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30-12-1973 - current


Dutch-language, levenslied, Schlager, zang


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Frans Bauer

Popular Dutch-language singer who enters the album charts at number one with his album Voor Jou ('For You'). Despite this overwhelming success he continues living in his caravan in Fijnaart, a small village in the south of the Netherlands.
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Biography Frans Bauer

Popular Dutch-language singer who enters the album charts at number one with his album Voor Jou ('For You'). Despite this overwhelming success he continues living in his caravan in Fijnaart, a small village in the south of the Netherlands.

1981 - 1983

As an 8-year-old boy Frans Bauer discovers the phone number of record company Koch on a record by Stella. Again and again he calls for producer Riny Schreijenberg (formerly known as trumpeter Marty) whose name is on the sleeve. Schreijenberg is enthusiastic about the young Bauer but believes he's still too young. In later years Schreijenberg will become one of the main men behind Bauer's successes. Frans, however, decides not to wait that long and releases his first single, only 500 copies, which he sells door to door. He finances this by picking strawberries during the summer. He releases singles this way every year until the age of 15. Later in his career, these singles will sell for between €750 and €1000 at record fairs.


1984 - 1991

Frans starts taking singing lessons and supports various well-known Dutch artists. During one of these shows Frans is filmed by a crew from TV show All you need is Love and confronted with a video message of two female fans. Partly because of this TV appearance Frans Bauer becomes a national celebrity.


Bauer releases his debut album Op Weg Naar Het Geluk ('On The Way To Happiness'), which is produced by Riny 'Marty' Schreijenberg and Emile Hartkamp. The album only reaches number 67 of the album charts, it does prove to be a blueprint of the concept with which he will become successful in future years.


The year of Bauer's breakthrough. With his single Als Sterren Aan De Hemel Staan ('When The Stars Are In The Sky') he enters the charts for the first time. Despite this, many of the national radio networks decide not to play his music because they think it is too 'schlager' music.


Frans Bauer receives a Zilveren ('Silver') Harp music award.


The album Weil Ich Dich Liebe ('Because I Love You') becomes gold within a week after its release. Bauer also goes into the studio to record a new Dutch-language album called Wat Ik Je Zeggen Wil ('What I Want To Say To You'). The single De Regenboog ('The Rainbow'), a duet with singer Marianne Weber, is a big hit. Songwriter Wim Vogels accuses Bauer of plagiarism, but later he is acquitted. This is also a very year as two members of his band die in a traffic accident when returning home from a show. Four others are injured. The singer cancels several shows.

First Show Band


In February the single and the album Wat Ik Je Zeggen Wil ('What I Want To Say To You') are released. The album becomes platinum even before release. It is also announced that Bauer will be playing three shows at the Ahoy' arena in Rotterdam. The album Live In Ahoy' is Bauer's first live and first double album and also becomes platinum. His new German-language album Was Mein Herz Nicht Sagen Kann ('What My Heart Cannot Tell') is released in both the Netherlands and Germany. Frans signs to Koch.

Jacques Verburgt The Stylus Horns


Bauer plays five shows at the Ahoy'. In May he releases a new album with duets called Frans Bauer & Corry Konings. The single Diep In Mijn Hart ('Deep In My Heart') reaches number five in the Mega Top 100 and the top slot of the Dutch-language Top 20 and also becomes gold. The CD Samen Met Jou ('Together With You') is another hit for Frans Bauer and enters the Top 100 album chart at number one. The single De Luchtballon ('The Balloon'), however, only reaches number 28. Bauer also introduces his own perfume called Samen Met Jou ('Together With You').

Cor Bakker Corry Konings Glennis Grace Jostiband Lee Towers Tatjana Willeke Alberti


The German-language album Ganz Tief Ins Herz ('Deep In The Heart') comes out together with a special Mother's Day edition of the album Samen Met Jou ('Together With You'). The singer also takes up Spanish in preparation of trying to conquer the Spanish market. Frans Bauer receives the Quantegy Golden Reel Award for his golden album Samen Met Jou. Frans and singer Marianne Weber record the single Wat Ik Zou Willen ('What I would Like'). Frans takes several of his biggest fans on holidays for two weeks during which period he also performs for them. His second album with duets Wat Ik Zou Willen ('What I Would Like') with Marianne Weber is released and becomes platinum almost immediately. Royalties of the album go to charity.

Marianne Weber


Bauer is being hailed as singer of the year 2000. Inspired by the success of his famous cousin, J.J. Bauer releases his debut single Waar Zou Jij Nu Zijn ('Where Would You Be Now'). The DVD Frans Bauer Live In Ahoy 1999 is released. On October Frans Bauer 18,19,20 and 21 performs at the Ahoy' in Rotterdam and also releases the album Durf Te Dromen ('Dare To Dream'). Also out is the photo book Durf Te Dromen: Het Verhaal Van Mijn Leven ('Dare To Dream: The Story Of My Live').

Jay Jay Bauer


Bauer releases a DVD of his shows in the Ahoy' Rotterdam. In October the album Dicht Bij Jou ('Close To You'), which is preceded in September by a double A-sided single titled Eens Schijnt Voor Jou De Zon/Heb Je Even Voor Mij ('Once The Sun Will Shine For You'/Can You Spare Me Some Time').


Frans Bauer receives a platinum album for his album Dicht Bij Jou. In Belgium the album becomes gold. Frans also gets his own reality show on Dutch TV in which he and his family are surrounded by cameras 24 hours a day. The result is a TV series of 8 episodes, which are shown in the autumn. Included in the series is his tenth anniversary as a singer which is celebrated with ten sold-out shows at the Ahoy'. Special guests during these shows include fellow Dutch artists such as Lee Towers and René Froger.

Lee Towers Patricia Paay Patty Brard René Froger


In February Frans Bauer receives a Gouden ('Golden') Harp music award. At the Edison music awards he is awarded Best Singer National. On 29 April Frans Bauer becomes a Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion. Bauer and George Baker play at the Grosse Schlagerparade 2004 on German TV station NDR 1. Frans Bauer is awarded the Gulden Vedel for his hit record Heb Je Even Voor Mij. In October both the CD Daar Heb Je Vrienden Voor ('That's What Friends Are For') and the DVD Live In Ahoy' 2003 enter the charts at number one. Late October the 'docu-soap' De Bauers wins an award for best TV series. In November Frans Bauer launches his own perfume. On December 24 and 26 the singer plays two Christmas shows at the Gelredome stadium in Arnhem.


On April 30 (The Queen's official birthday) Frans Bauer contributes to Dit Is Een Land Om Lief Te Hebben ('This Is A Country To Love'), an open-air show at The Hague's Malieveld to commemorate Queen Beatrix's silver jubilee. For the first time ever Bauer plays a part in a film. He plays the musical gnome Amadeus in the fifth volume of popular Flemish children film series Kabouter ('Gnome') Plop. It is premiered in December. The reality television series Slapen Bij Bauer ('Sleeping With The Bauers') causes trouble. Pubcaster TROS is not happy that its exclusive artist is working for new commercial outlet Talpa. Traditionally, a new album comes out in October. Om Van Te Dromen ('To Dream Of') reaches the Top 3 in the album charts.


Early February the singer is performing four sold out nights at Antwerp's Sports Palace. Bauer and special guest, duet partner Belle Perez sing Volare. Especially for the Belgian market he releases the single 'n Beetje Zonneschijn ('A Little Bit Of Sunshine'). For TROS TV he records the TV show Muziekfeest In De Sneeuw ('Music Fest In The Snow') that is broadcast in March. In December he plays 15 nights at the Rotterdam Ahoy' Arena. The Ahoy' shows from December are postponed when Bauer is diagnosed with a polyp on his vocal cords and needs to have surgery. The Leipe Bauer Flavour, a collaboration with Bauer and rappers Ali B and Lange Frans, is one of the most downloaded singles of 2006.

Ali B Lange Frans & Baas B


During a press conference late March Frans Bauer announces he will be married in the summer of 2008 and that he is fully recovered from his operation. The postponed shows from December 2006 are now scheduled for April 27 - May 12. On April 12 Bauer's biography is published. In het boek vertelt Frans Bauer openhartig over zijn carrière, zijn privé-leven en de relatie met zijn fans.


The duets album Frans & Marianne by Frans Bauer and Marianne Weber enters the Album Top 100 at number one and gets platinum. The CD features the hit single Als Ik Met Jou Door De Wolken Zweef (When I Float Through The Clouds With You). On 6, 7, 8 and 9 December the duo performs at the Ahoy' Rotterdam five times.


Starting February, Frans Bauer presents the candid camera show Bananasplit. The first two episodes of the show have more than three million viewers. On 18 September, the day the single Geen Woorden (No Words) is released, the live tour Live In Concert VIII kicks off. Frans Bauer gets a golden record for his album Voor Elke Dag (For Each Day).

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Frans Bauer - Heb Je Even...
Frans Bauer - Heb Je Even Voor Mij
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Frans Bauer - Heb Je Even Voor Mij

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