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05-11-1946 - 11-07-2001


piano, rock, toetsinstrumenten, zang


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De Breedbekkikkers, Herman Brood & His Wild Romance

Herman Brood

Herman Brood is a singer, pianist, songwriter, junkie, artist and one of the greatest Dutch rock 'n' roll phenomena.
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piano, toetsinstrumenten, zang

Former members

Gerard van Doorn   basgitaar
Freddie Cavalli   basgitaar
Anna Dekkers   achtergrondzang
Peter van Straten   basgitaar
Ruud Englebert   basgitaar
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Biography Herman Brood

Herman Brood is a singer, pianist, songwriter, junkie, artist and one of the greatest Dutch rock 'n' roll phenomena.

Played in

Cuby + Blizzards   piano
Flash & Dance Band   piano, zang
Stud   piano
The Moans   toetsinstrumenten
Vitesse   piano, zang


Herman Brood is born on November 5 in Zwolle.


Herman takes up piano lessons.

1964 - 1966

Brood starts his studies at the art school in Arnhem. Music becomes increasingly important to him and he forms his first band the Moans (later Moan, Long Tall Ernie And The Shakers), with which he tours in West Germany.
Long Tall

The Moans

1967 - 1973

Herman is asked to join Cuby & The Blizzards as their new pianist. With this band he records the legendary album Groeten Uit Grollo ('Greetings From Grollo') and accompanies people like Eddie Boyd, Van Morrison and John Mayall. When the record company finds out Brood takes drugs he is kicked out of the band. The following years Brood either spends in jail (for dealing LSD) or in the Mediterranean. His music career is at a low profile.

Cuby + Blizzards


The Blizzards, including Brood, give a farewell show on national TV. For a short spell Brood plays the piano in the band Stud.



Showbiz Blues, a rather unbalanced rock 'n' roll/blues album, is released under the name Flash & Dance Band. Other members of the band include Jan Akkerman and ex-Blizzards drummer Hans Lafaille. Later in the year Brood joins the band Vitesse. As soon as the band has released its debut album, however, he leaves again.

Flash & Dance Band Jan Akkerman Vitesse


A crucial year for Brood. For a short while he joins the re-formed Blizzards. Then he meets Koos van Dijk, his soon to be manager/protector, which will mean a radical about-turn for Brood. He decides to go solo and forms his backing group the Wild Romance. The first line-up of the Wild Romance includes guitarist Ferdi Karmelk, bassist Gerrit Veen, drummer Peter Walrecht and backing singers Ellen Piebes and Ria Ruiters. The band mostly plays the local pubs of Groningen.


Brood's first album, Street, is welcomed upon positively by press and fans alike. It's the start of a new and very successful period in Brood's career.


The album Shpritsz comes out and the single Saturday Night enters the charts. Over a short period of time Brood becomes a real rock 'n' roll star. He shows himself a skillful manipulator of the media and tours the country at high speed. The new line-up of the band consists of Belgian guitarist Danny Lademacher (ex-Kleptomania), bassist Freddie 'Cavalli' van Kampen and drummer Kees 'Ani' Meerman. The live album Cha Cha and the single Still Believe are released and France and West Germany also show interest in the band.

Dany Lademacher Freddie Cavalli


The Wild Romance bij TopPop (bron: fotocollectie Beeld en Geluid) Brood, German singer Nina Hagen and American singer Lene Lovich star in the film Cha Cha. In July the band goes to the US to back the compilation album Herman Brood & His Wild Romance, which is steadily climbing the US album charts. In the Netherlands Brood scores two big hits with the singles Never Be Clever and I Love You Like I Love Myself. He is awarded the Zilveren ('Silver') Harp music award.


Recordings in the US for the album Go Nutz end up fairly disastrous when the American producers refuse to work with the Wild Romance rhythm section and instead hire two unknown session musicians. The result is a soulless album that gets bad press in both the US and the Netherlands. The fact that Brood, in his quest for international fame, did not even object is the reason for much disagreement within the band and as a result the Wild Romance disbands. Wait A Minute… (with Lademacher and Cavalli), which comes out later in the year, is also slated. Lademacher's own band, Innersleeve, isn't very successful either.



A poster of Herman Brood is prominently placed in a scene in the movie Scanners by Canadian director David Cronenberg. Because of having received too much publicity, Brood decides not to give interviews anymore. The album Modern Times Revive, which is produced by Golden Earring bassist Rinus Gerritsen, is slightly more successful than its predecessor. Guitarist David Hollestelle joins the Wild Romance.

Golden Earring


Guitarist Erwin Java (ex-White Honey) joins the band. Brood works with Bertus Borgers. The album Frisz & Sympatisz is greeted with mixed reviews.

The Managers White Honey


Renee van de Graaf (ex-Bruno Basta) joins Brood’s band for a year. Herman Brood nicknames the bass player Renee Lopez.

Bruno Basta


After changing record companies, Herman releases The Brood, his best album in years. He marries his girlfriend Xandra Jansen and has a Top 10 hit with the song Als Je Wint (When You Win), a duet with former Doe Maar bassist Henny Vrienten. Single Tattoo Song also becomes a hit.

Doe Maar Henny Vrienten


The live album Bühnensucht is released.


Brood plays a part in the spectacular play Kamikaze. In the meantime he also starts a career in the arts. His paintings sell against high prices.


Herman Brood en Nina Hagen bij de Nachtshow (bron: fotocollectie Beeld en Geluid) Former Wild Romance bassist Freddie Cavalli releases the album Gimme A Night. Brood has a role in the German film Stadtrand.


Brood makes a comeback with the well-received album Ya Ya. The single Sleepin' Bird is a modest hit. In June Brood and the Wild Romance can be seen at Pinkpop, one of the main festivals in The Netherlands and also the oldest.

George Kooymans


Brood, celebrating his 25th year in rock music, continues his success with the cover album Hooks. He tours Germany with a new line-up of the Wild Romance (including Lademacher, Engelbert and Bakker).


Brood records the album Freeze with Clarence Clemons, from Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band, and the renowned tex-mex accordion player Flaco Jiminez. When the album proves not as successful as was expected, Brood announces he won't be performing again. His work as an artist is becoming more successful and lucrative by the day.


For a couple of years guitarist Dany Lademacher is part of The Radios, the Belgian band of popular television presenter Bart Peeters. Their first album is called No Television en their single She Goes Nana is a huge hit in the Netherland, Belgium and Germany.


The album Saturday Night Live is released. Brood goes back on the road again.


Expectations about the new album Fresh Poison are high. The album is produced by Shell Schellekens and indeed gets positive reviews, but sales are disappointing. This year also sees the publication of the book Rock 'n' Roll Junkie by Jan Eilander about the phenomenon Herman Brood. Within a year the book is re-printed. Eilander also shoots a documentary about Brood under the same title.

Shell Schellekens


The biography Broodje Gezond (Salad Roll) by Bart Chabot comes out. Much to his and everyone else's surprise Herman turns fifty this year. Brood celebrates his birthday in Paradiso, Amsterdam with friends and colleagues. Brood is joined on stage by people like Nina Hagen and girl group Linda, Roos and Jessica. All musicians can be heard on a special CD that is released on the occasion of his birthday. Brood also plays a cameo in Zusje (Little Sister), a movie with an international release.

Bart Chabot Linda, Roos en Jessica


Herman is still the centre of everyone's attention with the release of compilation albums, special performances, books, paintings and poems. He scores a small hit with Dutch band Van Dik Hout called Pijn (Pain).

Van Dik Hout


Early 1999 Herman is arrested for being in the possession of illegal firearms. On the waves of the swing revival Brood, producer/pianist Edwin Schimscheimer and a big band go into the studio to record the album Back On The Corner. On the album Brood covers favourites like Duke Ellington and Cole Porter. The album is protected against illegal copying. He also appears in the documentary Nina Hagen = Punk + Glory. But there is more: Brood and his friends Jules Deelder and Bart Chabot tour the Dutch theatres with a show and Internet provider Planet Internet creates an official Brood site.

Jules Deelder


The try-out show that Brood and the Wild Romance would be giving in Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam is cancelled. It would have been Brood's first gig this year, but apparently he is not yet ready for it after kicking the habit. The autobiographic album Ciao Monkey is released in two versions: a cheaper edition with a black and white sleeve and only 10 songs and a more expensive edition with coloured sleeve and containing 13 tracks and also drawings, a screensaver, wallpaper and links to Brood's website. Brood plays the role of a drug baron in the Dutch film Total Love.


Madame Tussaud's in Amsterdam has made a waxwork figure of Herman. At Herman's request it will be placed next to that of Elvis Presley. Sadly, he won't be able to enjoy it. On Wednesday 11 July Herman Brood jumps off the roof of the Amsterdam Hilton at the age of 54. He leaves a note saying: 'I've had enough; maybe I'll be seeing you around. Make it a great party.' Posthumously, Brood's version of My Way is released. The collection of poems Een Zoon Van Alle Moeders (Every Mothers' Son) from 1988 is re-printed and the documentary Rock 'n' Roll Junkie shows in the Dutch cinemas again. A bust of Brood by Frank Rosen is placed in his birthplace Zwolle. A 4CD compilation set 'The Box' comes out and the single Saturday Night is re-released.


With Dirk Vermeij former Wild Romance guitarist Danny Lademacher forms the band the Paris Dandies, who release the album Le Boudoir Rouge. On July 11, exactly a year after Brood died, his wife Xandra and his sister Beppie, present the book De Sprong, In Memoriam Herman Brood (The Jump, In Memoriam Herman Brood). In the same month the book Herman Brood, De Schilder (Herman Brood, The Painter) is published, featuring 150 paintings and drawings by the rocker. In August Brood's bust is installed in front of the Hedon Club in Brood's place of birth, Zwolle.

Paris Dandies


David Hollestelle and Gus Genser from the Wild Romance and singer/guitarist Vinny Fazzari, keyboard player Matthijs van der Spek and bassist/guitarist Gregorio de Angelo do a try-out gig under the name The Circus in Amsterdam. The book Broodje Springlevend (Little Bread Alive & Kicking) is the fourth and last part in a series of biographies about Herman Brood. In this part Bart Chabot describes the final days of the rocker's life. October 28 sees the release of DVD-box Live And More, featuring concerts at Dortmund 's Westfalenhall (December 9, 1978) en Cologne's Live Music Hall (December 11, 1990).

The Circus Yellow Pearl


In the summer the shooting starts for Kijken Kreng (Watch Bitch), a film about Herman Brood's life in the period 1976-1980. The Brood character in the film (www.kijkenkreng.nl) is played by Ernst Löw. His name is also brought up when in the summer plans are revealed about Shpritz, a film about Brood's early years upto his American adventure. Marten Lebens (of Polleke and Madelief fame) writes the scenario, while Jean van de Velde (Lek, Floris) is quoted as director. Filming starts in 2005; its premiere is planned for 2006. A polished up, new version of Brood's '70s movie Cha-Cha, featuring a new prologue and epilogue, is premiered at the Dutch Film Days in Utrecht in September.


40 Brood paintings, worth tens of thousands of Euros, are stolen from Heerhugowaard-based gallery Broodnodig, owned by Brood's son Marcel Buissink. Bart Chabot plus literature critic Arjan Peters put together the book Hoop Dat Ik Stoor (Happy To Disturb), consisting of lyrics, poetry plus assorted notes on the back of beer coasters by Brood. It is to be published in 2006.


On May 16 Bart Chabot and Jules Deelder open the Herman Brood meeting room at the first floor of Amsterdam's Public Library. In September the Herman Brood (Music) Academy opens its doors in Utrecht. On November 5 the Groninger Museum (in Groningen) starts the exposition Cha Cha Fenomeen (Phenomenon) Herman Brood, including a replica of Brood's former Amsterdam atelier. On the same date the RockArt Gallery in Hook of Holland opens another Brood exposition. Furthermore, on November 5 Brood's 60th anniversary is celebrated posthumously in Paradiso Amsterdam: the film Wild Romance is premiered, while his former band and Ellen ten Damme perform live. Jean van der Velde, director of the film, has chosen to tell Brood's story from the perspective of his manager Koos van Dijk. Singer/actor Daniël Boissevain plays Herman Brood. Guitarist Danny Lademacher takes care of the music. Two books are published as well: Lademacher's Wild Romance, 'n Fijne Hel (A Nice Hell) plus a reissue of Sex, Drugs En Een ('and a') Shitpiano by Jan Colijn.

Daniël Boissevain


In the theatre show Rock ON Roll, The Stories Brood's manager Koos van Dijk, (plus Osdorp Posse's Def P and The Shavers' Johannes de Boom) tells about his adventures in the rehearsal room. Frank Black, also known as Black Francis and frontman of US band The Pixies, records the solo album Bluefinger which is a tribute to Herman Brood. Black came to the idea when he was in the studio to record a bonustrack for a compilation album. All eleven songs on the album have something to do with Brood. One of the songs is a Herman Brood cover: You Can't Break A Heart And Have It. On 11 July, Brood's daughter Holly opens the Herman Brood Square on the fourth floor of the new Central Library in Amsterdam.

Osdorp Posse The Shavers


On 18 January Wild Romance bassist Freddie Cavalli dies of lung cancer at the age of 52. Herman Brood's wife Xandra officially opens the Herman Brood Academy in Utrecht. The academy opened its doors for aspiring musicians and sound and lighting technicians in 2006. The academy also includes record label Toasted Inc. A rap by Herman Brood is released posthumously on the album Papa Komt Vanavond Niet Thuis (Daddy Isn't Coming Home Tonight) by Dutch MC Drama. The was recorded once during a recording session with Brood and The Oudsidaz.


As part of 50 Jaar Nederpop (50 Years Nederpop), a project about the canon of Dutch pop and rock music, Brood's suicide is selected as most important moment in the history of Nederpop. On behalf of the singer, his manager Koos van Dijk receives the award during the Noorderslag festival. Director Peter Scholten films the documentary Herman Brood: A Star Like Me. The film focuses on the years 1964-1978. The documentary is broadcast first on local TV and later by a national TV station.


Black Francis’ album Bluefinger (2007) is starting point of Francis’rock opera about the life of Herman Brood. The rock opera is produced by American director Jason Nodler and The Catastrophic Theatre in Houston.


The album Shpritsz (1978) is part of the documentary series Classic Albums broadcast nationwide on Dutch television. Highlights from the four books about Brood by author Bart Chabot are compiled in the publication Up On The Hilton Roof. 25 year old daughter Lola Brood is subject of a short television series in which she tries to answer questions about her father. Herman Brood’s 65th birthday is celebrated with a special concert at the Paradiso on November 5th. On stage the original line-up of The Wild Romance together with guest performers King Jack, Trio Bier, Hans Vandenburg (Gruppo Sportivo) and Brood’s daughter Holly Mae.

Hans Vandenburg King Jack Trio Bier


Two classic concerts by Herman Brood for the long running German rock program Rockpalast are released on cd and dvd. One recorded in 1978 and the other in 1990.

Discography Herman Brood

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Gratis popfestival trekt 80.000 bezoekers (1978)
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