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Luv' tijdens opnames voor de TROS in 1978 (bron: fotocollectie Beeld en Geluid)


1976 - 2012


girl groups, pop, pop/rock


Girl band that becomes one of the most successful Dutch groups of the late 1970s and early 1980s.
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Marga Scheide   zang
Patty Brard   zang
José Hoebee   zang

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Ria Thielsch   zang
Michelle Gold   zang
Diana van Berlo   zang

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1975   John Sonneveld
1976   Hans van Hemert
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Biography Luv'

Girl band that becomes one of the most successful Dutch groups of the late 1970s and early 1980s.


Luv' is founded by producers Hans van Hemert, Pier Souer and manager Han Meijer. Van Hemert's idea is that of three fresh, spontaneous and good looking girls who sing cheerful and simple disco songs. He wants the band to consist of a redhead, a blonde and dark-haired girl, so that everyone can relate to them. They already have a song so all they have to do is find the right girls to sing on it. Souer and Van Hemert know of three girls who would be perfect: Marga Scheide, Patty Brard and José Wijdeven.

Hans van Hemert Piet Souer


The single My Man is released and gets fairly good reviews. Its successor, Dream, Dream, on the other hand does not and it seems this will be the end of Luv'.


Luv' tijdens opnames voor de TROS in 1978 (bron: fotocollectie Beeld en Geluid) U.O. Me - subtitled You're Very Welcome In Waldolala - is Luv's breakthrough and reaches the number three spot in the Dutch charts. The song and Luv' itself as well are prominently featured on weekly controversial, raunchy but comical TV show Waldolala. The ladies become national sex bombs. Not long after that both You're The Greatest Lover and Trojan Horse reach the number one spot. Both singles and the album With Luv' become platinum in The Netherlands. Internationally the ladies are most successful too. In Germany for instance You're The Greatest Lover sells in excess of 600.000 singles. A Spanish version ('Eres Mi Mejor Amante') wins over the Spaniards totally.


The singles Casanova, Eeny Meeny Miny Moe and Yes, I Do are released and become major chart toppers. The album Lots Of Luv' turns platinum. After only three years the band already releases its Greatest Hits album. Luv' spearheads a whole new generation of girl groups, like Babe, Snoopy and Dolly Dots. Luv's is transferred from Philips/Phonogram to France's Carrere, which instantly scores an international hit with its first attempt Ooh, Yes I Do. It marks the French breakthrough. The December-released album True Luv' shipped gold. Luv' wins the Conamus Export Prize.


The singles Anna Maria, One More Little Kissie and My Number One become major hits. The Spanish version of Ooh, Yes I Do (Si Que Si) tops the Mexican charts for five weeks. Per Concorde the ladies travel to Mexico, for a tour, TV appearances plus a gold record. Russia and Asia are next. But the fame and the hectic life they lead are becoming a strain for the girls. Patty Brard, who wins a financial dispute against Luv Ltd', leaves the group and is replaced by Ria Thielsch. My Number One is Top 5 in both Holland and Belgium. The album Forever Yours reaches gold at home. But the girls are tired and the end is near for the band.

Ricardo & Flames

1981 - 1992

On March 5 1981 Luv' falls apart. Both José and Patty go solo and experience a short period of success. José has a number one hit with I Will Follow Him in 1981. Marga Scheide's 1983 Supremes medley Love Symphony makes it into the US Black Charts. In 1984 José cuts a duet with Bonnie St. Clair. With the ABBA song Cassandra in Dutch the two score a hit, which is followed by Herinneringen ('Memories') a complete album full of ABBA covers in Dutch. In 1988 the girls are reunited for a charity show. In 1989 Marga Scheide with Diana van Berlo and British Michelle Gold record as Luv' a single called Welcome To My Party, which reaches number 22 in the Dutch charts.

Diana van Berlo Enuv' José Marga Marga & Deuce Patty Brard

1993 - 1994

In 1993 the original line-up gets together one more time and a Mega Mix of their old hits is released plus the album Luv' Gold. Commercial TV station Veronica televises a special filmed at the Virgin Islands. The band tours the Benelux countries, Germany and Denmark.


25 years after Luv' first appeared on the scene, a DVD and double CD called 25 Jaar Na Waldolala are released. The ladies get together again for Hans van Hemert's 40th anniversary in showbiz.

Hans van Hemert


Starting 3 April, RTL5 broadcasts a show in which Brard, Hoebee and Scheide can be seen working on a Luv' comeaback. April also sees the reelase of the DVD Back In Luv' with material from the period 1977-1980. In the same period Universal also releases the compilation Het Mooiste Van Luv' ('The Most Beautiful of Luv'), followed one month later by the four CD box Completely In Luv', which includes all Luv' songs recorded between 1977-1980, and remixes from 1989, 1993 and 2006. The box is an initiative from and compiled by the official Dutch Luv' Fan club. In May the trio performs in the ArenA in Amsterdam prior to the American football game between the Amsterdams Admirals and the Hamburg Seadevils. Luv' also guest stars at the three Toppers In Concert shows starring Gerard Joling, René Froger and Gordon also in May in the ArenA.

Gerard Joling Gordon René Froger Toppers

Discography Luv'

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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Rijk de Gooyer reikt prij...
Rijk de Gooyer reikt prijs uit aan Luv' (1979)
Trojan Horse - LUV
Trojan Horse - LUV
Luv - Tingalingaling
Luv - Tingalingaling
Luv - Casanova
Luv - Casanova
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Luv - Casanova

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