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The Apers


1996 - current



The Apers

Punk rock group from Rotterdam that plays melodic up-tempo punkrock in the tradition of the Ramones.
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Kevin Stout   basgitaar, zang
Ivo Bos   drums
Michael Stoel   gitaar
Max Power   gitaar

Former members

Marien Jonkers   gitaar, zang
Johnny No Good   gitaar, zang
Jeroen Aalbers   gitaar, zang
Kelvin Kievit   gitaar

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2/5/22, ScumBash, Rotterdam

Biography The Apers

Punk rock group from Rotterdam that plays melodic up-tempo punkrock in the tradition of the Ramones.


The Apers are formed by schoolmates Kevin Aper and Marien Nicotine, and Ivo Backbreaker. The three share a mutual passion for bands like the Ramones, the Queers and Screaching Weasel.


The Apers debut at a Ramones Tribute Festival. They record their first eight-track demo.


The group releases a split 7" with the Headliners.


The Apers support Dutch bands the Travoltas and NRA.

NRA Travoltas


The Apers The EP Love Is A Battlefield And We're The Stormtroopers sells out and the Apers are invited to play with renowned punk rock groups such as the Queers, Groovie Ghoulies, Hi-Fives, Chixdiggit and Teen Idols.


The Apers go on their first European tour. The band releases over 30 songs this year, all of them singles, split CD's and split-singles, in cooperation with both Dutch and foreign bands. In December the band leaves for Italy to do a couple of shows with Italian band Retarded.


Jerry Hormone from the Ragin' Hormones joins the Apers (guitar and backing vocals). The group plays at the Noorderslag festival.


The Apers play at the Paaspop Festival. Johnny No Good replaces Jerry Hormone whenever the latter is playing with the Ragin' Hormones.


On February 22 the band presents its second album The Buzz Electric in Rotterdam's Rotown club. Kevin Aper responds to Ellen ten Damme's publicity stunt which allows the person with the most orignal marriage proposal to marry Ten Damme in Las Vegas. On Valentine's Day it is announced on Radio 3FM that Kevin has won the competition. In February the Apers present their new album The Buzz Electric in Rotown, Rotterdam. In June the band receives an Essent Music Award.

Ellen ten Damme


The Apers The Wild And Savage Apers is a compilation featuring 25 singles and outtakes from 1997-2002.


The Apers With producer Theo de Jong (The Shavers) they cut the album Skies Are Turning Blue, which is released by Stardumb Records in March. In June sideman Jerry Hormone, for the first time credited as composer on an Apers CD, announces his upcoming departure after the summer. Guitarist Kelvin 'Centerfold' Kievit is his replacement. At the Popkomm show in September he is in the band.

The Shavers


The Apers The Apers are 10. They celebrate their 10th anniversary with two compilation albums. Do The Aper is the first sampler to come out (March 21), a tribute featuring befriended Dutch bands such as Heideroosjes, Peter Pan Speedrock, San Andreas, Travoltas, Face Tomorrow and El Pino & The Volunteers. All of them play their favourite Apers songs. In May it is followed by sampler number 2, The Punkrock Don't Stop, this time featuring befriended international bands. The band tours in support of this release with Italy's Retarded (May 4-7) and the UK's Zatopeks. From May 23 - June 27 the Apers tour the US extensively. In the fall the Apers cut a new album with producers Perry Leemhouts and Vincent Koreman.

Face Tomorrow Heideroosjes Peter Pan Speedrock San Andreas The Quotes Travoltas


The Apers The 10-track album Reanimate My Heart is released in February. The European release through U-Sonic is followed by a tour in March. In the US the CD comes out through Insubordination Records. In June and July the band tours the US again. After the summer guitarist Marien Jonker announces he is quitting the band because he is fed up with touring.


The first two weeks of February the band tours Britain. They are joined by guitarist Ben from Brighton band The Hotlines. Mid-April The Apers play in Northern Ireland with local band The Dangerfields. Following this, the two bands also tour the Benelux countries. The Apers also travel to Denmark and Germany. Two tracks are released on a split 7" with The 20 Belows on Danish label Peabrain Records. The band records two Rod Stewart songs for American label Knowhere Records which are released on a split 7” with the band Johnie 3. For another America label, Art Of The Underground, the band records a single. The Apers contributes to a Vindictives tribute on Bouncing Betty Records (USA) and a Groovie Ghoulies tribute on Kamikaze Records. In September the band celebrates its 12,5 anniversary. Ex-guitarist Jeroen Aalbers has found a new career as an author of children's book about the adventures of Borre.


In the spring The Apers release the album You Are Only As Strong As The Table You Dance On which is followed by a tour. The gig at Insubordination Fest in Baltimore is recorded and a year later released as a dvd on Insubsordination Records.

Discography The Apers

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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The Apers - Whatever It T...
The Apers - Whatever It Takes
The Apers France Italy To...
The Apers France Italy Tour 2011 Prt 2
The Apers France Italy To...
The Apers France Italy Tour 2011 Prt 1
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The Apers France Italy Tour 2011 Prt 2

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