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De Kift in 2009


1987 - current


Dutch-language, music theatre, punk


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De Kift

Band that combines music theatre, brass music and punk rock.
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Mathijs Houwink   basgitaar, contrabas
Jan Heijne   trompet
Wim ter Weele   drums, gitaar
Ferry Heijne   componist, gitaar, trombone, trompet, zang
Han Hulscher   trompet, zang
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Former members

Roeland Drost   toetsinstrumenten
Frank van den Bos   accordeon, piano, vocalen
Werner Mazurel   trombone
Xavier Serge Martin   vocalen
Eddie Kagie   vocalen
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Mentioned in the biography of

1980   Rondos
1982   The Ex
1984   B.G.K.
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Biography De Kift

Band that combines music theatre, brass music and punk rock.

1987 - 1989

Ferry Heijne (ex-Svätsox) forms De Kift with bassist Jaco Butter (ex-Groeten), drummer Wim Ter Weele (ex-Rondos) and vocalist Maarten Oudshoorn (ex-Pistache BV).

Rondos Svätsox The Ex


De Kift In 1990 Willem ter Weele and Willem Dam join the band.


De Kift releases a cassette, which contains songs that were recorded during rehearsals. Most of these songs will later resurface on the CD Krankenhaus. Niels de Wit (ex-Vernon Walters) takes over on bass.

Vernon Walters


The band members are involved in the making of the film Eddy Brains, an absurd detective thriller with live music.

1993 - 1996

De Kift tours through The Netherlands, Germany and France. Krankenhaus is released in the German language. Jos (the Ex) is guest vocalist during the German tour. Niels de Wit leaves De Kift to play in his own band the Hungry I. Late 1996 he is asked to become bass player in the band Johan.

Johan The Ex The Hungry I


The CD Krankenhaus is released and gives an impression of how pop music in the Netherlands might have sounded without the interference of WWII and rock 'n' roll. Ferry Heijne: 'De Kift combines the best of brass band music and punk rock.' Ferry has formed a collective centred around the old line-up of the band with his father Jan Heijne on the trumpet, the poet Eddie Kagie, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Frank van de Bos and-BGK bassist Mathijs Houwink.

B.G.K. De Ideale Schoonzonen


The band's third CD Gaaphonger is released and indicates a move towards music theatre.


Frank van de Bos temporarily steps out of the band. His last gig with De Kift is during the anniversary show of the Ex in Paradiso. He will make a guest appearance on the band's new album.

The Ex


De Kift On 25 October the band presents the CD Vlaskoorts in Paradiso. The line-up of the band consists of Ferry, Jan and Pim Heijne, Mathijs Houwink and Willem ter Weele. On stage they are backed by Bert van Bommel, ex-horn player of the Groot Niet Te Vermijden.

Donkey Het Groot Niet Te Vermijden


On 1 April Available Jelly and De Kift present their programme De Molenaar (The Miller). The Kift's new songs are influenced by contemporary jazz. The band also plays at this year's Lowlands festival. The CD Vlaskoorts is being turned into a movie De IJzeren Hond (The Iron Dog).

Available Jelly


De Kift The band's fifth CD Koper ('Copper') is released to commemorate its 12 and a half years in business, which in Dutch is named a Copper Jubilee. A documentary about the band is broadcast on TV and is also shown at the Crossing Border Festival.


De Kift wins a Silver Harp, an industry prize for promising newcomers. The band also presents Vier Voor Vier ('Four By Four'), which precedes the opera Elisabeth Bam that De Kift will perform at the 2003 Oerol theatre festival. The role of Elisabeth Bam is played by cellist Wilma Paalman. De Kift also takes part in the film De Arm Van Jezus ('The Arm Of Jesus'). The band members not only play a part in the film, but they are also involved in writing the music.

Wilma Paalman


De Arm Van Jezus premiers late January at the Rotterdam Film Festival and is selected for a Tiger Award. With Vier Voor Vier ('Four For Four') De Kift wants to bring together the worlds of opera and pop music. The show includes guests such as the classically trained vocalists Mariecke van der Linden and Jeroen Manders.


De Kift De Kift is informed that once more it will get a special performance subsidy from 2005-2008. As of June De Kift tours the nation with the show El Kift. On December 16 De IJzeren Hond ('The Iron Dog'), the band's first film is released on DVD.


Early 2005 De Kift presents the CD De Kift, the first album released exclusively for France with songs from the albums Koper and Vlaskoorts. The album presentation is held in Paris. With befriended French band Têtes Raides De Kift plays to full houses. The DVD version of Vier Voor Vier (2003) is initially only available via the band's website and during shows. The DVD is released shortly before a series of concerts in St. Petersburg, the town where the piece Elisabeth by Russian writer Daniil Charms on which the Kift's story is based was performed only once in 1928. In 2005-2006 De Kift performs Vier Voor Vier for the very last time at home. Its sheet music is published as well.


7 De Kift is part of the NL Impressionisten, a collective name for seven Dutch(-language) acts. The other acts are: Meindert Talma, Spinvis, Spinvis, at the close of every day, André Manuel, Mondo Leone and D'n Sjaak. Starting 18 March the NL Impressionisten can be seen across the country. De Kift is also responsible for the music of the Dutch film Het Zwijgen ('The Silence'). On September 12 the sampler De Kift is released on the North-American market by the North East Indie label. In November this is followed by the next regular Kift album 7, which the band describes as a typical Kift album. Guests include singer Jeroen Manders, Stuurbaard Bakkebaard and brass band Crescendo Assendelft..

André Manuel at the close of every day Meindert Talma Mondo Leone Nynke Laverman Spinvis Stuurbaard Bakkebaard


De Kift Especially for the French market De Kift releases the album 7 in a French–language version. This version is officially presented on 27 October during the Rockomotives festival in Vendôme. For the festival De Kift invites various friends, including Stuurbaard Bakkebaard, The Sack-o'-Woes, DJ Bone and also American band Nervous Cabaret.


In September, at the occasion of the band's 20th anniversary, De Kift releases the culinary CD Hoofdkaas, both in a silk screen print variant and as a luxurious version.


De Kift in 2009 The 20th anniversary celebrations continue with the release of five split-singles on which De Kift and other bands (Zita Swoon, Calexico, Monofocus and Rondos) cover each others songs. Op 18 April De Kift presents the photo book Doka, made in collaboration with photographer Erik Christenhusz. Debut album IJverzucht from 1989 is re-released on vinyl in collaboration with US label Mississippi Records.


Discography De Kift

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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De Kift "De Onbekende"
De Kift "De Onbekende"
De Kift - Wee My - A Take...
De Kift - Wee My - A Take Away Show
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De Kift - Wee My - A Take Away Show

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