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Mathilde Santing


24-10-1958 - current


Gouden Harp, pop, zang


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Matilde Santing

Mathilde Santing

Covers queen with an aristocratic voice.
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Simon Planting   contrabas
Peter Meuris   drums
Gert Wantenaar   accordeon, toetsinstrumenten
Kris Barczewski   cello
Rolf Hermsen   gitaar
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Biography Mathilde Santing

Covers queen with an aristocratic voice.


Mathilde Santing is born.


Santing starts taking music lessons.


She takes up singing lessons.

1972 - 1981

Santing performs with a band and as a solo artist. She also sings backing vocals with The Tapes, a band from Amsterdam.

The Tapes


Mathilde Santing Mathilde records a mini album, which is released in two versions: one with 7 songs and one with 9 songs. Mathilde's repertoire mainly consists of covers of evergreens.

Johan Visser Willem Wisselink


Santing is supporting act for Randy Newman. She also starts recordings for her second album.

Dennis Duchhart


Water Under The Bridge is released.

Dennis Duchhart


Santing's first mini album has become gold. She and fellow Dutch singers Julya Lo'ko and Astrid Seriese perform at the Knokke festival in Belgium. Their soul/jazz show wins them the first place.

Astrid Seriese Julya Lo'ko


Mathilde is working on a new album: Out Of This Dream.


The albums Out Of This Dream and Out Of This Dream: A Third Side, are released. Santing performs with the Japanese keyboard player Mimi Izumi Kobayashi.

Mimi Izumi Kobayashi


The Breast And Brow show is for the most part recorded in London.

Mimi Izumi Kobayashi


Santing sings the theme song for the film Rituelen ('Rituals'). She is also one of four vocalists on the album iK.i by Kobayashi.

Mimi Izumi Kobayashi


Mathilde performs in London and Tokio. She receives an Edison Music Award for Breast And Brow.


The album Carried Away is released.


With Lo'ko and Seriese Santing tours The Netherlands.

Astrid Seriese Julya Lekranty


Santing records the album Texas Girl & Pretty Boy, which wins her a second Edison Music Award.

Karin Bloemen


Santing goes on tour with the Whole Band. She records the pop album Under A Blue Roof and releases the single Hey Joan (based on the Jimi Hendrix song Hey Joe).


Mathilde Santing Mathilde tours with the Whole Band.


Mathilde Santing Santing releases her first live album.


She tours again with the Whole Band and in August she makes her musical debut with a part in Joe - The Musical.


She drops the letter 'h' out of her first name. Thanks to the chart topping success of the single Beautiful People the double compilation CD Matilde climbs the album charts. Santing is awarded a Gouden ('Golden') Harp Music Award.

Cor Bakker


Mathilde Santing La Santing does two shows as supporting act for Shirley Bassey. Santing has chart success with the single Wonderful World (originally by Black). Santing tours with a show called Matilde Binnen Handbereik ('Matilde Within Reach').


Santing plays a part in the Dutch film Babs.

Stanley Burleson


In the spring Santing The Oversoul 9 tour the country with the show May Be. In the autumn they do so again with a show called Nieuw Amsterdam ('New Amsterdam'). The first single to be taken from the album New Amsterdam is In The Meantime.


La Santing wins an Edison Award in the category Best female singer national for her album Nieuw Amsterdam.


Mathilde Santing in 2003 In Februari Mathilde Santing kicks off her theatre tour De Negen Levens van Mathilde Santing ('The Nine Lives of Mathilde Santing'). The cabaret-like show, which includes autobiographical elements, is in the Dutch language. Trapperdetrap is a children's album, a project by Santing and Peer de Graaf. With her peers Izaline Calister and Francien van Tuinen and accompanied by the Amsterdam Concertgebouw's Jazz Orchestra, Santing sings a special Christmas concert on December 20.

Izaline Calister


On March 14 she sings at the Gala of Dutch-language songs at Rotterdam's Luxor Theatre. In October and November she is on a short domestic tour with the Dutch Flute Orchestra. Santing is one of the Dutch artists who contribute to a Song For Beslan (In the Russian village by that name a school was hijacked by terrorists). Marjolein van der Klauw (Powderblue) is credited as songwriter. Proceeds go via the Dutch Red Cross and the Help Beslan Foundation to the victims of the disaster. In September Santing gives a master class on Dutch national TV. Among her pupils are former soapy Antonie Kamerling, Mirjam Timmer (ex-Twarres) and Birgit Schuurman.

Birgit Powderblue


Mathilde Santing Mathilde Santing is one of the vocalists on Als Je Iets Kan Doen ('If You Can Do Something') the benefit single for the Tsunami victims in Asia. Under the name Mathilde Santing & Her New Traditions the singer embarks on a theatre tour in February. Her show is called Basement Bargains. Basically she leaps through her repertoire over the years. Mathilde Santing contributes to a CD that is enclosed with a book by artist Wouter Stips. Meg and Hans Eijkenaar write the music to Stips' lyrics. The latter's band, Anouk's live band, is featured as backing musicians on the album. In the autumn Santing and The New Traditions go into the studio for recordings of her new album Under Your Charms. Together with Frank Boeijen she prepares her 2006 Benelux theatre tour dubbed Even ('A Little While').

Tineke Schouten


Santing and Frank Boeijen tour the Lowlands with their theatre tour Even. Under Your Charms is released on April 17. From August 25 Mathilde Santing stars in the Dutch version of the musical The Wiz playing the role of Glinda the Good.

Frank Boeijen


Mathilde Santing becomes Companion of the Order of Orange-Nassau.


From January the singer and her band The New Traditions tour with the show Stay Inside The Light. The band's line up is: Jac Bico (guitar), Cok van Vuuren (guitar), Lené te Voortwis (bass), Simon Gitsels (keyboards), Leon Klaasse (drums) and Tortsen Kindermann (backing vocals). In September the album Forty Nine is released. The title is a reference to Santing's age. It's her last album to be released by Sony.


Mathilde Santing in 2010 The theatre tour Sinatra's Tonic by Mathilde Santing & The Spirit Of Volunteering kick off in January.

Matangi Quartet

Discography Mathilde Santing

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