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Sander Kleinenberg


1968 - current


DJ, draaitafels, producer, progressive, techno


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Officiële website


5K, Europ, Free Frogs, Mevrouw Spoelstra, S'n'S, Sakan

Sander Kleinenberg

DJ/ producer Sander Kleinenberg is is the rising star of the Dutch dance scene in the new millenium, especially abroad. After several years of relative anonimity his popularity increases when his sound 1998 becomes successful in the UK.
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draaitafels, producer

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Biography Sander Kleinenberg

DJ/ producer Sander Kleinenberg is is the rising star of the Dutch dance scene in the new millenium, especially abroad. After several years of relative anonimity his popularity increases when his sound 1998 becomes successful in the UK.


At the age of 15 Sander Kleinenberg (1971, Delft) starts DJ-ing at school parties. From the age of seven he lives in Almelo. Soon he develops an interest in dance music and he witnesses the rise of house, new beat and acid. He buys these hard to get records in Amsterdam..

1988 - 1991

Kleinenberg starts playing in Germany. At the age of 19 he works in the big German clubs like the Index for thousands of people. He focuses on the rest of Europe because he doesn't believe there's any interest in his music in the Netherlands. After seeing Westbam in 1989 he knows for sure that he wants to become a famous DJ.

1992 - 1995

Like many other DJ's Kleinenberg starts producing records which are released on illustrious labels like Wonka (Belgium), Superstition (Germany) and Strictly Rhythm (US). Especially the latter is quite an honour for a European DJ. Polygram France offers Kleinenberg the opportunity to make an album which is released under the name Melk ('Milk').

1996 - 1997

Kleinenberg decides that from now on he will produce and perform under his own name. Over the years his sound has become deeper and he now releases most of his album via Deal Records, in The Hague where he lives. Kleinenberg becomes resident DJ at clubs Mazzo, Roxy and Chemistry in Amsterdam and the Asta discotheque in The Hague.

1998 - 1999

Together with Stef Vrolijk, Kleinenberg releases several records under the name S'n'S. Kleinenberg's music is especially successful in the UK where it becomes part of the Progressive movement, which gradually pushes aside trance. He signs a deal with Combined Forces from The Hague, a label that has also contracted Vincent de Moor. Kleinenberg can be seen at festivals like Lowlands, Dance Valley and New Frontier.

2000 - 2001

Kleinenberg's records, especially the 4 Seasons series, can be found in the record case of every famous DJ and Kleinenberg himself frequently travels to the UK to play sets in mega clubs like Gatecrasher and Cream. Tracks like My Lexicon and Sacred become classics and are included on albums like Sasha's Global Underground. Kleinenberg and DJ Per start the Earth evening in Amsterdam club the Melkweg. His Nubreed mix CD is very successful and he starts playing at all the major clubs in the world. Sander Kleinenberg moves to London. His Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Sander's Coming Home Mix) is a remix by Kleinenberg for the album Maximum Joy by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Kleinenberg also does a remix for the single Poor Leno by Röyksopp.


Back home, Sander Kleinenberg wins a Best Producer award during the Lucky Strike Dance Awards. His Essential mix CD is released worldwide. A new album is planned for the eind of the year. The third part of the 4 Seasons EP series is released in the summer. After doing remixes for the likes of Art Of Noise (West 4), Junkie XL (Hey, Hello), Nits (Nescio), Vincent de Moor and Destiny's Child, Kleinenberg also mixes the single Everything Eventually by Appleton (ex-All Saints).

Junkie XL Nits Vincent de Moor


The 12" 4 Seasons EP 3 (release date: September 1) contains guest vocals by Miss Bunty (alias Marielle Dijkhuizen). Compared to the first EP (trance) and the second EP (more funk-oriented), this one is a lot more raw and has an almost goth-like sound. Late October the mix album Everybody comes out in the UK and the US. The album contains two CD's: the first one features European music the DJ is influenced by and contains a track by Dutchman Roland Klinkenberg, the second one includes not only a Dutch contribution by Matthew Dekay but also songs by British, American and Australian acts. Kleinenberg does a remix of the single Wonderful by singer Annie Lennox. He celebrates the new year with a DJ set in New York.


The compilation Everybody and Kleinenberg's remix of Justin Timberlake's Rock Your Body are both nominated by the US Dance Music Academy for a USA Dancestar Award, in the categories Best Compilation and Best Remix, respectively. Kleinenberg wins the award in the latter category. Together with producers duo Pronti & Kalmani (Sebastiaan Molijn and Eelke Kalberg) Kleinenberg makes remixes for N*E*R*D (Maybe) and Janet Jackson (All Nite (Don't Stop)). On September 24 presents his CD This Is Everybody Too! in club Panama in Amsterdam. The renowned UK dance magazine DJ Magazine compiles a list of the world's best DJ's. Sander Kleinenberg is number 12.

Pronti & Kalmani


Sander Kleinenberg Kleinenberg travels the world for his monthly set in New York and for shows in France, Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Florida, Denver, Scotland, Spain, California, Poland, London and Denmark. In the summer he can be seen in Ibiza every month. His Thirst Tour takes him to Roemenia, Germany, Portugal, Kroatia, Tunesia, Egypt, Dubai, Lebanon, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. He makes remixes for Mylo, Eurythmics (I've Got A Life) and the single Something To Say by Dutch band Kane.


At the prestigious American International Dance Music Awards in March during the annual dance music convention Winter Music Conference in Miami, Sander Kleinenberg receives an award for Best European DJ. Because of a burnout Kleinenberg has to cancel all of his shows in June. Kleinenberg returns in the fall with the hit This Is Miami and the theme song of Sensation 2006: This Is Sensation. Kleinenberg has his own This Is nights in the Netherlands, Paris, New York, Ibiza and London.


In June Kleinenberg's label Little Mountain Recordings presents the acts Fine Taste and Patch Park. On the Renaissance label the compilation This Is Sander Kleinenberg is released. During the tenth edition of the DJ Awards on Ibiza, Kleinenberg wins an award for best DJ in the category Tech-House/Progressive.


The mix compilation This Is Sander Kleinenberg 2 is a collection of progressive, tech-house and electro tracks that are also part of Kleinenberg's DJ-sets, including his single This Is Our Night. The compilation is presented on 18 July during This Is The Beach in beach club Naturel in Scheveningen, the Netherlands.

Discography Sander Kleinenberg

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