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1989 - 2012


Dutch-language, Funpunk, punk


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Nikolaus Raus


Most popular Dutch punk rock band of the '90s fronted by charismatic singer Marco Roelofs.
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Marco Roelofs   zang
Frank Kleuskens   gitaar
Fred Houben   basgitaar
Igor Hobus   drums

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Biography Heideroosjes

Most popular Dutch punk rock band of the '90s fronted by charismatic singer Marco Roelofs.


The Heideroosjes ('Heather') are formed while all members are still at high school. In those early days their repertoire mainly consists of songs in English.


The band releases its debut album Noisy Fairytales independently.


De Heideroosjes are support act for German punk rock veterans Die Toten Hosen.


The album Choice For A Lost Generation is released. For the first time the band has also included songs in Dutch. The band's popularity is increasing after successful performances at the Lowlands festival and on tour with Dutch rappers Osdorp Posse.

Osdorp Posse


Heideroosjes De Heideroosjes' third album Fifi is released.

Def P


In March De Heideroosjes perform a free gig in Amsterdam's Paradiso for those who buy a red t-shirt that reads 'I'm Not Deaf, I'm Just Ignoring You.' In September the new album Kung-fu! is released.


Heideroosjes The band signs with punk rock label Epitaph. Their Epitaph label debut is Smile...You're Dead. The album is promoted during an extensive European tour.


'Heideroosjes, Een Teringtyfustakkeband' ('A f#*k!ng crap band') is the newly published biography about them. Schizo is the band's fifth album to be released. It shows the band's move from punk rock towards a more rock and pop-oriented sound.


De Heideroosjes record the song Liever Dan Lief ('Sweeter Than Sweet') that is included on a tribute album to seminal '80s Dutch pop band Doe Maar.


The Heideroosjes' new album Fast Forward is preceded by the single Ik Wil Niks ('I Want Nothing').


Heideroosjes On June 8 the band celebrates its 12.5-year anniversary in Amsterdam's Paradiso. Together with Haarlem's hiphop band Relax they play at the renowned South-African OppiKoppi festival (Pretoria). Also, they play some additional club dates.


Heideroosjes De Heideroosjes record a German-language version of Nothing's Wrong ('Was Soll Sein') for a compilation album compiled by German punk rock band Terrorgruppe. In July the band starts recordings for a new album. In August De Heideroosjes headline the second day of the Open Air Festival in Ransberg, Germany. Later that month the band also plays the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium. In November the band tours Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The new 16-track album SINema is slated for a release on February 9. First single Damclub Hooligan comes out through Epitaph Europe on December 5.

Vals Licht


On February 7, new album SINema is launched during a well-attended show at Amsterdam's Melkweg club. On 8 February two members of the Heideroosjes crew are involved in a serious car accident in which also the band's instruments are heavily damaged. The band members are in another van and are not injured. Consequently, the Belgian part of the album launch of SINema, which was supposed to take place in Brussels, is postponed. In March the Heideroosjes play at the South By South West (SXSW) music conference in Austin, Texas. After returning from the US the band wins an Edison music award for the song Damclub ('Draughts Club') Hooligan for best single of the year. In July the bans plays the main stage of the Rock Werchter festival in Belgium. In the summer the Heideroosjes are compiling their first DVD: A Bag Full Of Stories....15 Years Heideroosjes. The DVD is a documentary directed by Walter Siegers. He followed the band for over a year and a half for this documentary and has selected scenes from well over 100 hours of archive material. The DVD is set for release in November.


Heideroosjes As of April 30 the track Holland Brandt ('Holland Is Burning'), based on the Clash's London Calling is downloadable for free on the band's site. It is a statement against growing intolerance in Dutch society. Once more the band plays at the Pinkpop festival. In September De Heideroosjes travel to the US for shows in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Haven and Boston (Nemo festival).


Heideroosjes De Heideroosjes and the mayor of Maastricht record the song Da's Toch Dope Man ('That's Dope, Man') as a protest against the Dutch drugs policy. The DVD A Year In The Life Of... is an account of one year in the life of De Heideroosjes. In October and November the band records about 15 tracks with US top producer Cameron Webb (Social Distortion, Ignite, Motörhead and Sum 41) in an LA studio. Next the band tours Germany under the Nikolaus Raus guise. The tour furthermore includes German bands ZSK, ACK and Go Faster Nuns.


Heideroosjes On the album Chapter Eight, The Golden State (Mrach) Ignite's Zoli Tegla is featured on guest viocals on the track Forgotten Continent. Motörhead's Lemmy sings on cynical folk song My Funeral. Lekker Belangrijk ('Very Important (Not)') is the first domestic single off the album. The album also comes out in Japan. Japan. By the end of February the band goes to Japan for the first time ever for a short tour in Tokyo and Nagoya among others. During their show at the Lowlands festival in August De Heideroosjes present their own series of condoms. Under the name Battle Of The Sexes De Heideroosjes, The Riplets, Malle Pietje & The Bimbo's and Jeremy's play several shows together in the Netherlands and Belgium in December. With this tour the bands want to demand attention for Youth Incentives, a Dutch organisation that champions (sexual) equality between men and women worldwide.

Malle Pietje and the Bimbos The Riplets


In May De Heideroosjes tour Europe with American punk band The Misfits. After the summer the band tours with the show Manie! Manie! (Mania! Mania!). Starting September, the band plays more than seventy shows in the Netherlands and Belgium with comedians Remko Vrijdag, Minou Bosua and Martin van Waardenberg. The Dutch premiere of Manie! Manie! is in Amsterdam on 13 October and the Belgian premiere is on 6 November in Brussels.

Vliegende Panters


Heideroosjes celebrates the 20th anniversary of the band with a special double album and an extensive tour. The album 20 Years: Ode & Tribute (June) is made up of two parts. The first CD contains musical tributes by the likes of Bløf, Di-Rect, Peter Pan Speedrock, Rowwen Hèze, Epica, Gorki, The Opposites, Jacqueline Govaert (Krezip) and Flemish comedian Urbanus. De second CD features songs played by De Heideroosjes of their favorite artists including Johnny Cash and Pennywise. The summer anniversary tour takes the band to Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and of course the Netherlands. On 30 September the exhibition 20 Jaar (Years) Heideroosjes: A Bag Full Of Stories opens. The exhibition is a walk through the career of the band featuring film footage, newspaper clippings, background information and setting. The anniversary tour finishes on 19 December in Venlo, the Netherlands.

Bløf Epica Krezip Rowwen Hèze The Opposites


De Heideroosjes takes break this year. The theatre tour Manie! Manie!, which was scheduled for February, is postponed a year, just like the release of the DVD.

Discography Heideroosjes

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