit with the single Maria.

1966 - 1975

The band's glory is fading. It is clear that the brothers are still stuck in the fifties while the music scene has moved on to other types of music. In 1967, however, the Tielman Brothers have a hit with Little Bird, the band's only official top 10 hit.

Andy Tielman The Time Breakers


Rock & Roll Our First Love is released.

Jan Akkerman Peter Koelewijn


Andy breaks the band up.


The Tielman Brothers organize a reunion show, but without Reggy and Ponthon.

Andy Tielman


Herman "Loulou" Tielman dies.


On October 31 Andy Tielman plays a show in The Hague's Houtrusthallen to commemorate his 50th anniversary as an artist.


Ponthon Tielman dies.


Tielman Brothers Andy Tielman plays a benefit gig for the victims of the tsunami in the first week of January together with Dinand Woesthoff from Kane and René van Barneveld (ex-Urban Dance Squad). The DVD That's My Life by Andy Tielman is presented on June 11 at the Pasar Malam Besar in The Hague. Tielman and Riem de Wolff (The Blue Diamonds) prepare for their first mutual concert in 45 years. Also in June Andy Tielman receives a royal honour. In conjunction with Stichting Het Indische Huis ('The Indonesian House Foundation'), Pseudonym Records releases the three-CD boxed set The Essential Collection - Totally Tielman. It contains 80 remastered singles, B-sides, rare and previously unreleased tracks. It kicks of with their first single ever, Rock Little Baby Of Mine. Andy Tielman is featured on the Haagse Beatnach ('The Hague Beat Night') at Parkpop. He sings the song That's My Life.


Andy Tielman records the CD 21st Century Rock with rock 'n' roll group Tjendol Sunrise. The anniversary album includes new versions of Tielman Brothers hits, several new songs and also the track with which it all began: Rock Little Baby Of Mine.

Discography Tielman Brothers

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Photos Tielman Brothers

Audio/Video Tielman Brothers

Video Tielman Brothers

De latere jaren
De latere jaren
De comeback
De comeback
Naar Nederland
Naar Nederland
De tijd Indonesië
De tijd Indonesië
Wereldtentoonstelling Bru...
Wereldtentoonstelling Brussel 1958
Succes in Duitsland
Succes in Duitsland
De show
De show
De grootste hit Little Bird
De grootste hit Little Bird
De eerste single
De eerste single
Auto-ongeluk 1964
Auto-ongeluk 1964
Complete Interview
Complete Interview
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Auto-ongeluk 1964

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