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1999 - current


lo-fi, pop poets


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Pfaff is the new band of former Seedling bassist Bas Jacobs.
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Bas Jacobs   basgitaar, componist, gitaar, toetsinstrumenten, vocalen, zang

Former members

Michiel Verburgh   drums
Joni Spaan   drums
Alice Bron   gitaar, percussie, toetsinstrumenten, zang

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1999   Seedling
2000   Seedling
2001   Seedling
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Biography Pfaff

Pfaff is the new band of former Seedling bassist Bas Jacobs.

1999 - 2001

Bas Jacobs plays bass in Dutch band Seedling. In his home studio he works at his own songs under the name Pfaff. The demo cassette If Life Were A Dog I'd Be Its Doodle (1999) contains dark songs, sung in with a whispering voice and accompanied by acoustic guitar and electronic instruments. With the help of Marg van Eenbergen from Seedling and singer Inez van Asselt he records an album. God Gifted Flexible Capo (2000) is released on vinyl through Drowning Man. The music varies from lo-fi 80's pop, noise and experimental songs to more catchy songs like Truckerswifelife (with the chorus 'Would you be my dart board').

Seedling Zoppo

2002 - 2004

Pfaff performs at the Crossing Border festival 2002. Jacobs and Bas Morsch (ex-Sal) start record label That Dam Record Company. The label releases albums by the likes of Dress, Sykosonics and Dan Geesin. First release is Bello Ma Folle Questo è Il Mio Segreto. Driven by drummers Michiel Verburgh (ex-zea) and Joni Spaan (ex-Jonus) Jacobs cries his heart out on worked up garage rock songs. In March 2003 Pfaff kicks off a short UK tour and plays Dutch festivals Motel Mozaïque and Metropolis. In September the band plays two gigs and later that year Pfaff and fellow Dutch band Voicst travel to the UK for several shows. In May and Novermber of 2004 the band again travels to the UK. The CD Berliner Blick is released with the colllection of poems Bleek ('Pale') and consists of two albums, one with the band (Berliner Blick) and one recorded in the home studio (Chi Fa Da Se, Fa Per Tre).

Dress Voicst zea


Pfaff Jacobs temporarily plays bass in Dutch band Persil. He also plays the guitar with the The Stallones, a band with drummer Leon Caren (guitarist/singer with Blues Brother Castro), bassist Inez van Asselt (TomCat) and singer/guitarist Bas Morsch. In April and May Pfaff tours Europe. The band plays in Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Austria and the UK. Berliner Blick is re-released for the international market. Pfaff covers the song Green Light by Sonic Youth. Late September/early October the band travels to Scandinavia for several gigs. Drummer Joni Spaan leaves the band so she can put all her energy in her work as a photographer.

Persil TomCat


Pfaff Pfaff performs in Amsterdam in the new line up. Later in the year Jacobs is joined by Alice Bron (ex-The Riplets) on vocals, percussion, keyboard and guitar. Two new songs Alright Bas and Sink My Head can be heard on www.myspace.com. The songs also feature on the 16-track album How To Explain De Flipstand To A Friend, a 30-minute rock opera. The CD is a co-release with label Narrominded. In April Pfaff kciks off an extensive UK tour. In May the band travels to Slovenia for several shows. On August 26 all three line ups of Pfaff can be seen in the De Nieuwe Anita in Amsterdam. They are joined by Yuri Landman (Avec Aisance). In the third week of October Pfaff again tours the UK. Early November the band starts recordings for a new album, including a second collection of poems. In the same period Pfaff also performs at the Crossing Border festival. In December returns to the UK for shows in Brighton and London. In the London Astoria 2 (Mean Fiddler) Pfaff supports The Sultans of Ping.

Avec Aisance The Ik Jan Cremers The Riplets


On June 29 Pfaff presents his first USB-stick featuring the sixth album If This Is The Last I'll Do plus his second poetry book Als Dit Het Laatste Is Dat Ik Doe ('If This Is The Last I'll Do'). As a bonus track there's previously unreleased video footage of a show in Leeds.


Jacobs also plays in the band We Be Naked, a sixties band with in its line up members from the bands Norma Jean, Tomcat, Skidmarks and Check 1-2. In the summer this band records several songs in Amsterdam and in October We Be Naked plays several shows in England. Jacobs also plays several shows with the band The Ik Jan Cremers. After the USB stick If This Is The Last I'll Do, the album I Kill Myself and I Want To Die the second release in a trilogy. Part three is the record Songs They Sing At My Funeral. In the autumn the band plays several shows abroad including a couple in Spain (November) and in England (December).

Check 1-2 We Be Naked

Discography Pfaff

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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Pfaff -- F.U.
Pfaff -- F.U.
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Pfaff -- F.U.

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