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1978 - 1983


alternative, new wave


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Mecano Ltd., Mecano Un-Ltd.


Band from the early 1980s that is also involved in painting and literature. Mecano's early influences are punk rock and new wave, but later on their sound becomes more European-oriented.
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Theo Bolten   basgitaar
Cor Bolten   gitaar, klarinet, toetsinstrumenten, viool
Pieter Kooijman   gitaar
Dirk Polak   accordeon, drums, zang

Former members

Ton Lebbink   drums
Mark Ritsema   gitaar
Reinier Rietveld   drums
Idan Karutchi   gitaar, synthesizer
Sonja Rozenblum   achtergrondzang, percussie, synthesizer

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Biography Mecano

Band from the early 1980s that is also involved in painting and literature. Mecano's early influences are punk rock and new wave, but later on their sound becomes more European-oriented.


Mecano is formed by Dick (Dirk) Polak and Pieter Kooyman. The band is influenced by the British punk rock scene. The single Face Cover Face is released on the band's own No Fun label.


The brothers Theo (Tejo) and Cor Bolten and drummer Ton Lebbink replace the studio musicians with whom Polak and Kooyman have been working so far. The band's sound evolves more into the direction of British wave, especially Joy Division. Dick Polak starts the indie label Torso.

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Mecano April sees the release of the five-track mini-LP Untitled, which is clearly influenced by surrealism, Dadaism and French and Russian literature, especially Mayakovski. For the title track the band even makes use of an unfinished poem that Mayakovski wrote shortly before he died. Both Untitled and the mini-LP Subtitled, which is released six months later, earn good reviews from the Dutch music press. The success of these albums enables Mecano to go on a tour through Europe. The single Escape The Human Myth is released on the Torso label.


Early in the year negotiations take place to combine the two mini-LPs into one album that is to be released on the US market only. The band releases another single on the Torso label. It is a much lighter mix of the rather moody Robespierre's Re-Marx. When touring through France conflicts arise within the band. Ton Lebbink pursuits a solo career and the other band members keep themselves occupied with various musical projects.

A Shapeless Volume


Dick decides to reform Mecano. Theo and Cor Bolten and Pieter Kooyman (sometimes) join him, but Ton Lebbink decides not to. Although the band has reformed they are not performing anymore. Between May and November Mecano is in the studio for recordings of the new album Autoportrait.

Ton Lebbink Valori Plastici

1983 - 2002

Autoportrait is released in February on Torso. The dark wave sound has been replaced by a new sound and the result is an extremely varied album. Some of the songs remind of the US group Tuxedomoon. Despite good reviews, however, Mecano decides to leave it here and call it quits. In 1986 the Frenchman Pascal Bussy releases the Mecano compilation CD Titled, which is actually 1983's compilation LP Retitled plus some bonus tracks. In 1996 Lazy Doc Records releases a second compilation CD: The Half Inch Universe: Complete Works '78-'82. In 2002 the 'definitive version' of the Mecano anthology 2-CD The ½"Universe is released on the Mutantjasz label.

Flue Mick Ness


Polak and the Ensemble van de Zilveren Eeuw release a Dutch-language solo album. Wonder van de Liefde includes guest contributions by the likes of Theo Bolten and Hans Dagelet.

Dirk Polak


Snake Tales For Dragon is the first new Mecano album after 22 years. The album is released on the band's own Mutant Jasz label. The album contains an ode to the late film director Theo van Gogh, who got murdered by a Muslim fundamentalist in November 2004.


Mecano in 2007 Under the name Mings Feaner, Cor Bolten and the brothers Funcken (Funckarma) release the experimental electronic album Legiac.

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Discography Mecano

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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