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Hans Dulfer


28-05-1940 - current


bigbeat, instrumental, jazz, jazzdance, saxofoon


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Hans Dulfer

One of the most successful and versatile Dutch (jazz) musicians. Dulfer closely follows the latest trends, but deep down he will always remain a jazz musician. For many years he is more concerned about playing live than about recording music. In the '90s, however, he starts spending more time in ...
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Biography Hans Dulfer

One of the most successful and versatile Dutch (jazz) musicians. Dulfer closely follows the latest trends, but deep down he will always remain a jazz musician. For many years he is more concerned about playing live than about recording music. In the '90s, however, he starts spending more time in the studio, which ultimately results in more success at home and even mega stardom in Japan.

Played in

Clous van Mechelen Combo   saxofoon
De Perikels   saxofoon
Future Groove Express   saxofoon
Reflud   saxofoon
Tough Tenors   saxofoon

1940 - 1968

As a teenager growing up in Amsterdam Dulfer starts getting interested in jazz music. He teaches himself to play the saxophone and in 1957 he starts playing in the Theo Deken big band. In 1958 he joins the Clous van Mechelen Combo and in 1961 he becomes a member of the Metropolitan Quintet. In the mid '60s he starts playing with Willem Breuker and also joins the Big Balled Boogie Blues Beat Band. He also plays free jazz with Peter Snoei. In the years following he becomes one of the most prominent Dutch jazz musicians.

Clous van Mechelen Combo

1968 - 1972

From 1968 to 1969 Dulfer leads Heavy Soul Inc., a quartet with Willem van Manen (trombone), Maarten van Regteren Altena (bass) and Han Bennink (drums). In september 1968 he starts programming jazzconcerts in Paradiso. In 1969 Dulfer wins the Wessel Ilcken Award. Dulfer's interest also goes out to pop music and he starts working with Dutch bands like Groep 1850 and Barrelhouse. Dulfer records The Morning After The Third with guitarist Jan Akkerman in 1970 and the solo albums Candy Clouds and El Saxofon. In the same period he also records two albums with Ritmo Natural.

Barrelhouse Group 1850 Jan Akkerman Ritmo Natural

1975 - 1981

Dulfer performs with De Perikels. He also becomes advisor of the North Sea Jazz Festival and writes columns for pop magazine OOR. In 1978 Dulfer works with Herman Brood on his Cha Cha project. He also starts playing with Barrelhouse again. The year 1980 sees the publication of the book Jazz In China, which contains articles that Dulfer has written over the years for various magazines. After the release of the album I Didn't Ask on the Varagram label, Dulfer breaks up De Perikels in 1981.

De Perikels Herman Brood

1982 - 1987

Hans Dulfer Dulfer and his new band Reflud (Dulfer spelled backwards) specialize on electric free funk. Also in this band is bassist Thijs Vermeulen. In 1983 he performs at the North Sea Jazz Festival with Herman Brood. He is also guest musician on the albums of avantgarde groups Kiem and Nine Tobs. In 1985 Dulfer and Claw Boys Claw frontman Peter te Bos work on a blues project. For a while, Dulfer is backed by several members of Dutch band Sjako!

Claw Boys Claw Herman Brood Kiem Peter te Bos Reflud Sjako! Thijs Vermeulen

1989 - 1993

Hans Dulfer While the star of daughter Candy is rising in the world of mainstream pop-jazz, Dulfer Sr. gets involved with speed and thrash metal. In 1990 he becomes the new managing director of Paradiso in Amsterdam, a job he holds for only one year. In the same year he forms a new band: Tough Tenors. He also presents two radio programmes, Streetbeats and Hothouse, on Dutch national radio. In 1993 Dulfer receives the North Sea Jazz Bird Award after which he decides to move into a different musical direction.

Candy Dulfer Kid Dynamite Tough Tenors


Hans Dulfer Dulfer records the dance album Big Boy from which the hit single Streetbeats is taken. In the meantime his star is rising in Japan. Especially for the Japanese market he releases the album Hyperbeat. The album becomes the best selling instrumental album of the year and Dulfer is awarded a Golden Disc Award.


Hans Dulfer The 1978 album Express Delayed (with organist Herbert Noord) is re-released on CD and Dulfer goes on his first Japanese tour.

Herbert Noord


Hans Dulfer Dulfer's new album Dig! largely follows the line of Big Boy. One of the singles taken from the album is the title track. The album is successful in various European countries and in Japan. Dulfer tours the Far East and Europe (Roskilde, Denmark).


The big band and drum 'n' bass-influenced album Skin Deep! is released. Dulfer continues his radio shows and performs almost every Wednesday night at the Alto jazz café in Amsterdam with his jazz combo. On these nights he shows that he has not forgotten about his roots. The CD The Greatest is compiled for the Japanese market.


Hans Dulfer goes on another successful tour of Japan. A gig in China is cancelled because of political tension following the Kosovo crisis. Recordings of a show in Club Quatro in Tokyo from 1998 are released on the album Papa's Got A Brand New Sax. One of Dulfer's songs can be heard on the soundtrack of the Dutch film The Delivery.


Dulfer celebrates his 60th birthday in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Also taking part in the celebrations, besides his own band, are daughter Candy and trumpeter Saskia Laroo. In December Dulfer manages to receive money earned in Japan with neighbouring rights. El Saxofon Part II is Dulfer's last album for EMI.

Candy Dulfer Saskia Laroo


Dulfer acts in two short Dutch movies: The Sound Of Drumming and I Don't Believe (playing the part of a corrupt manager). In July he is the closing act at the North Sea Jazz festival. A new album (with daughter Candy) is scheduled for release in Japan early 2002.


Dulfer is decorated at the Queen's Birthday. In July and August Dulfer plays at the JVC Madarao festival in Japan. His world tour further brings him to Vietnam (end of September/early October), The US (mid October) and China (end of October). Father Hans 'big in Japan' Dulfer and daughter Candy 'big in the USA' Dulfer cut an album together in the summer. In September the album Dulfer/Dulfer, the first father/daughter album, is released in Japan.


The album Scissors' springs from the cooperation with dance producer HandieMan Maurice. It is announced that in the past 10 years Hans Dulfer was the most popular Dutch artist to be played on radio and TV stations across the world.

HandieMan maurice


Hans Dulfer contributes to What A Difference A Day Makes, an album recorded for Unicef. He plays the song Old Folks and also accompanies Dutch vocalist Gerard Joling. Hans Dulfer and his band perform at an afterparty in September after a show by Amercan saxophone player Pharoah Sanders. The line-up of the band is DJ Kikke (Ruben van Roon, drummer in Jazzmeteors), Eric Barkman (bass) and rapper MC Helder (John Helder from Gung Ho).

Gung Ho Jazzmeteors


Dulfer is part of the bill of Jazz à Carthage in Tunesia, which takes place in Tunis from 12 to 22 April. On 19 April Dulfer plays there with Joseph Bowie (Defunkt) and is backed by pianist Bas van Lier, bassist Barkman and drummer Erik Kooger. The album 70 Minutes Of Live Music is not released on CD but as a USB stick.

Discography Hans Dulfer

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de platenkast van Hans Du...
de platenkast van Hans Dulfer (jr, music scene 1, 1993)
Hans Dulfer invited by Ha...
Hans Dulfer invited by Harry  Emmery, Jazzclub Daaldersplaats, Sneek
Dulfer Band - Terug Naar ...
Dulfer Band - Terug Naar De Kust
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Hans Dulfer invited by Harry  Emmery, Jazzclub Daaldersplaats, Sneek

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