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1996 - current


Triphop formation from Amsterdam that got its name from a narcotic from the sci-fi series Wild Palms from Oliver Stone.
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Andreas Suntrop   gitaar
Marc Baronner   elektronica
Baz Mattie   achtergrondzang, drums, sampler
Vera van der Poel   zang

Former members

Sander Hartgers   trompet
Gijs Levelt   trompet
Arno Willekes   gitaar

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1988   LoveCramps
1996   Shine
1998   Beeswamp
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Biography Mimezine

Triphop formation from Amsterdam that got its name from a narcotic from the sci-fi series Wild Palms from Oliver Stone.


Drummer Baz Mattie and bassist Marc Baronner are both in the rock band Shine, but when this band calls it quits they get involved in electronic dance music. Shortly afterwards they are joined by Vera van der Poel from the band Beeswamp.

Beeswamp Shine Vera van der Poel


The cassette I Love You becomes Demo of the Month in the Dutch music magazines FRET and Music Maker. Mimezine reaches the finals of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands talent show in the category dance and wins the public award. Besides in Mimezine Baz Mattie also plays in Junkie XL.

Junkie XL


Mimezine Mimezine's first single Lucky Number is released. On stage the trio is joined by trumpet player Sander Hartgers and guitarist Arno Willekes. The band also starts recordings for a debut album.

Tom Holkenborg Zapp 4


I Love You is Mimezine's second single. This song can also be found on their first demo. Mimezine's Junkie XL-co-produced debut album is called Indeep and combines dance and pop. The band tours the clubs and performs at the Lowlands festival. In December the single Here I Am is released. Willekes and Hartgens are replaced by Andreas Suntrop and Gijs Levelt, respectively.

Nits Tom Holkenborg


Mimezine wins an Essent Award and performs at the Noorderslag festival. In April the band plays at the Crosslinx festival. The new single Body Language is released in the summer.

Corrie van Binsbergen


Expanded with guest musicians DJ Kypski and percussionist Ruud de Graaff (Gotcha!, OLaBOLA), Mimezine performs live at 'Trigger Action, Une Nuit Urbaine' (a special event featuring the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, brass band Aarlanderveense Fanfare, Welf Turboacoustic Percussion, The Royal Wind Music plus a VJ) in Utrecht-based Vredenburg on January 25. Baz Mattie produces the debut album of Zober. On June 7 Mimezine, for the occasion joined by guitarist Andreas Suntrop, DJ Kypski and percussionist Pepijn Zwaanswijk, plays during La Nuit N'est Pas Un Chocolat, in club Paradiso Amsterdam. Baz Mattie and Marc Baronner join Junkie XL's live band during the promotion tour of the album Radio JXL - A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin. Vera van der Poel is appointed vocal coach at the pop department of the Rotterdam Conservatory as of September 1. Marc Baronner plays bass in the band of Flemish reggae singer Coco Jr at his Belgian shows. From December-January 2004 the play The Beast is on the bill of various theatres, featuring music and sonic design by Baz Mattie.

C-Mon & Kypski Junkie XL OLaBOLA The Royal Wind Music Zober


Mimezine Mimezine's studio Camera Silenta is torn down. In January Vera van der Poel sings at the Swiss concerts by Swiss composer/pianist Simon Ho. In the spring Vera's vocals are featured on the album by the Auratones along with a contribution by rapper E-life. The bulk of the new album by Mimezine is recorded in the band's own new studio. Baz Mattie is credited as producer and remixer. The record comes out in the fall through the Electric Co., a new alternative label with a distribution deal with Universal. In April and May Vera van der Poel sings with Voer, a jazz project providing a mix of jazz, pop, dance, Iranian, Indian and improvised music. Other band members include Oene van Geel (violin, percussion, laptop), Afra Mussawisade (percussion, laptop) Gulli Gudmundsson (contrabass) and New Cool Collective's Anton Goudsmit (electric guitar). For the second time Baz Mattie takes care of the music for Utrecht-based Theatre Dox. The play is based on the film They Shoot Horses, Don't They? about a dance marathon. Baronner tours Holland and Belgium with reggae band The Recipe.

New Cool Collective The Auratones


Marc Baronner plays bass in the live band of dance trio Kraak & Smaak. On February 11 the new Mimezine-single Can't Get Enough comes out. Vera van der Poel is guest on a Swiss tour by Simon Ho and Friends. Ex-Fatal Flower Robin Berlijn often plays on Mimezine's live set. Guess You Up is the second single off Feed The Monkey. Van der Poel participates on the project Voer ('Food'), which marries acoustic, music, jazz, Iranian, Indian, improvised and composed music with electronics. Apart from Vera, Voer consists of percussionist Afra Mussawisade (Bayuba Cante), Oene van Geel (Zapp String Quartet), Anton Goudsmit (New Cool Collective), Gulli Gudmundsson (Sonic Unit) and Robert van Heumen.

Bayuba Cante Kraak & Smaak New Cool Collective Zapp 4


Mimezine Together with Richard Janssen Baz Mattie produces (Loïs Lane's) Monique Klemann's rendition of David Bowie's What In The World. It is featured on her first solo album On Patrol. In September jazz/world combo Voer releases the album Bite. Vera van der Poel is one of the four vocalists on the album Dash! by the same-named jazzy funk band of saxophonist Maarten Ornstein.

Dash! Monique Klemann


In January Vera van der Poel travels to Kabul, Afghanistan for an interdisciplinary and educational project for Dutch school kids. With local musicians she records new compositions. Tjeerd van Zanen is credited as guitarist and producer of this intercultural exchange. Marc Baronner contributes to an album by Ralph van Manen.

Ralph van Manen

Discography Mimezine

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