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Slagerij Van Kampen


1982 - current


instrumental, percussion


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Slagerij Van Kampen

Successful Dutch percussion band that plays danceable and catchy percussion music with ethnic influences.
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Robin van Vliet   percussie, sampler
Gijsbert Zwart   drums, percussie
Johan Boere   drums
Boudine van Slobbe   drums, percussie
Willem van Kruijsdijk   arrangeur, componist, drums, percussie, producer
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Former members

Koen Rijnbeek   drums, percussie
Renee Frankhuizen   drums, percussie
Bente Olie   drums, percussie
Dree van Beeck   drums, percussie
Mies Wilbrink   componist, drums, percussie, producer

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Biography Slagerij Van Kampen

Successful Dutch percussion band that plays danceable and catchy percussion music with ethnic influences.


Van Kampen is formed by Willem van Kruijsdijk, Mies Wilbrink, Dree van Beeck and Renee Frankhuizen. The first album, simply called Slagerij van Kampen (which is their full name at home), is a registration of an acoustic concert.


On the second album, Out Of The Doledrums, the group works with electronic instruments.


A long Walk On A Short Pier, Van Kampen's third album, is the group's commercial breakthrough and is produced by Robert Musso (The Ramones, Miles Davis, Mick Jagger and Tom Waits). The album is successful both at home and abroad.

Bertus Borgers


Van Kampen plays at the Oerol Festival in front of 30.000 people.


With the release of Tan, the group celebrates its 10th anniversary. The album contains both live and studio recordings and is available as a box set together with A Long Walk On A Short Pier. Also released this year is Link, Van Kampen's new studio album.


Slagerij Van Kampen Dree van Beeck and Renee Frankhuizen are replaced by Boudine van Slobbe and Koen Rijnbeek. The group plays with all-round Dutch performer Herman van Veen for Nelson Mandela during his first visit to the Netherlands. The next album, Spit In The Storm, is again produced by Musso. Special guest is Umar Bin Hassan, rapper/singer from The Last Poets.

Coopertest Herman van Veen


The album LiVe is a live registration of the best-known tracks from all previous albums. The album is produced by Willem van Kruijsdijk.


The album Door is recorded.


The single Kick Off is released during the World Cup football in France. The song is included on the compilation album AllezOlaOlé.


The album Add Up To Actual Size is recorded, on which the group experiments with musical styles such as trance and punk rock. In October and November the group tours the Netherlands. In December the track Swimmer is performed, which is inspired by video images of Dutch swimmer, double Olympic gold medallist Pieter van den Hoogenband.


Van Kampen receives an Edison music award for Add Up To The Actual Size. Johan Boere takes over from Koen Rijnbeek.


Mies Wilbrink en Willem van Kruijsdijk stop performing with Slagerij van Kampen, but they do stay involved as composer, producer and coach for the band. They are replaced by Gijsbert Zwart and Bente Olie. The group's 20th anniversary is celebrated with the release of the live 2CD The Road Less Travelled and a songbook.

The Combination


Boudine van Slobbe, Robin van Vliet, Johan Boere, Gijsbert Zwart en Bente Olie are on tour in the season 2003-2004. The show, called Blow, is about contrasts in nature. Apart from this tour a series of mini concerts is organised, among which a performance as opening act of the Pearl Percussion Party in November in Den Bosch.


Slagerij Van Kampen The compositions on the album [I.D.] have been worked out and arranged live before the band recorded it in the studio. The album contains a guest appearance by Wilmer Wolf (ex-Secret Sounds). Slagerij van Kampen plays at the international football show Free Kick Master in the Spanish town of Marbella. Free Kick Master is a two-day event between 36 top class free kick football players. They include Pierre van Hooydonck, Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Francesco Totti, Deco and David Beckham.

Secret Sounds


Because of her pregnancy Bente Olie temporarily leaves the band. She is replaced by Clara de Mik (The Homeboys, Chewing Drum, Dolores).


To commemorate the band's 25th anniversary Van Kampen releases the DVD/CD Differbag on November 6. Amongst others Differbag tells the story of the band through old and new video footage. The DVD contains a registration of Energigantica, the band's current live show. Energigantica is an imaginary island.


On March 17 the anniversary tour is premiered for the media at Utrecht's Vredenburg.

Discography Slagerij Van Kampen

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

Photos Slagerij Van Kampen

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