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1968 - 1976



Left Side

Band from the village of Volendam that plays the local 'palingpop' sound. With the single (Like A) Locomotion the band also scores a big international hit. Although Left Side has several hits in the Netherlands the band never becomes as popular as other 'palingpop' bands the Cats or BZN.
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Dick Plat   toetsinstrumenten
Evert Jan Reilingh   gitaar, zang
Jan Schilder   basgitaar
Harmen Veerman   gitaar, zang
Klaas Tuip   drums

Former members

Jaap Sombroek   drums
Evert Veerman   gitaar
Jaap Kras   drums
Cor Veerman   basgitaar, zang
Steef Reilingh   gitaar

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Biography Left Side

Band from the village of Volendam that plays the local 'palingpop' sound. With the single (Like A) Locomotion the band also scores a big international hit. Although Left Side has several hits in the Netherlands the band never becomes as popular as other 'palingpop' bands the Cats or BZN.


Harmen Veerman (vocals, guitar), Dick Plat (keyboards), Cor Veerman (vocals, bass, ex-Alles), Jaap Lauteschutz (vocals) and Jaap Kras (drums) from the village of Volendam form Left Side after having performed as the Beat Boys between 1965-1967. Jan Veerman, Harmen's brother, becomes the band's manager (he dies at the age of 18), and is later succeeded by Bep Veerman (no brother). The band starts working with producer Gabe Dirne and is offered to record a song written by Wim Tol (a.k.a. Billy Stein), called Confusion In My Mind. The song becomes a small hit. Left Side's heavily influenced by their contemporaries the Cats. Harmen's broer, Cees, is even a member of The Cats. Despite a successful start it doesn't take long before the first problems surface: Jaap Lauteschutz is asked to leave the band because several of his colleagues don't think he has sufficient musical skills. As a consequence, Cor Veerman also decides to throw in the towel. They are replaced by Jan Schilder (bass) and Steef Reilingh (guitar).

The Cats


The band's second single Welcome To My House, also written by Wim Tol, enters the charts but as soon as it has reached the Top 40 the radio stations stop playing it. According to singer Harmen Veerman this has to do with the fact that there are simply too many groups from Volendam around. The next single I Can Give You Everything consequently fails to enter the charts.


The single Johnny does not make it into the charts. Drummer Jaap Kras is replaced by Jaap Sombroek and guitarist Evert Veerman replaces Steef Reilingh. The single Woman In My Life also fails to become a hit.


Left Side performs regularly and even supports The Nice. Then a fight breaks out between Harmen and Evert Veerman about the lyrics of the song See You Crying. To put a stop to all the fuss both Harmen and Evert are credited despite the fact that the lyrics are written by Harmen.


When the single See You Crying fails to enter the charts the band is put on a sidetrack by their record company Bovema. Left Side then signs to Phonogram and start working with producer Peter Koelewijn. Evert Veerman is replaced by guitarist/singer Evert-Jan Reilingh.

Peter Koelewijn


(Like A) Locomotion, the first single recorded with Peter Koelewijn, is a smash hit and reaches number 17 of the Top 40. The single is also released other countries such as France where 400.000 copies are sold which means a number one hit for Left Side in this country. (Like A) Locomotion is also big in South America, especially in Brazil where the single tops the charts.


The international success of (Like A) Locomotion appears to be the beginning of the end for Left Side. The band tours Belgium and France frequently and can also be seen and heard on French TV and radio stations. Back in the Netherlands the band has difficulties in playing the same clubs with the same enthusiasm as they did before their international successes. Drummer Jaap Sombroek is replaced by Klaas Tuyp. The single I Want Ye I Get Ye becomes radio Veronica's 'record of the week' but unfortunately for the band this happens the same time the station is forced to stop its broadcasts.


The single Tessie (I Love You) reaches number 20 of the Top 40, but its follow-up Gimme Your Love fails to do anything. For the first time Left Side can also be heard on an LP, the singles compilation The Best Of Left Side. Harmen Veerman can be heard on the Christmas single Een Heel Gelukkig Kerstfeest ('A Very Merry Christmas). Other Dutch artists on this single include Peter Koelewijn, Bonnie St. Claire, Ronnie Tober, Ciska Peters, Nico Haak, Willeke Alberti and Ome Jan. The song reaches number three in the charts.

Bonnie St. Claire Ciska Peters Ome Jan Ronnie Tober Willeke Alberti


The single Morning Sunrise, but due to a problem with the end mix the song is taken out of the shops. A totally different version of the song (not produced by Peter Koelewijn) is then released on single. This happens much to the anger of the band. Shortly after this incident Left Side splits up. Dick Plat, Klaas Tuyp and Theo van Scherpenzeel (alias Specs Hildebrand) form Dutch-language group Canyon and Harmen Veerman goes solo. In December the band plays a farewell gig in Volendam.

Canyon Harmen Veerman Specs Hildebrand


Harmen Veerman releases the singles Picture On The Wall and Lady Of The Night. Both fail to hit the charts.

Harmen Veerman


When the single Saturday Night also fails to enter the charts Veerman decides to put an end to his career as a singer.


Under the name Puzzi & Black Jack Harmen Veerman records the solo single Maggie's Dog.

Puzzi & Black Jack


Canyon reaches number 24 of the Top 40 with the single Als Ik Maar Bij Jou Ben ('As Long As I'm With You').



Harmen Veerman is asked to sing the title song of the film Jan Rap En Z'n Maat (My Roof Is Rainproof).


Arnold Mühren, who is working in his studio with German John McClean, is looking for several singers. Together with singer Annie Keyzer-Kras two singles are released under the name Lovers Line. The single The Story Of My Life dents the charts.


The single The Time Is Now is never released because of a mistake that has been made in the warehouses of Record Service Benelux (the coordinating body of record companies like BMG, Phonogram, Polygram and Ariola).


Harmen Veerman commits himself to writing songs, especially for acts like Vaders Trots and Maribelle, which are both from Volendam.


Discography Left Side

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