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De Party Animals in 2014 (bron:officiële website)


1995 - current


gabber, house


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Party Animals

Very successful happy hard core act by house producers Flamman & Abraxas.
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Jeff Porter   drumcomputer, producer, sampler, synthesizer
Jeroen Flamman   drumcomputer, producer, sampler, synthesizer

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1995   Flamman & Abraxas
1996   Flamman & Abraxas
1998   Double Date
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Biography Party Animals

Very successful happy hard core act by house producers Flamman & Abraxas.


Gabbers Dennis, Evert, David and Paul (the only gabber with long hair) play a part in the video I Wanna Be A Hippy by Technohead. The Flamman and Abraxas remix of this song becomes a huge hit both in the Netherlands and abroad and the two producers decide to form Party Animals.

Flamman & Abraxas Technohead


De Party Animals ca. 1996 (Bron: fotocollectie Popinstituut, UvA Bijzondere Collecties) The singles Have You Ever Been Mellow?, Hava Naquila and Acquarius all shoot to the number one spot. The latter two are both taken from the album Good Vibrations, which enters the Top 10 of the album charts in August. The video that accompanies Acquarius receives two Thunderdome Awards, one for Best Happy Hardcore video and one for Best Happy Hardcore single. The Party Animals release the single Nazi Scum to put and end to the accusations that all gabbers are rightwing extremists.

Herman van Veen


March sees the release of the fourth single We Like To Party, which precedes the second album party@worldaccess.nl that will be released by the end of the year. Party Animals sign to CNR and start their own label: Animal Records. Flamman and Abraxas release the Bob Marley cover Get Up Stand Up under the name Mini Animals. The single does not make it into the charts.

Mini Animals


Party Animals feature in MTV's Party Zone and the single Atomic is released in the UK. The new single Hawaii 5.0 is a dance version of the theme music from the once popular police series from the '70s. In November the single The Show (a Dizzy Man's Band cover) is released. It precedes the album Hosanna Superstar.

Bob Fosko Dizzy Man's Band


To support the Dutch football team during the European Championships the Party Animals release the single Holland Moet Winnen ('Holland Must Win').


After a long period of silence the Party Animals announce their comeback on their website. MC Remsy has also rejoined the band. On December 13 new single Life Is Short is released.

2003 - 2005

In the fall of 2003 the new single Xanadu comes out. Party Animals perform regularly again. Dancers/MC's Michael (as of 1997), Kenney (as of the end of 2004) plus previous Mini Animals Youri and Jordi are the pacemakers. Gang Of 4 is a Best Of CD/DVD, featuring hits and videos from 1995-2004. The single Wazzup! is an exclusive download through ID&T. In August 2005 they do a few Spanish shows.


Apart from shows at discos they perform at the Dauwpop festival on May 25 in Hellendoorn. After Bad Boys/Animal Song, the single P.A. Yeah/How Do U Do?! is released with a double A-side, early December.


In April Flamman & Abraxas hold auditions in Amsterdam, in search of new group members.

Discography Party Animals

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Video Party Animals

Party Animals - Atomic (o...
Party Animals - Atomic (official music video)
Party Animals - Aquarius
Party Animals - Aquarius
Have you ever been mellow...
Have you ever been mellow-Party Animals
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Have you ever been mellow-Party Animals

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