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Jacques Palinckx


25-02-1959 - current


avant-garde, gitaar, improvised, zang


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Jacques Palinckx

As a highly original guitarist and composer Jacques Palinckx (Tilburg, 25 February 1959; since 2001 he has been calling himself Jacq) moves around in the no man's land between improvised music, avant rock and contemporary composition. With his groups (that always feature his family name) he produces collage-like music with ...
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gitaar, zang

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Biography Jacques Palinckx

As a highly original guitarist and composer Jacques Palinckx (Tilburg, 25 February 1959; since 2001 he has been calling himself Jacq) moves around in the no man's land between improvised music, avant rock and contemporary composition. With his groups (that always feature his family name) he produces collage-like music with a great deal of humor, which has become more and more pronounced over the years.

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Beukorkest   gitaar
Palinckx   gitaar, zang
Vlek   gitaar


He receives a training in classical guitar, and takes composing classes. Together with his brother Bert Palinckx, who plays the double bass, he improvises in the attic of their parental home.


For the first time they have a group, simply called Palinckx & Palinckx. At their first concerts the brothers mainly play experimental jazz.


The Palinckx & Palinckx album Maartse Buien is released by the Tilburg label Traction Avant, Eksakt Records's jazz branch. The LP contains experimental jazz, the result of many years of improvising, and can be seen in the light of the 'Tilburg school' of musicians like Niko Langenhuijsen and Paul van Kemenade. Palinckx & Palinckx also provide the track Onynx for the cassette compilation Fragment 1 on Eksakt Records. When bassist Ed de Vos hears the group on VPRO radio, he asks Jacques Palinckx to join his Prisma Orkest.


The band, by now simply called Palinckx, does a number of concerts in the Netherlands, featuring the material that eventually ends up on their LP Grrroeten. It is an occasional nine piece formation.


Grrroeten is released on the Traction Avant label. On this album Palinckx follows the previous route, and plays hectic jazz.


The Palinckx brothers perform under the name 'Palinckx & Palinckx: Duo's'. Their repertoire consists of improvised pieces in which jazz is still the main ingredient. Pianist-composer Guus Janssen asks Jacques Palinckx in a new group to perform his commissioned composition Dancing Series for the NOS/Meervaart Festival. He remains a member of the Guus Janssen Septet, and the same leader will later make use of the guitarist's services for his opera Noach (1994).


The Palinckxquartet is formed, and consists of Jacques and Bert Palinckx, trombonist Joost Buis and drummer Wim Janssen.


The Palinckxquartet CD If P Then Q......Mind Yours! is released on the Vonk label, run by the brothers. The music is moving in the direction of the later Palinckx sound. The fragmented music includes rock, with raucous guitars, jazz and improvised music, featuring Joost Buis's distinctive trombone parts. Quotes from sixties' and seventies' music are also heard occasionally.


The Palinckxquartet starts performing songs from the CD Covers live. The CD isn't released until later, when Wim Janssen has already left the band; he is replaced by American percussionist Michael Vatcher.


The first six months of the year the band is working on the album Covers, where the true Palinckx sound can be heard. Like a musical surgeon Palinckx cuts open other people's works, leaving only the building blocks. He re-uses them to shape his own creations, in which the quoted music is often recognizable. They take their quotes from The Beatles to the Beastie Boys, from Jimi Hendrix to Charles Ives, and from the Butthole Surfers to the Residents. The styles vary from rock, jazz and hardcore to experimental, modern classical and improvised music. But they prefer to make fragmented pieces, in which various genres and influences flirt with each other. Their avant-garde music sounds spontaneous and contains a healthy dose of humor. On the CD singer Mary Lou Weijmans takes on her first guest role with the band. The Palinckxquartet plays abroad for the first time, in Austria. Jacques Palinckx is awarded the Podiumprijs (for talent deserving wider recognition) of the Stichting Jazz In Nederland (SJIN).


The album Llllivvvvve!!!! appears, with a registration of the award ceremony for the Podiumprijs, featuring Palinckx And Guests. Collaborators on the CD are Mary Lou Weijmans, turntablist DNA (from Dutch crossover band Urban Dance Squad), British soprano saxophonist Lol Coxhill and the Mondriaan String Quartet. The group tours France and Belgium (Antwerp). In December they start working on a new CD.


A new quintet, named Palinckx, features keyboards player Cor Fuhler. Michael Vatcher leaves the band, and is replaced by fellow American Jim (James) Meneses. This line-up records the CD The Naked Girls From Tilburg. Later this year sees the premiere of the prestigious Psychedelic Years project. In this the band uses quotes to reassemble music from the sixties and seventies in a new nineties fashion, featuring all of the Palinckx tasty ingredients.


Palinckx performs at the Taktlos Festival in Switzerland (Zürich), and at the Vooruit Geluid Festival in Belgium (Gent). They continue to work on their Psychedelic Years project. One track, The Psychedelic Years Phase Two (Pink Floyd), appears on the compilation Everything Is Low, released by the Belgian label/distributor Lowlands, which also distributes most Palinckx CDs. The CD comes free with the Belgian alternative music magazine Gonzo Circus.


Early May finally sees the release of the CD The Psychedelic Years, maybe their best recording up till now. More or less at the same time the live CD Border: Live In Zürich appears, with a registration of their performance at the Taktlos Festival. On The Psychedelic Years by singers Mary Lou Weijmans and Han Buhrs and the eight piece Aquarius Ensemble take on important roles. The CD contains many extremes, crossovers and quotes. These mainly refer to the sixties (Nancy Sinatra, Pink Floyd, Zappa, Soft Machine and Brian Wilson). In May a second live premiere of the project takes place in Tilburg, where writer-poet and psychedelics specialist Simon Vinkenoog kicks off with a performance. It is a busy year, for in October Palinckx performs the Brian Wilson multimedia spectacle. By means of theater, dance and video projections the life and music of Beach Boy Brian Wilson is mapped out.


In January there is a Brian Wilson Extravaganza. Brian Wilson fans from the avant-garde music world, including Palinckx, pay musical homage to the Beach Boy. The band also performs in Canada, at the renowned Victoriaville Festival. In addition they do a short tour of the States, performing in small clubs only. They then travel to Serbia (Belgrade). In March the band is back for concerts in the Netherlands, with a new line-up. Han Buhrs is now the regular singer and electronics specialist in the band. Joost Buis and Cor Fuhler take their leave, making Palinckx a quartet again. The tour goes by the name of Frontal Dog. Later in the year there are performances in Switzerland and the Czech Republic (Prague).


The band plays the festival Ulrichsberger Kaleidophonen as Palinckx Dekt Tafel (Palinckx lays the table). Tony Buck takes over as the new drummer, replacing Jim Meneses.


The group plays at international festivals like November Music, Wintertuin, Alternativa Prague and Kommz Aschaffenburg.


From 1 January Palinckx is supported financially by the Dutch ministry of Culture, and by the province of Noord-Brabant. The regular core of the band now features the Palinckx brothers, vocalist Buhrs, drummer Alan 'Gunga' Purves and DJ Donotask (ex-Urban Dance Squad). The first major project is the theater production Henry: De Driepersoonsman, a collaboration with the Asko Ensemble and the Drie Ons theater company. The performance (which premieres on 30 March at the Korzo Theater in The Hague) is a mixture of song, dance, video and visuals. Joop van Brakel (Nasmak) and David Eeles are the guest vocalists, in addition to Buhrs. In October Palinckx tours the Netherlands and Germany with Das Duell: Eine Fussballoper. This 'opera' has the 1974 World Cup Final between the Netherlands and Germany as its theme. It is a collaboration between Palinckx and the German band Toytones.


The album Momentum & Wag shows more of Palinckx's rock roots, including a reggae version of Kraftwerk's Das Modell. With new repertoire, and the new name Palinckx & Freelinckx the band aims at playing the rock circuit, as well as the more familiar jazz and theater audiences.


The April 2001 performance of Henry (15 Scenes about a Threesome Man), recorded in collaboration with the Asko Ensemble, is released on CD in January. The musical theater project Oh, Nul! is premiered on 17 April in Tilburg. It is Palinckx's third collaboration with the Drie Ons theater company. Oh, Nu! is based on Het Evangelie Van O. Dapper Dapper, a lesser known work by famous Dutch novelist W.F. Hermans, about an evangelist with a writer's block. Vocalists Han Buhrs, Bennie Bartels and Rafaël Troch sing without the use of microphones; the band (featuring guest musician Cor Fuhler) performs the music largely unplugged. In the fall the band rehearses a new program, and tours Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Italy).


Between 12 September and 6 October Palinckx performs as Palinckx & Freelinckx, and is extended with German organ player Martin Scholz, saxophonist Guido Nijs (Raise The Roof) and trombonist Louk Boudesteijn (Tasha's World). The accent is more on riffs and less on long solos. TilNoBeAm (an abbreviation for Tilburg-Novi Sad-Belgrade-Amsterdam) is a collaboration with five Serbian musicians, including composer-saxophonist Boris Kovac, where Palinckx enters into a confrontation with the Slav music tradition. The project can first be heard in May at the Interzone Festival in Novi Sad and the Ring-Ring Festival in Belgrade. The CD Spam, Scores & Encores is a compilation of music the individual band members made for various dance performances, films and art manifestations, plus encores, and some pieces from Palinckx Dekt Tafel (1999).


At the invitation of rock venue 013 in Tilburg Palinckx performs at a Beatles day on 10 April. Together with some guests they perform The Fab 8 Spelen #9, in which they perform songs by The Beatles in their own versions. During the 2005-'06 season the Drie Ons theater company and Palinckx perform Fiets, a multimedia spectacle about climbing a mountain during a cycling tour. The texts were written by former cyclist and author Peter Winnen, choreography by Ives Thuwis, design by Hedy Grünewald and compositions by Jacq Palinckx. The musicians featured in Fiets are Jacqueline Hamelink (cello), Yvonne van de Pol (violin), Pieter Hunfeld (French horn) and Bert Palinckx (double bass).


Following enthusiastic reactions to The Fab 8 Spelen #9, performed a year earlier in Tilburg, Palinckx tours with the Beatles repertoire. It features a collage of more than twenty fragments from the period starting with the Revolver album, and concentrating on The White Album, plus the Palinckx brothers' personal favorites. The band is extended with Yvonne van de Pol and Jacqueline Hamelink and Freelinckx organ player Martin Scholz. In the summer the Amsterdam Lloyd Hotel shows short films as part of the art project Ll-Tribune. Palinckx provides scores for the work of film maker Carolien Scholtes, with texts by Marian Boyer.


The collaboration with the Asko Ensemble for Henry, De Driepersoonsman (2001) has a follow-up with Bovenkamermuziek, a production about the human brain. The texts were written by vocalist Han Buhrs and the music by Jacq Palinckx, Mayke Nas and Yannis Kyriakides. Bovenkamermuziek is performed in May, in Amsterdam, Tilburg and Rotterdam by Palinckx, the Asko Ensemble and actor Hans Dagelet. The album Tight Spots is the last sign of life of the Palinckx band. The album contains tracks from the period 2004-'06, recorded at various locations. Jacq Palinckx completely devotes himself to his activities with Drie Ons. With this theatre company he creates the performance Mrs Brown, based on the true story of the English housewife Rosemary Brown, who received messages from deceased composers.

Yannis Kyriakides

2008 - 2011

Jacq Palinckx re-orients himself, composes, and does occasional solo performances. In the meantime he forms a new trio, with his brother Bert Palinckx on bass again, plus classical percussionist Arnold Marinissen. The group makes its debut in February 2010 at the Amsterdam Bimhuis.

Discography Jacques Palinckx

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