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The Outsiders


1964 - 1969



The Outsiders

Beat group from Amsterdam fronted by the charismatic Wally Tax.
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Ronnie Splinter   gitaar
Appie Rammers   basgitaar
Leendert Busch   drums
Tom Krabbendam   gitaar
Wally Tax   gitaar, mondharmonica, zang

Former members

Edwin de Boer (1)   zang
Pieter Jan Stuffers   gitaar
Frank Beek   basgitaar

Mentioned in the biography of

1960   Willem Duys
1964   Wally Tax
1966   Jay-Jays
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Biography The Outsiders

Beat group from Amsterdam fronted by the charismatic Wally Tax.

1959 - 1965

Already in 1959 the then 11-year-old Wally comes up with the name for his future band. Originally called Jimmy Revon (Leendert Groenhof) & The Outsiders the group was formed in 1960. Their first single You Mistreat Me/Sun's Going Down is released in 1965 on the Op-art label, which was set up by music magazine Muziek Express.

NV Groep '65


The group's second single Felt Like I Wanted To Cry/I Love Her Still Always Will is also released on the Muziek Express label. In March 1966 the Outsiders are support act for the Rolling Stones in Den Bosch. In June the single Lying All The Time reaches the Top 40 and is still in the charts when its follow-up Keep On Trying is released. In November they release Touch. Although this is not their biggest hit it does become a classic.

Willem Duys


The band is very successful and have four hit singles. Their debut album contains several live tracks, something that was very unusual in those days. The band also performs in Paris with Chuck Berry.

Wally Tax

1968 - 1969

Continuing changes in the line-up causes the band to split in 1969.

Ccc Inc.


Tax and Busch start performing again as The Outsiders.


The Outsiders are back on stage in the original line-up (minus Krabbendam) and go on an extensive tour of the country. In the summer the biography Outsiders Door Insiders is published.


Without Wally Tax, Splinter and Busch reform the Outsiders.

Rosa King & Upside Down Sin City


Ronald Splinter founds his own band Ron & The Splinters. Other band member include guitarist Marcel Kruup (ex-The Kliek and ex-Treble Spankers), singer Michel Terstegen (ex-The Otherside), bassist George Oostdijk (ex-Jack Of Hearts and ex-Raggende Manne) and drummer Michel van der Woude (ex-Daxls and ex-Formica). The band debuts on the Neil Young Tribute album This Note's For You Too with the track Burned.

Daxls De Raggende Manne Jack Of Hearts Ron & The Splinters The Kliek The Otherside The Treble Spankers

2000 - 2002

The Outsiders go on tour without Wally Tax. Tax threatens to go to court to prevent the band from using the name Outsiders. Tax releases his first solo album in 12 years. 'Toute Amsterdam' is present at the belated album launch of The Entertainer (Virgin), which was shelved for seven years.

Instant Seawater Ron & The Splinters Worthless


Appie Rammers and Leendert Busch set up the band Pure XXX, which further consists of Edwin de Boer and Nico Bijl. They play new repertoire exclusively.



Wally Tax dies on April 10 at the age of 57. Various generations of the Dutch pop culture gather on April 17 in Paradiso Amsterdam for a benefit concert for their '60s beat hero. Usually first generation pop fans only meet each other in the Golden Oldies circuit. Apparently it takes the death of a true icon to bridge all generation gaps. It only goes to show Tax's status. Highlight of the evening by far is former Fatal Flowers singer Richard Janssen singing Tax's The Entertainer, the title track of his last album from 2002. The Outsiders, Tax's original band reunites for a one-off, fronted by Philip Elzerman of The Zipps. The benefit is meant to raise money to pay for the funeral the next day. George Oostdijk, benefit organiser/band leader announces that the event grosses €10.000, enough to pay the bills.


Ronnie Splinter can be heard on the 7'' EP Are Left Behind of Rotterdam-based beat group The Madd. His own band The Dam releases the CD Beautiful Trash in October. In December a CD with live recordings from The Outsiders and Wally Tax is released. The oldest recordings are from 1968 with a performance of The Outsiders in club Fantasio. More recent recordings are from Wally Tax and US band The Lyres (1987) and with several young musicians from Amsterdam (2002). The album can only be bought through the website of the Dutch Pop And Rock Institute, www.fonos.nl and VPRO radio.


Leendert Busch, Appie Rammers and Ronnie Splinter get back together for a show during the fifth edition of the three-day international garagerock festival Primitive!, late June in Rotterdam. Protest singer Armand, Jeff Conolly from American band Lyres, Lenny Helsing (The Thanes), Massimo del Pozzo (The Others), Kleine Dave von Raven (The Madd) Rober Müter (The Kliek), Michel Da Capo (The Otherside), Jorge (Dr. Explosion, Gijón), Grote Dave don Porro (The Perverts) and Edwin de Boer, sing lead vocals. The band goes on tour with De Boer.


At a huge record fair in the city of Utrecht on April 10 members of The Outsiders receive a copy of The Outsiders Beat Legends Photo Sound Book. This historical document includes a free compact disc. In June the first two singles of The Outsiders are rereleased as a 10 inch EP including a previously unreleased live version of Thinking About Today.

De Dijk


Former Outsiders guitar player Tom Krabbendam owns a lumber mill in Woltersum in the province of Groningen. He is on the national news when a dike near the mill theatens to burst and he refuses to leave. A few weeks later, on January 28, Krabbendam dies of a heart attack at the age of 73. On May 25 the American garage rock band play at the Impolite Garage Fest in The Hague. Guitar player Ronnie Splinter joines the band onstage during the performance of Lying All The Time.


The last public performance of Ronnie Splinter is on April 14 during a gig by The Special Twenties with singer-songwriter Tim Knol at the festival A Small Town Music Walk in the city of Hoorn. On May 19 Splinter dies of cancer at the age of 64.

Tim Knol

Discography The Outsiders

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

Photos The Outsiders

Audio/Video The Outsiders

Video The Outsiders

Het begin
Het begin
Amsterdam-Den Haag
Amsterdam-Den Haag
De doorbraak
De doorbraak
De eerste LP
De eerste LP
Het einde
Het einde
Complete Interview
Complete Interview
de platenkast van Wally T...
de platenkast van Wally Tax (jr, music scene 3, 1993)
Touch by the Outsiders
Touch by the Outsiders
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De eerste LP

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