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Rude 66 in 2003


1966 - current


acid house, drumcomputer, electro, sampler, synthesizer, techno


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Rude 66

Dance act from Ruud Lekx, alias Rude 66, from Amsterdam, who releases singles and albums, which feature not only heavy electro and acid house, but also drum 'n' bass. On stage Rude 66 is accompanied by DJ Michel Jansen.
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drumcomputer, sampler, synthesizer

Former members

Michel Jansen   draaitafels
Shaunna Lekx   lyricist, zang

Mentioned in the biography of

1994   Unit Moebius
1996   Legowelt
1997   Unit Moebius
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Biography Rude 66

Dance act from Ruud Lekx, alias Rude 66, from Amsterdam, who releases singles and albums, which feature not only heavy electro and acid house, but also drum 'n' bass. On stage Rude 66 is accompanied by DJ Michel Jansen.


Ruud Lekx starts his career in music as keyboard player in a noise band.


With his band Voices Of The Mute Lekx focuses on Electronic Body Music (EBM). The track Mission Impossible can be found on the compilation album Somewhere In The Skeleton, which is released on the Belgian Body Records label.

1991 - 1993

Lekx is a member of industrial group Repoman. As Modulate he records in 1992 the techno single The Dreams EP, together with a member of Voice Of Mute. It is released in 1993 on the Belgian SSR, a sub label of Crammed Discs. The title track can also be found on the ambient compilation Chill Out, which is released by Instinct label in the US.


Because Crammed Discs regards Lekx's new material as being too much 'underground', he releases the double album (Bunker 012/013) on the Bunker Records label. His second release on this label is Bunker 020. The 7" vinyl single Acid Planet is released on the Acid Planet label, a Bunker sublabel, and becomes a collector's item.


Rude 66 performs in the Netherlands and in the UK and works on new material.


The EP Lucifer is released on the Djax Records label and gets good reviews in the press.


The Devil's Highway CD (Silver Recordings) comes out in May. The album contains twelve tracks that feature chemical beats, acid and techno. A new double LP comes out on the Bunker Records label (Bunker 027/028). It is a limited edition of 100 copies, which sell out in no time. Rude 66 also releases the Alienated Madman EP and he can be heard on the compilation albums There's No Place Like Ohm and Land Speed Record.


The second Rude 66 EP, B-Day, featuring heavy electro, is released on Djax Records in February. On stage Lekx not only plays techno, but also drum 'n bass. The 66 Deadly Sins EP comes out on the US Kultbox Records. The record 66 Deadly Sins features a live set, which was recorded in the studio. On stage, Lekx is accompanied by DJ Michel Jansen.


The track No Cure is released on the compilation album Acid Flash No. 9.


A new Rude 66 album, De Machine Des Duivels ('The Devil's Machine'), with vocals by Mr. & Mrs. 66, comes out in March. Silver Recordings releases part of the CD the Devil's Machine on vinyl as a split LP with RA-X (Vincent Koreman). Rude 66's remix of Friction Freakball Foundation's Super OK can be found on the compilation Dutch Breakz. The track the Covenant can be found on the compilation the West Coast Sound Of Holland (Bunker 3000). The double album Bunker 027/028 is re-released and also sells out very quickly.

Vincent Koreman


Rude 66 and singer/musician Maya Voorvelt record the electro track Overkill. On stage he is joined by his American wife Shaunna.


Rude 66 plays the Shine Festival and several DJ sets in California. In October he is involved in the start of a new label: Vynalogica. At the same time the EP De Wraak Der Wegpiraten ('The Revenge Of The Roadhogs') is released on Bunker Records.


Rude 66 in 2003 Rude 66 contributes to Powerslaves: an elektro tribute to Iron Maiden.


Female punk rockers the Riplets from Rotterdam cover Hey Mickey on their second album. The track comes out on 12" too, featuring various remixes, one of which by Rude 66.


After several years on the shelf the EP Overkill featuring singer Maya Voorvelt comes out. Pubcaster/alt website VPRO/3voor12 nominates the title track on the Best Song of 2005 long list. Another EP, Black Sabbath, is released in April through the Dutch label Crème Organisation (part of Global Darkness).


The EP Strings Of Death (out on Vynalogica ) is recorded with analogue synthesizers from Amsterdam's CEM studio. Rude 66 is featured on a Crème Organisation sampler. The follow-up to the Black Sabbath EP is due for April/May. Rude 66 remixes the track Eltec on Maarten van der Vleuten's EP Kremahitz, which comes out on the UK's Mighty Robot Recordings. During the Amsterdam Dance Event in October Rude 66, bassist Walter de Korver (Friction Freakball Foundation) and singer Sammie Burgwal (The Regiment) present the by New Order inspired project Lies Of Minelli. A special version of Hysteresis, recorded during the Amsterdam Boem Tsjak Festival (October 2005), is released in the autumn on MP3Yearsrebelbassweblog, a compilation on the occasion of the third anniversary of DJ Lady Aïda's Rebelbass weblog. A remix by Rude 66 of Unveiling The Secret is opening track on an album with the same title by German act Psyche. The last track on the CD Disco Romance by Sally Shapiro, I'll Be By Your Side, is a remix by Rude 66.

DJ Lady Aïda Maarten van der Vleuten


The song Angst Bleibt (Fear Remains) appears on the 12'' compilation Nagasaki Nightriders which is released on the Crème Organization label. In August the producer is also part of the 303 All Stars, an 'orchestra' of Dutch techno pioneers, featuring Rude 66, Acid Junkies, Legowelt and Nederzuur. The orchestra plays live at the Lowlands festival with a set of acid featuring interconnected analogue Roland drum machines: five 303's, an 808 and a 909.


The double album Sadistic Tendencies features dark electro-disco with vocal contributions by Shaunna Lekx.

Discography Rude 66

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Video Rude 66

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