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Osdorp Posse


1989 - 2009


Dutch hip hop, Dutch-language


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Osdorp Posse

Inventors and most important exponent of Nederhop: hiphop in the Dutch language.
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Marco Moolhuizen   draaitafels
Daan Snouck Hurgronje   draaitafels
Arthur Bezuijen   rap
Def P   rap
Robin Bezuijen   producer

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Biography Osdorp Posse

Inventors and most important exponent of Nederhop: hiphop in the Dutch language.


Two brothers and two cousins form Osdorp Posse. Starting out as an English-language rap act they switch to Dutch raps in the late '80s.


Osdorp Posse donates two of their songs to the compilation album Rhythm & Rhyme vol. 1.


The group signs to Djax.

Brutal Obscenity


Osdorp Posse Osdorp Posse releases its first album: Osdorp Stijl ('Osdorp Style'). They also release a second album called Roffer Dan Ooit ('Rougher Than Ever').

Zuid-Oost Posse


Vlijmscherp ('Razor Sharp') is the Posse's new album. For the compilation CD titled De Posse ('The Posse') Def P comes up with the term Nederhop. Geen Slaap Tot Osdorp ('No Sleep 'till Osdorp') the Posse's version of the Beastie Boys' album No Sleep 'till Brooklyn is recorded with Dutch death metal band Nembrionic.



Although DJ's and critics still refuse to acknowledge the band, OP's popularity is increasing among Dutch hiphop fans. The band releases two mini CD's.

Consolation Extince Nembrionic


Osdorp Posse The band's fourth album Afslag Osdorp ('Exit Osdorp') is released. The album contains more metal influences and its lyrics are more serious than before. The band plays at the Pinkpop and Lowlands festivals and Racism Beat It.

Urban Dance Squad


Bron: Promotiefoto's Popinstituut, UvA Bijzondere Collecties OP is awarded the Popprijs ('Pop Prize'). In May the CD Briljant, Hard En Geslepen ('Brilliant, Hard and Cunning').

Heideroosjes Nembrionic


Osdorp Posse The critically acclaimed album Geendagsvlieg ('NoneDaysWonder') is released. Def P's live freestyles have become legendary.



Osdorp Posse Seda releases a break beat solo CD titled Djaxbreakbeatz: Vol. 1. The new Osdorp Oud en Nieuw ('Old and New') is also released. Published at the same time is a book about the history of the band. Osdorp Posse breaks with Djax and starts Ramp Records. Onderhonden is founded. It is a side project for Def P and many of his peers (like Casto and Loco Motief among others).


Def P releases his solo album Cryptokilostijl. OP performs at the Musica Sacra festival. The band is the first pop group to perform at this psalm festival. According to the local bishop rap is the contemporary variant of biblical psalms.



The album Kernramp ('Nuclear Disaster') comes out. OP also releases the single Origineel Amsterdams (Original Amsterdam').

André Manuel MC Wigger & DJ Wanna B Meindert Talma Project 2000


Both Def P and Seda release solo albums: Def P's releases Het Ware Aardverhaal? ('The True Earth Story?') and Seda comes with Rampbreakz Vol. 1. For alternative-formatted cable radio station Kink FM Def P hosts a weekly show. Also, he tours the Netherlands backed by ska band the Beatbusters in support of the album Aangenaam ('Pleased').



On January 25 the Osdorp Posse presents its new album Tegenstrijd ('Counter Attack') in Amstelveen's P60 club. On the album the band heavily criticises the music industry, the Idols television concept, rock critics plus the environmental policy. The album is also released in neighbouring Belgium. Osdorp Posse and VanKatoen release a split single. The first track consists of the song Moet Je Havo Hebbe ('You need O-levels') by VanKatoen on the left hand channel and Carrière Maken ('Careering') by Osdorp Posse on the right hand channel. In the fall VanKatoen, Beatbusters and Osdorp Posse embark on the Tricky Triple tour 2003. On December 19 there is a release party for the new single by Onderhonden.

Beatbusters VanKatoen


In January the Seda-produced album Afblaffers ('Barkers') by Onderhonden is released. Live the band features the likes of Def P, Casto, Oscar X, Quinte (of Belgian Posse ABN), Das (of N.U.A.), DJ Daan and DJ Money P. In the shops it shouldn't cost more than €10,00. From May to September at live concerts Osdorp Posse is accompanied by Laberinto, to funk up its set with a unique big fat Metalatino-sound. Under the banner Dans Mee Tegen JP! ('Let's Dance Against PM JP') Def P, Samiro, League of XO Gentlemen and Drukwerk's Harry Slinger perform live in Paradiso Amsterdam. Proceeds go to various protests against the Dutch government, headed by Prime Minister J.P. Balkenende. In June the video of De Wereld Is Niet Te Koop ('The World Is Not For Sale') by rappers Def P. and Samiro is playlisted by the local music television channels. It contains an anti-discrimination, terrorism and war message.

Drukwerk Laberinto League of XO Gentlemen


Osdorp Posse On February 25 the Melkweg, Amsterdam is the scene of the launch party of Osdorp Posse's 10th album Hollandse Hardcore Hip-Hop-Helden ('Dutch Hardcore Hiphop Heroes') plus a double DVD, featuring the 2,5 hour-documentary Hoe Schijt De Ventilator Raakt ('How The Shit Hits The Fan') plus many videos and live footage. On August 21 at the Waterval festival, for the first time in its 15 years of existence, Osdorp Posse returns for a live show to the Amsterdam quarter where its name derives from. With Peter Pan Speedrock Def P releases a song for Tibet. It's made for the Ticket To Tibet festival on August 28 in Aquabest in the province of Brabant. In October Def P exposes the paintings he has produced along with Juice and Peter Pontiac over the past five years. The exposition in Amsterdam's Go Gallery is called Go Globist. War and peace, capitalism and poverty, good and bad, are the central themes of his works. For national children's TV Def P writes a rap about Anne Frank.

Peter Pan Speedrock


Cartoonist Typex creates a cartoon version of OP classic Moordenaar ('Murderer'). The cartoon is part of Strips ('Cartoons') In Stereo, a book/CD consisting of 14 'cartoonised' Dutch language pop songs. The book is presented in Paradiso during the annual Book Week in March. Def P writes a rap adaptation of Shakespeare's Comedy Of Errors with live DJ. MC Shake goes on tour early September. From 2 to 17 October the rapper travels through South Africa for shows, poetry nights and workshops with the children in the townships. Late October Def P starts recordings with the Beatbusters. Osdorp Posse also goes into the studio with Venezuelan band Laberinto for recordings for the album (working title Laos Projects). The album features a crossover of hardcore hiphop and Latino metal. A short tour of Venezuela by both bands is scheduled. Def P contributes to the album Nacht, De Soundtrack ('Night, The Soundtrack') by Henny Vrienten.

Henny Vrienten


Osdorp Posse From 2007 Osdorp Posse releases the music on its own Ramp Records label only digitally. For the real fans some limited edition CD's are released. In April Def P is part of the Beukorkest, a group that is put together by the band Stuurbaard Bakkebaard and visual artist Rik van Iersel. Def P's solo album Pascal-Rascal is released in September. The rapper can also be heard on the album Onderweg (Underway) by Che (Stijn Charpentier) and on debut album Straatwaarde (Street Value) by DJ Knowhow.

DJ Knowhow Herman Brood Stuurbaard Bakkebaard The Shavers


The album The World Might Suck is the result of the new collaboration between Osdorp Posse and Laberinto. The album is released in March on Djax Records. It marks the band's return to the label after seven years. On the single Picasso/Ideale Vrouw (Wallboomers) Def P & Howling Coyotes play a mix of rap and rock'n'roll. In June, the month in which the band celebrates its twentieth anniversary, Osdorp Posse announces the band's break up. Def P, IJsblok, King and Seda will kick off a farewell tour in 2009. Late 2008 2 Decennia (2 Decades) is released, an album which features both new material and adaptations of old songs. The album features guest appearances by Kraak & Smaak, Beatbusters, The Howling Coyotes and BL3NDER.


As a result of the band's farewell tour, 1995 album Afslag Osdorp gets a new release. Because of this re-release the record finally becomes gold, fourteen years after its first release. Def P performs with jazz and rap group Bl3nder and also records an album with them: Leipe Shit Ouwe. Osdorp Posse's extensive farewell tour ends on 26 September in the Melkweg in Amsterdam.


Discography Osdorp Posse

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Het prille begin
Het prille begin
Waar Ik Woon en Wie Ik Ben
Waar Ik Woon en Wie Ik Ben
Lowlands 1995
Lowlands 1995
Origineel Amsterdams
Origineel Amsterdams
Complete Interview
Complete Interview
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Lowlands 1995

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