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1966 - 1978


beat, pop

The Buffoons

Popular group from the late '60s and early '70s centrered around the Van Tongeren brothers that is best known for its magnificent harmonized vocals.
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Boy Brostowski   achtergrondzang, drums
Don Biesbroek   banjo, pedalsteel, piano
Jack van Rossum   toetsinstrumenten
Ely van Tongeren   basgitaar, zang
Henk Hager   gitaar, zang
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Former members

Benny de Groot   toetsinstrumenten
John Gaasbeek   basgitaar
Bob Luiten   basgitaar
Maarten Assink   drums, zang
Gerard Van Tongeren   zang
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1972   Bojoura
1972   Ferrari
2002   Shocking Blue
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Biography The Buffoons

Popular group from the late '60s and early '70s centrered around the Van Tongeren brothers that is best known for its magnificent harmonized vocals.


Gerard en Ely van Tongeren form The White Rockets and sign a record deal with Bovema.


The White Rockets become The Buffoons.


The Buffoons score their first hit with Tomorrow Is Another Day/My World Fell Down; a double A-sided single.


The group's full-length debut, Looking Ahead, is released.


The start of a less successful period for the group. When John Lennon sees them on TV while he is staying at the Amsterdam Hilton during his famous Bed-Inn For Peace, he invites them to come over and sing at his bedside.


Several personnel changes take place. Drummer Maarten Assink leaves and is replaced by Boyd Brostowsky. Bassist Luiten also quits the band. Ely van Tongeren takes over the bass guitar and Don Biesbroek (piano, banjo, steel guitar) joins the band.

Liberty Package


The Buffoons have a hit with the Ferrari single You Are Mine.



The single My Girl Donna reaches the higher regions of the Dutch charts. The following two singles also become hits.


The single To Know You Is To Love You fails to reach the charts.


The single Silver Queen also fails to enter the charts. Both ex-Barons Van Rossum en Brostowsky step out of the band to form the band Sweet Lake. They are replaced by Skip van Rooy (ex-Galaxy-Lin) and original Buffoon Maarten Assink, respectively.



To celebrate the band's 10th anniversary the Beach Boys cover Barbara Ann is released, but without much success.


Assink again leaves the band.


The Buffoons record the song Take Good Care Of My Baby under the name The Ragdolls, but without any success. As a consequence the band breaks up.

The Ragdolls


The Van Tongeren brothers and bassist Hans Nijland (ex-Teach-In) form the cover band Feeling.

Feeling Teach-In


Former Buffoon Skip van Rooy (or: Vanroy) records the album The Defeat.


Gerard and Ely van Tongeren join the band Albatross.


Albatross breaks up. Ely and Gerard van Tongeren, singer/percussionist Henk Bruinewoud and singer/keyboard player Toon Oude Bos form The New Buffoons.


The album Unforgettable Songs is recorded.


The group has dropped the 'new' in its name and records two more albums: Through Decades and Unforgettable Songs Too.


Drummer/singer and former-Buffoon Koos Wiekenkamp joins the group.


The group signs to Telstar. The albums The Singles and Millenniumproof are released.


The band records a new album.


The Buffoons and UK bands the Fortunes and the Tremeloes tour the Netherlands. The band also performs at a '60s festival in Groningen, the Netherlands, with fellow Dutch '60s icons Shocking Blue.

Shocking Blue


Ely van Tongeren leaves the band after a heart infarct. So he leaves the Buffoons. Keyboardist John Gaasbeek switches to bass guitar. Joop Kiewiet becomes the new keyboards player. Guitarist Don Biesbroek leaves the band in August. At the end of September he is replaced by guitarist/singer Harry Bartelink.


Ely van Tongeren has recoverd. While rehearsals start, the band is looking for a new singer. In May the band consists of Van Tongeren, Jack van Rossum (keyboards), Boy Brostowsky (drums, vocals), Don Biesbroek (guitar) and (ex-Free, ex- Flashback Fokke Openty (bass, guitar, vocals).

Flashback The Free


In February singer Henk Hager (Diesel) joins The Buffoons. Later in the year Ely van Tongeren's band calls it quits.


Discography The Buffoons

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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Video The Buffoons

The Buffoons - It's The End
The Buffoons - It's The End
The Buffoons - Arizona
The Buffoons - Arizona
The Buffoons - Tomorrow I...
The Buffoons - Tomorrow Is Another Day
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The Buffoons - Arizona

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