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1993 - 2005


doom metal, metal


Band from the city of Utrecht which has developed its own style which is a combination of doom, Gregorian vocals and a swinging groove.
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Remko van der Spek   basgitaar
Rosan Van Der Aa   zang
Guus Eikens   gitaar, toetsinstrumenten, zang
Sureel   drums
George Oosthoek   zang
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Former members

Stephen van Haestregt   drums
Eric Hoogendoorn   basgitaar
Martine van Loon   zang
Erwin Polderman   drums
Lasse Dellbr├╝gge   toetsinstrumenten
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1994   Celestial Season
1997   Within Temptation
1998   Ayreon
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Biography Orphanage

Band from the city of Utrecht which has developed its own style which is a combination of doom, Gregorian vocals and a swinging groove.


The basis of Orphanage is formed by Lex Vogelaar (guitar, vocals), Guus Eikens (keyboards, vocals) and Stephen van Haestregt (drums) when they record a demo with the title Morph. After the release of the demo they are joined by Eric Hoogendoorn (bass) and Martine van Loon (vocals, and at the time still a member of The Gathering).

The Gathering


Druid is the title of the first real Orphanage demo. In April George Oosthoek (vocals) joins the band. Following this the band records two songs for the DSFA compilation album. When Van Haestregt quits Orphanage works with session drummers Ed Warby (Gorefest) and Jules Vleugels. The band also signs to DSFA Records for two albums.

Ed Warby Gorefest


In January Orphanage's debut album is recorded. Shortly after this Erwin Polderman (drums) joins the band while Van Loon quits. In May the band is joined by Rosan van der Aa (vocals). In June debut album Oblivion comes out and Orphanage tours with UK band My Dying Bride.


Orphanage Orphanage plays the Dynamo Open Air festival. In August records a new album. By Time Alone is released in October, followed by a tour of the Dutch clubs.


The mini album At The Mountains Of Madness is released through DSFA Records. The album contains remixes and live tracks. In May Orphanage plays the main stage at the Dynamo Open Air festival. In June the band tours Germany with Sodom, Grip Inc. and Kreator and also plays festivals like Best On The Rocks, Graspop and Lowlands. In November the band again tours Germany for almost three weeks, this time with Within Temptation and Totenmond. Hoogendoorn and drummer Erwin Polderman have joined metal band Silicon Head.

Within Temptation


Early in the year the band tours the Dutch clubs. In May the DSFA compilation Book Seven is released which includes a video by Orphanage. The new CD which was scheduled for August is postponed and recordings don't start until the end of the year.


In February the band is in the studio to record vocals and keyboards for the new album. Following this Orphanage plays several gigs. Recordings for the new album continue in September.


Orphanage signs to major metal label Nuclear Blast. Sureel has replaced drummer Erwin Polderman who has joined Coldpop Culture. The band's third album, Inside, comes out in August. Ten weeks after the release of the album Hoogendoorn and Vogelaar decide to leave the band. Keyboard player Guus Eikens picks up the guitar, Remko van der Spek becomes the new bass player and Lasse Dellbr├╝gge is the new keyboard player.

Cold Popculture


The band tours with After Forever and Within Temptation and also plays festivals like With Full Force (Leipzig) and the MetalFest mini tours.


In the spring Orphanage takes a break from touring in order to be able to concentrate fully on new material for their next album. Vocalist George Oosthoek has also joined metal band Pleurisy.


Orphanage In April the CD Driven comes out. The album combines Gothic and melodic death metal. Videos are shot for the songs The Sign and Black Magic Mirror. Keyboard player Lasse quits. Guitarist Guus Eikens takes his place.


Guitarists Theo Holheimer and Marcel Verdurmen join Orphanage. Previously Holheimer played in bands like Mendoza Dance Parti and U.S. Ape. Apart from being a member of Orphanage he plays in Neuk ('Fuck'). Guitarist Marcel Verdurmen also plays in Altar. The new line-up doesn't exist long. A cover of the song Opzij ('Get Out Of The Way') on the tribute album to Herman van Veen is the last thing they do. Before this album is launched, the band announces its break up in October after having been on the scene for 11 years. The split is due to the divergent ambitions of the band members.

Altar Herman van Veen Mendoza Dance Parti Neuk!


Remko van der Spek and Theo Holsheimer continue their career with metal band Cilice.

Cilice Kingfisher Sky Lap Of Time La-Ventura


George Oosthoek temporarily replaces grunter Sander Gommans from After Forever.

After Forever

Discography Orphanage

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