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Lange Frans & Baas B


1997 - 2009


Dutch hip hop, Dutch-language, hiphop


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Lange Frans & Baas B

Frans & Baas B. are a successful Dutch-language hiphop duo.
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Bart Zeilstra   producer, rap
Lange Frans   producer, rap

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Biography Lange Frans & Baas B

Frans & Baas B. are a successful Dutch-language hiphop duo.

1997 - 1998

Frans Frederiks (Lange Frans) and Bart Zeilstra (Baas B.) live just around the corner from each other in their hometown of Diemen. After a freestyle session they decide to form the hiphop collective D-Men which also includes Brutus (Thijs, the brother of Lange Frans) and DJ Crowdkiller.


1999 - 2000

D-Men release their first demo and first single Zoveel Mensen ('So Many People').


D-Men contributes a song to the compilation Mixt RnB Allstar. Lange Frans & Baas B. enter the finals of Most Wanted, a local talent show. During the finale of the Grand Prix Of The Netherlands Talent Show in the category RnB/Hiphop, D-Men wins the public's choice award. Lange Frans enters the freestyle competition between the Netherlands and Belgium.


D-Men contributes two songs to the hiphop compilation album Homegrown, a CD released by the Dutch Rock And Pop Institute and record label Virgin. D-men and Surregional Press produce the compilation album Knockout.


Lange Frans wins a SPITT showcase battle in Paradiso, Amsterdam. In the finals he becomes second after rapper Tim Beumers from VSOP. D-Men are joined by Brace, Yes-R (Ali B's cousin), Soesi B, Negativ, Brutus (also manager) and DJ MBA. The underground Straatremixes from D-Men are released on the Internet. The mixes are so popular that parts one and two of the album follow soon after.

Ali B Negativ VSOP


Lange Frans & Baas B Lange Frans & Baas B. go to Honduras for the project Rap4 Rights. After their visit to the Latin American country they record the track Het Leven Van De Maras ('The Life Of The Maras'). Lange Frans and Baas B win an Essent music award. Debut album Supervisie ('Supervision') comes out. The first single to be taken from the album is Represent. The single Moppie ('Honey') reaches number three in the Top 40. Lange Frans and Baas B. and soul singer Ninthe record the single Zinloos ('Pointless'). The song tops the Dutch charts when film director Theo van Gogh is murdered on 2 November. D-Men is recording the album Rollen Met D-Men ('Rolling With D-Men'). Brutus and Negativ release their album Mijn Feestje ('My Party') and Yes-R also works on his debut album.

Brace Ninthe


Lange Frans & Baas B The album Supervisie is nominated for an Edison music award in the category New Group/Artist National. Following his single Stel Je Voor (Imagine) Yes-R leaves D-Men. Because of this his solo album is not released on the D-Men-label Wallboomers. Lange Frans & Baas B. win an Edison award in the category Best Newcomer. On 19 March Lange Frans & Baas B. receive a 3FM Award in the category Best Single for the track Zinloos (Senseless). In April the duo receives two TMF awards: one in the category Best Urban National and one in the category Best Video National. The rappers have their own weekly radio show called Gekkenhuis (Madhouse). The programme is part of a daily urban radio show on Radio 747AM. Het Land Van (The Land Of) hits the top spot of both the Top 40 and the Top 50 in October. Lange Frans & Baas B. tour the Dutch theatres with their show Spreek (Speak), they are joined on stage by Brutus and a four-piece band consisting of Daan Herweg (keyboards), Dion Murdock (drums), Arno Krabman (guitar), Bastiaan van Dreunen (bass) and DJ Chief. The emphasis of the shows is on music.

Fluitsma & Van Tijn


On 1 January the duo receives the Megaward 2005 for being the most popular group or artist from the previous year. Lange Frans contributes to the song Alles Wat Je Hebt (All You've Got) from the album Negativitijdperk by rapper Negative. Lange Frans & Baas B win a 3FM award in the category Best Artiest R&B/Hiphop. The chorus of the single Ik Wacht Al Zo Lang (I've Been Waiting For So Long) is sung by Tim Akkerman from rock band Di-rect. Despite an incident, which repeatedly in the news, during one of their shows at a secondary school in late March, Lange Frans and Baas B are this year's 'ambassadors of freedom' during the 5 May liberation celebrations in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht and Almere. The rappers start their own clothing label under the name Fugezi. According to the duo it's 'a sort of H&M, but more stylish. From sports outfits to jeans'. The track Als Je Maar Gelukkig Bent (As Long As You're Happy) by Lange Frans and singer Gordon deals with the decreasing acceptation of gay people in the Netherlands. The Leipe Bauer Flavour, by Lange Frans, Ali B and singer Frans Bauer, reaches number two in a list of most downloaded singles in the year 2006.

Di-Rect Frans Bauer Gordon Negativ


In April, Lange Frans is co-host of a TV game show. Lange Frans & Baas B is one of the acts during the Petje Af concert organised by rapper Ali B during the annual Festival Mundial. The theme of the concert is the Plan Netherlands campaign 'Stop violence against children worldwide'.


In their single Kamervragen the duo raps about conspiracy theories surrounding the death of politician Pim Fortuyn and the fireworks disaster in Dutch city Enschede. The single heavily criticises the Dutch government. In March Lange Frans presents a politically oriented Dutch TV show. The duo's third album Verder (Further) is co-produced by Giorgio Tuinfort, Jayh (who can also be heard on the Waar Ik Sta), Brutus and Tearce & Crown and features contributions by Tim Beumers, Michael Bryan, Brace, Zwarte Sjaak (formerly known as MC Sranang), singer Marcus and Suzanna Lubrano. The single Zondag Vrij (Sunday Free) is a collaboration with Jayh! In August Lange Frans releases a mix album called Praktijkervaring (Practical Experience).

Suzanna Lubrano


On 27 March Lange Frans & Baas B appear for the very time together on TV during an episode of talent show X-Factor. In July the duo performs for the very last time together. Lange Frans continues his career on radio and is also working on his first solo album. He is also part of the jury of the Junior Songcontest. Baas B fully concentrates on writing and producing music for others.

Jeroen van der Boom Lange Frans

Discography Lange Frans & Baas B

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