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1996 - 2003




Band from Amsterdam that is influenced by the Britpop scene. With the release of their second album they gradually get rid of this image.
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Felix Maginn   gitaar, zang
Rob Klerkx   drums
Paul Willemsen   gitaar
Marc Driessen   basgitaar
Paul Keyzer   toetsinstrumenten

Former members

Paul van Rijswijk (1)   drums
Klaas ten Holt   gitaar
J.B. Meijers   achtergrondzang, gitaar

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1996   J.B. Meijers
1996   Shine
1998   Eboman
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Biography Supersub

Band from Amsterdam that is influenced by the Britpop scene. With the release of their second album they gradually get rid of this image.


Supersub is formed by guitarist Jan Bart Meyers, Northern-Irish singer/guitarist Felix Maginn, bassist Marc Diessen drummer Paul van Rijswijk.

Charmin' Children Shine The Bartales


Supersub The major record companies are lining up after the band releases its first demo. Sony, Polydor and BMG are all interested, but the band signs to Virgin. Supersub's debut album Window Shopping is released and the singles Out On The Scene/Come Around No More and Push indicate the band is heavily influenced by the popular Britpop scene. Supersub sounds more British than Oasis, Suede and Blur put together. The press, however, are not altogether positive: Supersub writes beautiful songs that lack identity. Consequently, sales of the album are disappointing. The band plays Paradiso and at the Lowlands festival.


Supersub tours the Netherlands and plays at the Noorderslag and Pinkpop festivals. In the autumn they start work on a new album. Supersub is support act for its idol Paul Weller when he plays Paradiso, a highlight in its career so far.


January sees the release of the long awaited second CD Fly Pilot Fly. The album has a lot more depth and sounds more varied than its predecessor. Gradually, the band gets rid of its Britpop image.


JB Meyers leaves the band. Supersub is joined by keyboard player Paul Keyzer and guitarist Klaas ten Holt.

Ellen ten Damme Emma Peel Normaal Tröckener Kecks


Paul Willemsen is Supersub's new guitarist. The band breaks up with Virgin and drummer Paul van Rijswijk is replaced by Rob Klerkx.



The single Easy To Run is Supersub's first release at Excelsior Recordings. The single is taken from the album Mighty Baby, which will be in the shops late August.


The band members concentrate on individual projects. Felix Maginn and Marc Driessen both work on solo projects and Supersub splits. Because there is no animosity between the band members there is still a chance the band might get back together again in the future. In the autumn Felix Maginn, Rob Klerkx, Robin Berlijn (Fatal Flowers), Bart van Poppel (Lois Lane) and René van Barneveld (Urban Dance Squad) form a new band.


Supersub's farewell gig is on February 12 in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Guitarist Paul Willemsen wins the finals of the Amsterdam Pop Award with his new band Amigos Electricos. Together with Marc Driessen and Englishman Jack Stafford he is also working on the '80s-influenced electro rock single The Hard Way.

Lefties Soul Connection The Jack Stafford Foundation


Bassist Marc Driessen sets up one-man electro pop project Voltage. In November Voltage releases the Hitting The Ground EP, featuring Julia P and guitarist Paul Willemsen. Supersub singer/guitarist Felix Maginn and drummer Rob Klerkx found new band Moke, which is heavily inspired by Echo & The Bunnymen. Moke fits in with '2K new wave' bands such as Interpol and Editors. Soon ex-Tröckener Kecks guitarist Phil Tilli joins them.

Moke Voltage


Maginn contributes to the album Ego by Hans Schlatman's self-named band Schlatman. Also, he is featured on The Amsterdam Tapes, the posthumously released fifth solo album by the late new wave hero Adrian Borland (The Sound). The album is a collection of polished up previously unreleased demos from 1992.

Discography Supersub

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