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The Nitwitz


1978 - current



The Nitwitz

Amsterdam-based punk group Nitwitz that forms in 1979 and in the '80s becomes BGK, a band that shoots to fame in the international hardcore scene of the '80s.
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Tony Leeuwenburgh   gitaar, zang
Paul Smith   achtergrondzang, gitaar
Steven Nieuwendijk   drums

Former members

Steven Walraven   gitaar
Theo Brouwer   basgitaar
Marcel Verhoeven   drums
Eric Peters   zang
Mikey Donaldson   basgitaar
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1980   Tröckener Kecks
1982   B.G.K.
1982   Frites Modern
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Biography The Nitwitz

Amsterdam-based punk group Nitwitz that forms in 1979 and in the '80s becomes BGK, a band that shoots to fame in the international hardcore scene of the '80s.

1978 - 1981

With an average age of about sixteen the Nitwitz are the youngest of the Amsterdam punk groups (The Ex, The Workmates, The Bugs, Infexion, The Götterflies, Tröckener Kecks and many others) in 1979. Late 1978 the band plays its first gig. In 1980 the guys release their first single on their own Vögelspin label. Their biggest influence is the American band Dickies. A second single is followed in 1981 by a mini LP with the title Wielingen Walgt. The LP is recorded with a band called the Götterflies and is a statement against the eviction from their mutual squat. The album cover is designed by artist Peter Pontiac. In the same year the first and only LP of the Nitwitz comes out.


Singer Erik Peters quits the band. The other members continue as Het Balthazar Gerards Kommando (BGK).


1996 - 1997

Late 1996, when Tony Leeuwenburgh has left Loveslug, the Nitwitz reform. Apart from drummer Verhoeven the band plays the Melkweg in Amsterdam in the original line-up. In 1997 they record a demo with Nirvana producer Jack Endino. Steven Walraven, the band's original guitarist, is replaced. Leeuwenburgh can be heard on the album Good Dogs Die Young from the New York punk rocker Sonny Vincent (label: Noiseworks).



Leeuwenburg forms the international rock band the Hydromatics. Members include Leeuwenburg, Theo Brouwer, Detroit rocker Scott Morgan (The Rationals, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Scots Pirates, Dodge Main) and Nicke Royale (The Hellacopters).

The Hydromatics


The new Nitwitz CD is called Dark Side Of The Spoon. Both the album title (at the same time also used for the new Ministry CD) and the album cover are a caricature of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon.


In October and November the Nitwitz tour the Mediterranean countries.

The Spades


The single Totalitarian Rocknroll comes out via the Spanish Safety Pin Records. The 10" Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep is a split single with the Holy Sheep. In June the album is released in the US via Dead Teenager Records.


The Nitwitz After constant arguments Tony Leeuwenburg leaves The Spades. In June the Nitwitz tour in France and Spain, followed by one German show. The 10" Jesus Christ Pornostar is released by the German Cargo label, while the Jack Endino-produced 10" Nibble The Giblet comes out through French Pitshark Records. Bootlegs of BGK and Nitwitz pop up on a regular basis, like a complete album (It's All Been Said Before) and on the compilation LP Farmhouse.


The Nitwitz The album Sex, Lies And Duct Tapes consists of 13 brand new punk rock tracks, recorded by Menno Bakker in the Bunt Studios. As always relentless touring, the band tours Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. After the summer US bassist Mikey 'Offender' Donaldson joins the band. Before he was in the Offenders, DRI, Sister Double Happiness and MDC.

2007 - 2008

Mikey 'Offender' Donaldson dies on 22 September at the age of 46 in his new hometown Barcelona. In the spring of 2008, The Nitwitz is invited to play seven shows in Turkey. On 10 September 2008 Tony Leeuwenburgh is invited by American band Run The Red to do a one off gig in The Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach, Los Angeles. The setlist includes new material, songs from punk/glamband Sludge and several songs from The Nitwitz and Hydromatics.

Discography The Nitwitz

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