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Drummer Jan Manschot


1975 - 2015


dialect rock, Dutch-language, rock


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Successful rock band that sings in the dialect of the Achterhoek
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Willem Terhorst   basgitaar, zang
Roel Spanjers   accordeon, toetsinstrumenten, zang
Jan Manschot   drums
Jan Willem Tolkamp   gitaar
Jan de Ligt   saxofoon
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Former members

Fokke de Jong   drums, percussie
Paul Kemper   gitaar
Jan Kolkman   gitaar
Arend Bouwmeester   klarinet, percussie, saxofoon
Tessa Boomkamp   drums, gitaar, zang
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1947   Adri-jan Hoes
1971   Dick Kemper
1975   John Sonneveld
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Biography Normaal

Successful rock band that sings in the dialect of the Achterhoek


Normaal is formed. The band members all have names that relate to the region they come from. Singer Bennie Jolink (Buiz'n Beernd) sings in the local dialect of the Achterhoek in the east of The Netherlands.


Normaal records its first single: Hels As 'N Jagdhond ('Mad as a hound dog').

Peter Koelewijn


The single Oerend Hard ('Extremely Fast') is the band's first big hit. The same-titled album climbs the charts.


Ojadasawa ('Yeah That's Right') is released, but is less successful than its predecessor.

Johnny Hoes


Normaal signs to WEA and the single Hendrik Haverkamp tops the charts. An English guitar player joins the band: Alan Gascoigne, soon known as 'Alan de Gaspiepe'.


Ferdi Jolij (Frederik Puntdroad), one of the band's songwriters, leaves.


German singer/songwriter Udo Lindenberg translates Normaal lyrics. WEA release three singles in Germany: Was War Gestern Los? ('81), Mama Wo Ist Mein Pils? ('82) und De bur is trumf ('84). As of 1981 Jolink writes all songs with lyricist Bennie Migchelbrink. Normaal takes care if most of its own business. The band understands the importance of merchandising and buys a press for T-shirts amongst others. The bond with their fans gets increasingly stronger this way.


The Deurdonderen ('Rock on') tour kicks off.


The De Boer Is Troef ('The Farmer Rules') tour is on its way and the band is supporting act for Rod Stewart in The Netherlands.


Normaal receives a golden record for the album De Boer Is Troef.


Steen Stoal En Sentiment ('Rock, Steel and Sentiment') is recorded in the band's own studio.

Haverkamp Nico Groen


Drummer Jan Manschot Normaal plays several gigs for charity.


Normaal is taken to court by its former manager Mick Froeling and looses tons of money, but continues as a band nevertheless. Jolink gets hurt in Morocco's Atlas Rally. Jan Akkerman and 'recidivist' Alan Gascoigne are temporary stand-ins.

Jan Akkerman


The album Da's Normaal ('That's Normal') is released.


This year's charity is a local hospital.

Boh Foi Toch


The book Wat Is Normaal? ('What's Normal?') is published.


Jolink is involved in a serious car accident.

Willem Duyn


Former Normaal guitarist Gascoigne is featured on the album Struck By Lightning by the Tim Disney Band.

Tim Disney Band


The blues rock single Doe Effe Normaal ('Please Act Normally') is released.


Now En ('So What') comes out.

Corry Konings Haverkamp Jack Jersey


Completely fagged-out Jolink decides to call it quits, but when he realises the fans' disappointment he comes back on his decision. The amount of gigs, however, is kept to a minimum.


The album Onwies Høken ('Heavy partying') is released in two versions: a 2CD and a 4CD.


The 2CD Kriebel In De Konte - Normaal in levende lijve ('Itching Butt - Normaal Alive and Kicking') is released.


On his solo album Howling At The Moon Jolink covers Hank Williams and Normaal songs in a country setting.

Antonie Broek Arthur Ebeling Bennie Jolink De Dijk Frédérique Spigt Jan Smit Jovink & The Voederbietels Pim Kops


The band celebrates its 25th anniversary and the acoustic album Effe Zitten ('Sit And Relax') comes out.

Boh Foi Toch Henk Westbroek Jammah Tammah Marcel de Groot Old Ni-js Pim Kops Rens van der Zalm


The song 't Is Stil Op De Boerderij ('All's Quiet On the Farm') is released as an expression of sympathy to the farmers whose farms have been hit by foot and mouth disease. In November the documentary Ik Kom Altied Weer Terug ('I Always Come Back') shows in the cinemas. The band also releases an album with the same title.


Due to an accident at a motor cross training in July, Jolink gets hurt. During his recovery, Voederbietels singer Hendrik-Jan Lovink replaces him at live shows. Later in the year asthma patient Jolink is hospitalised again.

Jovink & The Voederbietels


On January 31 the band plays its last theatre date. It also marks the last gig of drummer Fokke de Jong. He will move to De Kast, where he will take over from Nico Oudhuijse. De Kast's larger gig guide justifies his departure. Alan Gascoigne and Jan Kolkman leave the band as well. In its mark 1 line-up (Jolink, Terhorst, Manschot and Jolij) the band plays in marquees. However, playing fewer dates, Normaal, decides to focus on theatre shows. The album Vernemstig Te Passe is a self-release. The live album was recorded during a concert at Vereenigingsgebouw Juliana in 't Woold on 10 May and contains mostly songs from the band's early period. The band's line-up is exactly the same as in the period 1975-1978. On 14 November the Høk & Swing Tour 2 kicks off. The line-up consists of Bennie Jolink, Willem Terhorst and Alan Gascoigne. They are joined by Roel Spanjers (mandoline/vocals), Tessa Boomkamp (drums) and Arend Bouwmeester (saxophone/clarinet/percussion).

De Kast Roel Spanjers Tessa Boomkamp


Bennie Jolink is one of the guest vocalists on Vuur ('Fire'), the duets album by Frédérique Spigt. He also contributes to What A Difference A Day Makes, a Unicef charity project featuring lots of Dutch artists singing songs out of the great American Song book. The owner of Normaal rehearsal rooms reconsiders the building's core business. So Normaal is forced to relocate from its home soil to neighbouring region Twente. In the city of Haaksbergen the band finds a place, which can double as rehearsal room and atelier for Jolink. From October 30 the band embarks on a theatre tour with its new show 'Da's O.k. Normaal.'

Frédérique Spigt


In the end of April Normaal publishes the limited edition illustrated songbook Deur De Joaren Hen ('Throughout the years'). It includes the band's entire discography. Once more Jolink breaks a foot at a motor cross in Emmen (April 18). It won't stop him from Normaal's 30th anniversary show on May 5 in Lochem, back to the spot where the band's history started. Guests at this show include drummer Antonie Broek, Pim Kops (De Dijk) on accordion and singer Frédérique Spigt. It is released in the fall as the DVD 30 Jaar Høken ('30 Years of Great Fun'). 3FM DJ Giel Beelen sings one of the bonus tracks. On September 10 the band plays in Holsted, Denmark to a crowd of Dutch expat farmers. Historian Jos Palm writes the Jolink biography Oerend Hard ('Incredibly Fast'), which is published in November.

De Dijk


On March 10 Jolink wins the Johanna van Buren Culture Prize, which acknowledges his great achievements in regional Eastern Dutch culture. At the annual Edison Music Awards on March 15, staged at Amsterdam's Melkweg, Normaal gets a lifetime achievement award. Cartoonist Henk Kuijpers creates a cartoon version of D'n Poot Op Het Gas ('Stamp On The Gas'). The cartoon is part of Strips ('Cartoons') In Stereo, a book/CD consisting of 14 'cartoonised' Dutch language pop songs. The book is presented in Paradiso during the annual Book Week in March. In April the band starts its 16-show theatre tour. The line up is: Bennie Jolink (vocals, guitar) Willem Terhorst (bass), Ferdi Joly (guitar), Fokke de Jong (drums), Jan de Ligt (saxophone) and Jan-Willem Tolkamp (guitar). As of May Normaal is back in its natural habitat, the party tents on fairs and festivals. In June the band performs at The Hague's Parkpop festival. The album Hier ('Here') Is Normaal (September) is a double CD with both acoustic tracks and heavy rock songs. In November Bennie Jolink embarks on a five-day tour for Dutch troops in Afghanistan. For the occasion he rewrites the lyrics to Oerend Hard, which now becomes Oe-oe-Oeroezgan ('Uruzgan'). Out of solidarity with the troops he shaves off his wild hair for the first time ever in his career.


During a Johnny Cash Tribute in 2004 Jolink finds out that the deep dark voice of the American country singer suits him like a glove. With this understanding he cuts his second solo album Opa, Vertel ('Granddad Tell Me') featuring self-penned country songs in his local dialect. At the 35 theatre shows Normaal also plays an a capella song. From May to September the band traditionally plays in festival tents. The Tour is dubbed Veldtocht ('Campaign') 2007. They also play in Holsted, Denmark. The boxed set 100x Normaal contains all Normaal hits, augmented by their best album tracks out of their career. The Hits of their Telstar years are featured in a live rendition only.

Bennie Jolink


Normaal plays lots of new songs during their tours. These songs are released late May on a new album which is appropriately titled Ni-je Nrs (New Songs). Because various band members contribute songs, the new album sounds very divers and features not only the band's usual rock sound but also ballads and calypso and reggae influences.



The Blues eLPee (June) is blues in the widest sense of the word. The album is recorded analogue on a 24-track recorder and is released as both a CD and an LP. The CD includes four extra tracks which are not on the LP. The LP includes two tracks which are not included on the CD. In the same period, VPRO Radio & TV releases live sessions of the band which were recorded on 19 September 1977. Bassist Willem Terhorst releases his first solo album called Krek Wak Wol featuring music in the style of his favourite bands: The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and other Southern rock bands. Several Normaal members appear on the album.

Discography Normaal

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

Photos Normaal

Audio/Video Normaal

Video Normaal

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Complete Interview
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Het eerste optreden
de platenkast van Bennie ...
de platenkast van Bennie Jolink (jr, music scene 8, 1993)
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