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1997 - current


alternative, rock


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Dutch band from the city of Tilburg that plays punky rock songs and has become very successful over a relatively short period of time.
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Bram van den Berg   drums
Anne Govaert   gitaar
JanPeter Hoekstra   gitaar
Annelies Kuijsters   gitaar, toetsinstrumenten, zang
Jacqueline Govaert   zang
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Former members

Abel Korsmit   drums
Bas Witte   drums
Erik   drums
Thijs Romeijn   drums
Thomas Holthuis   gitaar

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1987   Kyteman
2000   Green Lizard
2000   Oscar Holleman
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8/21/21, Strandfestival ZAND, Almere

Biography Krezip

Dutch band from the city of Tilburg that plays punky rock songs and has become very successful over a relatively short period of time.


Krezip is formed at the Willem II College in the city of Tilburg where five teenagers take extra music lessons. The fivesome is influenced by Skunk Anansie and K's Choice. The first Krezip gig takes place on April 26 of this year in the city of Den Bosch. Initially the band has some problems in finding a drummer. The first drummer, Erik, is finding it difficult to combine playing for Krezip with playing in his other band NT Social. After Erik has left, the drum seat is occupied by Abel Korsmit, who can be heard on the first Krezip demo, and Bas Witte.


In January the group records its first demo. Despite the fact that all band members are still at school they manage to play gigs on a regular basis. The group makes its album debut when three Krezip songs are included on the compilation album Bijna Boven 4 ('Almost Above 4'). Krezip's demo is awarded 'demo of the month' by music magazine Music Maker. Before recording a second demo in December, Krezip makes its debut on Dutch national radio. Thijs Romeijn joins the group as the new drummer.


The young band plays at the 1999 Noorderslag festival despite school exams. Their talent has not stayed unnoticed and no less than six record companies are willing to offer them a contract. But instead of signing, the band puts out the self-released mini-CD Run Around. In August Krezip plays at Lowlands Festival. The band's fan base is increasing partly because of the support they get from Radio 3FM DJ Isabelle. Without having released a single Krezip has entered the interactive Cyber Top 50 with the track In Her Sun (Stupid). In the meantime singer Jacqueline Govaert enters the newly founded Rock Academy as a first year student. Early December the young musicians cover their all time favourite song Message In A Bottle by the Police for TV show Loladamusica. After this the band goes into the studio to record its debut album.


Krezip's debut album Nothing Less is released. The first single taken from the album is Won't Cry. Krezip plays at Pinkpop as youngest band ever, and also performs at Rock Werchter in Belgium. Nothing Less tops both the Dutch Cyber Top 50 and the Album Top 100. A remarkable achievement: earlier on the album was at number six, then it dropped to number 24 and then, within two weeks time, it went straight to number one. Jacqueline works on Ayreon, a rock opera project by Arjen Lucassen. She sings the song Temple Of The Cat that is also released on single. The single I Would Stay shoots to number two in the Dutch Top 40, where it stays for no less than eight weeks. Krezip mania breaks out and the band plays so many gigs that some have to be cancelled so that Jacqueline can rest her voice. In August the band plays at the Lowlands festival and also wins a Belgian TMF Award for Most Promising International Act. The single All Said contains recordings from a gig in Tivoli in Utrecht.

Arjen Lucassen Ayreon


Krezip takes a well-deserved break until March 31. Anne and Annelies concentrate on their school exams and Jacqueline needs time to rest her voice. In February the band is awarded a Zilveren ('Silver') Harp Music Award. In March it is announced that the band will play Pinkpop for the second consecutive time. At the Dutch TMF awards ceremony Krezip wins the first prize in the categories Best Album Nationally and Best Single Nationally. In the meantime Annelies Kuijsters swaps her guitar for keyboards. The band's highly successful album Nothing Less is released in Germany in September.


Invited by Festival Mundial, in February the teenage rockers go on a seven-day trip to Mali (Africa). With local rappers Magic Black Man they embark on a musical discovery tour through Bamako, often seen as the capital of African world music. Their trip is televised by national TV. In May Magic Black Man pays a return visit to the Netherlands by kicking off the Festival Mundial in Krezip's hometown Tilburg. Preceded by the single You Can Say, the long-awaited second album Days Like This is released on October 15. It is shipped gold (40.000 copies).


Krezip Krezip receives a TMF Music Award in the category Best Dutch band. The band donates a song to the benefit CD Hoop! Peace Songs Voor War Child. Krezip also plays on the first album by house producer Armin van Buuren. After a German tour the band is support act for Bon Jovi in the Amsterdam Arena. On June 29 the band plays the Parkpop festival in The Hague. The band is featured on an advertising campaign for Nokia. In the autumn the band embarks on a domestic acoustic tour in support of the new DVD That'll Be Unplugged & More. As a bonus a CD version of the same concert is included too.

Armin van Buuren


Krezip Guitarist Thomas Holthuis quits the band and is replaced by JanPeter Hoekstra (The Shot Mugs). Due to spending cuts Warner Music Benelux is forced to cut 20% of its jobs. The record company also sacks its Dutch acts, including Krezip. The band receives a TMF music award for Best Pop Group National. As of June for €0,90 the track All I'm Asking For is available as a download on the band's site. Thijs Romeijn leaves Krezip per December 31. It's an amicable split. His successor is Bram van den Berg from fellow Tilburg-based band One In A Million. He will play on the new CD.

William Seen's Transport Music


Krezip Originally long-time collaborator producer Oscar Holleman produces third album What Are You Waiting For, but in January the band decides to start working with LA-based Australian producer duo The Wizardz of Oz (Liz Hooper and Andrew Bojanic). Drummer Bram van den Berg joins The Original Soundtrack, a project (a 'super group') set up by Tom Sikkers (Wealthy Beggar) and Music Lab Brabant. As new Novib/Unicef ambassador Krezip kicks off the School Beats Poverty campaign at a special charity gig in Paradiso Amsterdam. The band signs a record deal with newly merged Sony BMG Music Entertainment. On May 9 the CD What Are You Waiting For is released. It lands on the top slot of the album charts. Krezip plays at Rockin' Park (Goffertpark/Nijmegen) on June 26. In October at the WARchild concert at the Rotterdam Ahoy' arena Jacqueline Govaert teams up with Portugal's Fernando Lameirinhas for the duet Omhels Me Dan ('Embrace Me). In April 2006 it comes out as a single.

Fernando Lameirinhas The Original Soundtrack Wealthy Beggar


Krezip Krezip records a track for the game De Sims 2. Jacqueline Govaert sings the track Ka Yoonie Mwab in Simlish, the special Sims lingo.


Krezip New album Plug It In comes out. It is produced by Sweden's Adel Dahdel and Peter Mansson, who introduce a slight electro touch, verging on Atomic and Heart of Glass-era Blondie. The band also teams up with songwriters Felix Rodriguez and Jesper Anderberg of Sweden's The Sounds. First single is ultra catchy Plug It In & Turn Me On. Krezip are 'ambassadors of freedom' and travel the country by helicopter on May 5, Liberation Day. Their destination is various Liberation Day festivals across the country. Fourth album Plug It In (May) features a totally different sound. The album is heavily influenced by British and American pop music from the 1980's like Blondie, The Eurythmics and New Order. Keyboards play a central role on the new album. The songs have been written in Sweden with guitarist Felix Rodriguez and keyboard player Jesper Anderberg from The Sounds. The album is recorded in Brussels by Swedish producers Adel Dahdel and Peter Mansson. Because Amy Winehouse cancels her show, Krezip is added to the bill of the second day of the Pinkpop festival this year. The group plays on the John Peel Stage. The third single off the album Plug It In is the ballad All My Life (October). Krezip performs during the Friends For War Child concert at the Ahoy' in Rotterdam on 3 October. On 29 December the band celebrates its tenth anniversary with a show at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.


Jaqueline Govaert contributes to the Krezip song I Would Stay which is included as a cover on the album The Original by Dutch reggae band Beef. On Thursday 2 October, Krezip announces the band is breaking up after eleven years. 'It is time to lives our own lives. A new life begins', according to the band. Krezip says goodbye with the release of a compilation album which includes all singles, including the band's last single Go To Sleep (October). On 13 November the kicks off its last club tour.



Krezip in 2009 On 5 March Krezip receives a Golden Harp music award for the band's special contribution to Dutch popular music. The band also wins the Edison Pop Oeuvre award 2009 as a reward for their performance during the twelve past years. Chairman of the jury Leo Blokhuis describes the band in these words: 'No other band in the Netherlands has received such a warm welcome by the general public as Krezip has. From an insecure, beginning group, to a strong and effective collective, Krezip has always remained close to its fans with its indestructible charm.' On 23 April, during the annual 3FM Awards, Krezip wins awards in the categories Best Band and Best Artist Pop. Totally unexpected, Krezip is the replacement of Depeche Mode on the main stage of the Pinkpop festival on 1 June. One of the songs the band plays on this occasion is the Depeche Mode classic Just Can't Get Enough. The band's final show, on 27 June in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, can be seen live on Dutch national TV. Guitarist JanPeter Hoekstra joins Dutch band The Sheer. Bassist Joost van Haaren and drummer Bram van den Berg join VanVelzen's backing band. Keyboard player Annelies Kuijsters joins Agua de Annique. According to information by SoundAware, the single Sweet Goodbyes has been played 4691 times this year, which makes it the most played song of the year 2009.

Agua de Annique The Sheer VanVelzen

Discography Krezip

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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Het prille begin
Het prille begin
Het creatieve proces
Het creatieve proces
I Would Stay
I Would Stay
De roes
De roes
You Can Stay
You Can Stay
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