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The Meteors bij TopPop 1980


1977 - 1982


new wave, rock

The Meteors

One of the most wayward Dutch rock groups in the period between the late '70s and early '80s. The Meteors release three records which feature a futuristic sort of 'art' rock which is influenced by Roxy Music and David Bowie.
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Hugo Sinzheimer   zang
Åke Danielson   toetsinstrumenten
Gerrit Veen   basgitaar
Kim Haworth   drums
Ferdinand Bakker   gitaar, viool

Former members

Erik de Zwaan   gitaar
Jan Voster   basgitaar
Dick Schulte Nordholt   basgitaar
Freddie Cavalli   basgitaar
Job Tarenskeen   achtergrondzang, drums

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1972   Freddie Cavalli
1977   Åke Danielson
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Biography The Meteors

One of the most wayward Dutch rock groups in the period between the late '70s and early '80s. The Meteors release three records which feature a futuristic sort of 'art' rock which is influenced by Roxy Music and David Bowie.


The Meteors are formed by Hugo 'De Sinz' Sinzheimer (real name Postma, Sinzheimer is the name of his mother) and former Alquin members Job Tarenskeen and Ferdinand Bakker. Sinzheimer's aim is to make the Meteors better than the average rock band. Not only the music and the lyrics should sound 'international', but also the band's look should be different. In a time which is dominated by Mohawks and ripped t-shirts, Sinzheimer and his colleagues look like sharp dressed men in their suits en short haircuts. Together with Erik Strack (Phoney & the Hardcore) he writes several songs for Herman Brood. In first line-up of the Meteors also includes Erik de Zwaan (guitar, ex-Wild Romance), Jan Voster (bass, ex-Vitesse) and Åke Danielson from Sweden (keyboards).

Alquin Da Capo Herman Brood Hugo Sinzheimer Little Beaver Phoney And The Hardcore Snake Vitesse


The band's debut album Teenage Heart is recorded. The music of the Meteors is, in contrast to what is hot at the time, theatrical, bombastic and pretentious. An important feature of the Meteors style is the intense voice of Hugo Sinzheimer. The single It's You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) is released.


The Meteors De Zwaan, Tarenskeen and Vee are replaced by Englisman Kim Haworth (drums, ex-Houseband) and Gerrit Veen (bas, ex-Plant). Veen, however, is soon replaced by Freddy Cavalli, the former bass player from Herman Brood's band. Second LP Hunger is recorded and the first single to be released is Together Too Long. Unfortunately, the single fails to make it into the charts and the album doesn't sell as good as was expected. Bassist Cavalli doesn't seem to fit into the band and is replaced by Dick Schulte-Nordholt (ex-Transister).

Houseband Plant Transister


The band's third album Stormy Seas comes out. Although the album is of the same quality as its predecessor, it gains little recognition. Because of this the band splits up late 1982. Schulte-Nordholt and Haworth join Gruppo Sportivo and Time Bandits, respectively. Åke Danielson has also joined Time Bandits after having played in Danny Lademacher's band Innersleeve. Jan Voster becomes a photographer, Job Tarenskeen becomes an architect and Hugo Sinzheimer becomes - after having finished a university degree in art history - PR manager of De Doelen theatre in Rotterdam.

Gruppo Sportivo Innersleeve Time Bandits


Ferdinand Bakker and Kim Haworth record an album with singer Cecilia Braam (ex-Centerfold) which is called Red Cinder. Hugo Sinzheimer (lyrics) and Dick Schulte-Nordholt also contribute to the album.

Centerfold Red Cinder


In the original line-up the Meteors play in De Spieghel in Groningen.


On 14 June, the date on which 25 years ago the first Meteors album came out, EMI re-releases the album Teenage Heart. The re-release has as title Teenage Heart Xtra and also contains three previously unreleased live recordings from the songs It's You, Only You (Mein Schmerz), Teenage Heart and Wired. Following the release of Teenage Heart Xtra, Ferdinand Bakker, Åke Daniëlson, Kim Haworth, Hugo Sinzheimer and Gerrit Veen play several gigs. Hugo Sinzheimer's voice can be heard on an international fairy tale DVD that has been recorded in benefit for the international aid organisation SOS Kinderdorpen. Other famous voices on the DVD include those of Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel, Nina Hagen and Gianna Nannini.

Ellen ten Damme


The Meteors On June 20 EMI releases Hunger Xtra, a reissue of second album Hunger out of 1980. It is accompanied by a 12-page booklet featuring information about the band's history plus pictures. In addition the album contains previously unreleased live footage. In the fall the band does a string of live gigs in support of Hunger Xtra. Keyboardist Åke Danielson and singer Hugo Sinzheimer independently release Fishy Music Part 1 - Cod Piece, an ode to codfish. The piece is especially written for the exposition by the Codfish Society in the covered fish market at Haarlem's Grand Market Place. The exposition displays the works of some 20 artists, among whom Sinzheimer.

Discography The Meteors

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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