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Tijdens een luistersessie van het album Duizend Spiegels, november 2013 (Bron: officiële website Marco Borsato)


21-12-1966 - current


Dutch-language, pop, zang


Officiële website

Marco Borsato

Dutch singer with an Italian background who initially sings in the Italian language, but later switches to Dutch. He is the most successful Dutch-language singer of the '90s.
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Ferry van Leeuwen   achtergrondzang
John Ewbank   arrangeur, toetsinstrumenten
Will Maas   achtergrondzang, orgel
Rob Winter   gitaar
Wiboud Burkens   toetsinstrumenten
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Biography Marco Borsato

Dutch singer with an Italian background who initially sings in the Italian language, but later switches to Dutch. He is the most successful Dutch-language singer of the '90s.


Marco takes singing lessons and also takes part in several talent shows.

Gerard Joling Karin Bloemen


Borsato wins the finals of the Soundmixshow, a Dutch TV show in which candidates can show their musical skills. Record company Polydor offers him a contract and he records the song At This Moment, which shoots to number 5 in the charts. In August Emozioni, an album in the Italian language, comes out.


The album Sento is released, but sales are disappointing and Marco is advised to start singing in the Dutch language.


The same thing happens with Borsato's new album Giorno Per Giorno.


In the meantime the composers Jan Tekstra, Han Kooreneef, Leo Driessen and John Ewbank work on new songs that are adaptations of Italian pop songs.

Gordon Jan Tekstra John Ewbank Leo Driessen


The single Dromen Zijn Bedrog ('Dreams Are a Delusion') is released and shoots straight to the top of the charts where it will stay for the next 13 weeks. The CD Marco, which is sang in the Dutch language, is released and in November the second single Waarom Nou Jij? ('Why You?') also tops the charts.

Leo Driessen


The CD Als Geen Ander ('Like No One Else') is released. The singles Je Hoeft Niet Naar Huis Vannacht ('You Don't Have To Go Home Tonight') and Kom Maar Bij Mij ('Come To Me') are Top 10 hits.


Both Ik Leef Niet Meer Voor Jou (I Don't Live My Life for You') and De Waarheid ('The Truth') are chart toppers.

In De Steen John Ewbank


The album De Waarheid is released and sells over half a million copies within only a few weeks. Marco records the duet Wereld Zonder Jou ('World Without You') with Trijntje Oosterhuis from Total Touch.

Total Touch Trijntje Oosterhuis


Borsato receives TMF Awards in the categories Best Singer and Best Album (De Waarheid). He is also awarded with two Edison Music Awards for Best Singer and Best Single (Wereld Zonder Jou). The single De Bestemming ('The Destination') becomes platinum. The album itself becomes quintuple platinum.

John Ewbank Total Touch Trijntje Oosterhuis


Borsato and composer John Ewbank receive a Gouden ('Golden') Harp. The single Binnen ('Inside') hits the top spot at Christmas.

Ferry van Leeuwen Jan Tekstra John Ewbank


The album Luid En Duidelijk ('Loud and Clear') is released. Due to problems with the record company it takes several months before his next single Wat Is Mijn Hart ('What's My Heart') is released.

Frank Boeijen Twarres


For the third year in a row Borsato is the best selling Dutch artist. In February he receives an Edison Music Award in the category Best Singer Nationally.



With newcomer Sita he sings the official tune for the Royal Wedding on February 2. With this single Lopen Op Het Water ('Walking On The Water') he breaks the record for weeks at number 1 by a Dutch artist. All 'n' all Borsato has spent some 23 weeks at the top slot in his career so far. His new album, the sampler Onderweg (Under Way') marks his third number 1 chart entry. In June Borsato becomes the first Dutch artist ever to play three consecutive (sold out) shows at Rotterdam's De Kuip/Feyenoord Stadium (approximately 45.000 ticket buyers per night). Also, he is the first Dutch artist to receive a gold DVD album. He tops the list of box office hits in 2002. His three 'Kuip shows' and his theatre tour pull in 157.216 fans.


On February 24 Marco Borsato and Stef Collignon (managing-director Universal Music) receive the Export Award 2002. On March 6 the singer receives an Edison Music Award in the category Best Dutch Singer. He also receives a TMF Award in the category Best Dutch Singer and a Lifetime Achievement Award. Borsato also donates a song for the benefit CD Hoop! Peace Songs Voor War Child. Borsato is one of the guest musicians during the two shows that fellow Dutch singer Frank Boeijen plays at October 10 and 11 at the Sportpaleis in Antwerpen, Belgium. Backing vocalist Tessa Boomkamp plays the drums (!) during Normaal's autumn theatre tour. Borsato receives an Academy Award for a TV show of the concerts in the Kuip stadium in Rotterdam. Also, the superstar announces that his upcoming 13-track album will be a DVD only. For each track a video will be shot by famous Dutch film directors such as Dick Maas, Johan Nijenhuis, Matthijs van Heijningen jr. and Theo van Gogh.

Frank Boeijen Normaal


The single Voorbij ('Over') is a duet with singer Do. VI shoots to the top slot in the charts. At the launch party of the DVD Zien ('Watch') in Amsterdam's Tuschinski cinema, Borsato gets a Sky Radio Airplay Award. With17.500 'plays,' the man is the most played artist ever on the non-stop AC-formatted station, which is the market leader in the Netherlands. In March his peers choose him as Best Singer in the Netherlands. So he wins a so-called 'Duiveltje' ('Devil') award, a prize endorsed by the Dutch Rock & Pop Institute. At the annual TMF Awards, staged by the same-named MTV-owned music channel, he wins the Best Singer National award for the ninth time in a row. At the annual rain of titles on Queen Beatrix's (official) birthday day, Borsato gets a Royal decoration. In June he performs six nights at the Rotterdam Kuip to crowds of 50.000 fans. At his concerts in Rotterdam's Feyenoord Stadium Borsato sings a duet with upcoming star, Moroccan/Dutch hiphop artist Ali B. It marks Borsato's first collaboration ever with a rapper. On its release date in September the duet single Wat Zou Je Doen ('What Would You Do?') instantly enters at the top slot of the charts. To commemorate the city of Alkmaar's 750th anniversary, on October 9 Borsato performs live in his city of birth. The concert that takes place on the local horse track, is open to the entire city's population. At the end of the year Marco tops Mojo Concerts' list of best-attended shows of the year 2004. In the same year he's the most played local artist on Dutch radio beating Bløf, winners in the two previous years.

Ali B Bløf Do


Once a winner, always a winner, on February 14 Marco Borsato wins Edison (industry) Awards in three different categories: Best Male Local Singer, Best Music DVD and (the public-voted) Best CD. In April he picks up his 'annual TMF award' - the 10th in just as many years. He is also honoured as Artist Of The Decade. On April 30, Queen's Day (the Queen's official Birthday) Borsato takes part in the show staged at the Malieveld in The Hague to commemorate Queen Beatrix's 25th Jubilee, in attendance of Her Majesty herself. From May 13-June 1 Borsato's Symphonica show is on the bill in Antwerp's Sport Palace. He is accompanied by 32-piece orchestra Guido and his Orchestra, conducted by Guido van Dieteren. During the Belgian TMF Awards Marco Borsato is awarded best international artist. On October 4, at the Friends For Warchild concert in Ahoy' Rotterdam, Marco Borsato sings the duet Vlinder ('Butterfly') with Tasha's World.

Tasha's World


Early February the single Because We Believe, a duet with Italian singer Andrea Bocelli, is released. The song is written by Bocelli and David Foster, who's also written songs for Madonna, Lionel Richie and Barbra Streisand. The song enters the charts at number one. It's Borsato's 9th number one song in the Dutch Top 40. During the 3FM Awards show in the Melkweg in Amsterdam, Marco Borsato wins an award in the category Best Vocalist. Late October/early November Borsato plays ten shows at the Gelredome stadium in Arnhem. The singer and his band are accompanied by GUIDO & His Orchestra, a 40-piece Dutch orchestra.

Bløf Esther Hart Frank Boeijen Herman van Veen Metropole Orkest MIR Paul de Leeuw Trijntje Oosterhuis Veldhuis & Kemper


On 15th April wins two 3FM Awards: one for Best Live act and one for Best Single (Rood). On August 18 he performs live at the first edition of Flemish pop festival VTM Live in Ghent. On 3 October Borsato is part of the Friends For War Child Concert in Ahoy', Rotterdam.


Borsato stars in the film Wit Licht (White Light). He plays a father whose looking for his son's friend who's been kidnapped by rebels. The film is set in an African country. Wit Licht is also the title of a new single, Borsato's next album (September) and a concert series at the Gelredome in Arnhem. The eight concerts, between 10 and 21 October, all sell out. Guest vocalists during the shows include Daniël Boissevain and Paul Carrack. The single Dochters (Daughters) is the album's third number one hit and Borsato's 14th single to reach the top of the Dutch charts. Marco Borsato, just like in 2004, tops the chart of Most Played Artist National / International, as published each year by SENA, the organisation that concerns itself with the rights of artists and record producers.

Daniël Boissevain


Borsato wins two public choice awards during the Edison Music Awards: one for Best Album (Wit Licht) and one for Best Song (Dochters). During the 62th edition of the film festival in Cannes in May, the international edition of Wit Licht is released. The film's international title is called The Silent Army. It has been re-edited by director Jean van der Velde. During the launch of the website Top40.nl in June, Marco Borsato is awarded with the Number 1 Award for having the most number one hits in a row (nine in total). The Entertainment Group (TEG), of which Marco Borsato is shareholder, goes bankrupt in September. The bureau organises concerts, works with Dutch artists like Guus Meeuwis and Ilse de Lange, and is also responsible for the concert series Symphonica In Rosso. Of the three Symphonica concerts there were scheduled, this year with Diana Ross, only two take place. In order to be able to pay the artist of these two shows, Marco Borsato has to give two concerts himself at the Gelredome in Arnhem. The shows, called Borsato & Friends, sell out within 2,5 hours. The singer can be heard in the Dutch version of the French film Arthur And The Revenge Of Malthazard which premieres in December.

Discography Marco Borsato

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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Video Marco Borsato

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