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1982 - 2005




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Underground band from Rotterdam that reached a cult status with its dark, heavy guitar music and lyrics that deal with despair, passion and powerlessness.
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Reinier Rietveld   drums
Mark Ritsema   gitaar, zang
Raymond Gerrits   gitaar
Martin Docters van Leeuwen   basgitaar

Former members

Niek Den Brave   gitaar
Arjo Hijmans   gitaar
Hans Brussee   gitaar

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1/28/22, Podium Victorie, Alkmaar

Biography Spasmodique

Underground band from Rotterdam that reached a cult status with its dark, heavy guitar music and lyrics that deal with despair, passion and powerlessness.

1982 - 1985

Spasmodique is formed by singer/guitarist Mark Ritsema, bassist Martin Doctors van Leeuwen, guitarist Arjo Hijmans and drummer Reinier Rietveld.


Spasmodique debuts with the mini album Spasmodique. In the autumn the band records several songs for the opera All And More. The opera will never see the light of day, but the songs will appear later on the album North.

Beatrice van der Poel


The album From The Cellar Of Roses is recorded. The band goes on tour with Umberto di Bosso e Compadres.

Umberto di Bosso é Compadres


Spasmodique The 12" EP Start To Believe/Someone's Out There To Get You comes out. One side of the EP can be played at 45 rpm and contains three new tracks. The other side can be played at 33 rpm and contains five live tracks recorded during a concert at the Oosterpoort in Groningen, the Netherlands.


The vinyl single The Square and the album North are released. The CD version also contains studio tracks from the 12" Start To Believe and the single The Square. The band is getting more popular, especially in Germany and Austria.


In May and June Spasmodique goes into the studio to record the album Haven. Immediately after finishing the record guitarist Arjo Hijmans leaves the band. He is replaced by Niek den Brave and Hans Brussee. Haven is regarded as Spasmodique's most coherent and best album. Also released is the vinyl single Spilling, a track which is not included on any album.



Raymond Gerrits replaces guitarists Niek den Brave and Hans Brussee. Due to a lack of commercial success the band decides to call it quits. During their farewell tour, however, it becomes clear just how popular the band actually is. The band releases Who's Afraid, an album previously unreleased demos, live recordings, outtakes of Haven etc. The band also released is The Illustrated Spasmodique, a book containing the lyrics to the songs, photo's and drawings.


Spasmodique plays its last gig, Curtains, in hometown Rotterdam.

Cobraz Footsnakes


The original Spasmodique line-up (including guitarist Arjo Hijmans) plays several gigs under the name Villa Delirium.


Spasmodique is working on a new album but the release is put off because the band members are too busy with other projects.



Spasmodique has reunited. The new album is called From Villa Delirium and is produced by drummer Reinier Rietveld. November sees the publication of the book 20 Jaar Spasmodique, From The Cellar Of Roses ('20 Years Spasmodique, From The Cellar Of Roses'), which contains the history of the band, interviews with band members, reviews, a discography, lyrics, and footage of the band. Ritsema is working on a new album with his other band Raskolnikov that is released in February.



In February Mark Ritsema quits. The other band members keep working together under a different name.

Discography Spasmodique

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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Audio/Video Spasmodique

Video Spasmodique

MTV item Rotterdam (excer...
MTV item Rotterdam (excerpt)
Spasmodique - Kiss On You...
Spasmodique - Kiss On Your Scars
Spasmodique live in Haarl...
Spasmodique live in Haarlem 1989
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Spasmodique live in Haarlem 1989

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