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De Dijk


1981 - current


Dutch-language, rock


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De Dijk

Leading Dutch-language rock, soul and rhythm & blues band from Amsterdam.
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Antonie Broek   drums
Nico Arzbach   achtergrondzang, gitaar
Huub van der Lubbe   zang
Roland Brunt   klarinet, saxofoon
Pim Kops   toetsinstrumenten, viool
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Former members

Dirk Beets   trompet
J.B. Meijers   gitaar
Mike Booth   trompet
Christan Muiser   drums
Daniel Derks   drums
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Biography De Dijk

Leading Dutch-language rock, soul and rhythm & blues band from Amsterdam.


The first band formed by the Van der Lubbe brothers is Tenderfoot, a country rock group. Other members are Bert and Dirk Stelder. Following this band the Van Der Lubbe brothers form Dutch-language band Stampei. Then, in 1981, they and drummer Daniel Derks, form De Dijk.

Bert Stelder Stampei


Whereas Stampei only manages to record one single in seven years time, De Dijk is doing much better. The market for Dutch-language music has much improved and although the single Bloedend Hart ('Bleeding Heart') fails to enter the charts, but the group's debut album is very successful.



The second album, Nooit Meer Tarzan ('Never Again Tarzan'), produced by Frank Klunhaar, is released. Keyboard player Pim Kops and drummer Antonie Broek join De Dijk. Drummer Antonie is also member of the rockabilly band Jump! Dickie Jump!. Nooit Meer Tarzan is less successful than De Dijk's debut and as a result record company Dureco ends the band's contract.

Frank Klunhaar Jump! Dickie! Jump!


Huub van der Lubbe concentrates on his acting career.


Elke Dag Een Nieuwe Hoed ('Every Day A New Hat') is released on the Telstar label, which is owned by Johnny Hoes. The album receives favourable reviews, but the single Binnen Zonder Kloppen ('Enter Without Knocking') does not enter the charts.

Johnny Hoes


De Dijk signs to Phonogram. The single Mag Het Licht Uit ('Can The Light Be Turned Off') enters the charts. The album Wakker In Een Vreemde Wereld ('Awake In A Strange World'), produced by Broek and engineer Michel Hoogenboezem, receives a Zilveren 'Silver' Harp music award.

Michiel Hoogenboezem


Niemand In De Stad ('Nobody In Town'), also produced by Broek and Hoogenboezem, is released and Ik Kan Het Niet Alleen ('I Can't Do It Alone') and Nergens Goed Voor ('Not Good For Anything') are big hits. Guest musicians on the album are the Super Groove Horns.

Super Groove Horns


De Dijk De Dijk Live comes out and the live version of Bloedend Hart is a hit. The group also plays at the New Music Seminar in New York.


Nooit Genoeg ('Never Enough'), again produced by Broek and Hoogenboezem, is released. One of the tracks on the album is the Ramses Shaffy cover 5 Uur ('5 o'clock').

Ramses Shaffy


The album Zeven Levens ('Seven Lives'), yet again produced by Broek and Hoogenboezem, comes out. The song Nieuwe Laarzen (Van Een Oude Leest) ('New Boots (From An Old Last') refers to the situation in the former GDR. The album again features the Hot Haarlemmer Dijk Horns.

Hot Haarlemmer Dijk Horns


De Dijk and fellow Dutch language rockers the Scene record De Wereld Is Van Iedereen ('The World Belongs To Everyone').

The Scene


De Dijk De Dijk: Live In Paradiso is released on video and De Dijk Live turns platinum. The groups receives a Gouden 'Golden' Harp music award. The album De Blauwe Schuit (The Blue Barge'), produced by Broek and John Sonneveld comes out. Amsterdam is a tribute to Jacques Brel. The ballad Als Ze Er Niet Is ('When She's Not There') is the group's biggest hit so far.

John Sonneveld


De Dijk De Dijk records the track Heb Je Hart ('Have Your Heart'), which will later appear on the album De Stand Van De Maan ('The Phase Of The Moon'). Several of Huub van der Lubbe's tracks written for Stampei, Kinderen Voor Kinderen and De Dijk, are published in Melkman Met De Blues ('Milkman With The Blues'), a collection of poems.

Kinderen Voor Kinderen


De Dijk The group plays gigs in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


The album De Stand Van De Maan ('The Phase Of The Moon'), produced by Broek and John Sonneveld, is released. The single Stampvol Café ('Packed Bar') includes the Dylan cover Blind Willie McTell (with Henk Hofstede from Nits), and the Dan Penn/Chips Momam composition The Dark End Of The Street.

Henk Hofstede


The compilation Het Beste Van De Dijk ('The Best Of De Dijk') and the live album Voor De Tover ('For The Magic') are released. A photo exhibition about the band can be seen in the Melkweg in Amsterdam.


De Dijk A sabbatical year for the band. Huub van der Lubbe concentrates on his work as a poet and performs with Jan Robijns and Bart de Ruiter under the name Formatie Concordia. Drummer Antonie Broek produces the first English-language album released by Normaal frontman Bennie Jolink. Also present on this album are keyboardist Pim Kops and the Hot Haarlemmerdijk Horns. Kops also works with Skik and Supersub. Hans van der Lubbe continues writing new songs for the band. Guitarist Nico Arzbach also occupies himself with writing new songs. Not only for De Dijk but also for a children's rock musical. Brunt performs with the experimental group Morzelpronk.

Concordia Morzelpronk Normaal Skik Tröckener Kecks


After the sabbatical year De Dijk plays the Pinkpop festival for the first time in the band's career. The single Als Het Golft ('When It Flows') and the Broek and J.B. Meijers co-produced album Zevende Hemel ('Seventh Heaven') come out. The album is mixed by Rafe McKenna who previously worked with the Corrs and UB40. Broek and Kops work with Manuëla Kemp on her debut album. Co-producer J.B. Meijers (Supersub) regularly joins De Dijk on stage.

Manuëla Kemp


Accompanied by Jan Robijns (piano) and Bart de Ruiter (double bass) Huub van der Lubbe performs poems and songs under the name Concordia. He also has a role in the Dutch horror film Rest In Peace.



Again Van Der Lubbe performs with Concordia. De Dijk celebrates its 20th anniversary. In June the band plays at the Ahoy' arena in Rotterdam, supported by Dutch dialect rockers Skik. The single Ga In Mijn Schoenen Staan ('Be In My Shoes,' their take on Joe South's 1969 classic Walk A Mile In My Shoes) and the album Muzikanten Dansen Niet ('Musicians Don't Dance') are released. The album enters the charts at number one. The group's debut album is re-issued on CD.

Concordia Skik


Wil Je Altijd Van Me Houden ('Will You Always Love Me') is the fourth single to be taken off the album Muzikanten Dansen Niet. Geregeld Leven ('Well-regulated Life'), Van der Lubbe's second book, consisting of song lyrics plus poems he wrote for Concordia is published. Just like the year before the band again plays in Paramaribo (Suriname). The DVD and CD Door are recorded partly acoustic and contains many of the De Dijk songs. Single Huil Maar Niet ('Don't You Cry') is released in October. In December the band plays Paradiso in Amsterdam five nights in a row.


The band has a sabbatical year for the second time. All band members will focus on other projects. Huub van der Lubbe is one of the guest vocalists on Frédérique Spigt's duets album Vuur ('Fire'). In April his poetry project Concordia publishes a book and releases a CD. A tour follows in May. Again Huub van der Lubbe is protagonist in a horror movie directed by award winning director Jan Doense. The film Ver Weg ('Far Away') is a polder variation on films like The Matrix. Bauer writes the soundtrack. Van der Lubbe is one of the Dutch artists who contribute to the single Lied Voor Beslan. ('Song For Beslan'). All proceeds go the Dutch Red Cross and the Help Beslan Foundation for the victims of the hijack disaster at a school in Beslan (Russia).

Bauer Frédérique Spigt


De Dijk On January 23 De Dijk performs live in the Rotterdam Ahoy' arena. It marks the band's first gig since December 2003. After the Ahoy' concert De Dijk records new album Later Is Nu ('Later Is Now'). Additionally, De Dijk wins a lifetime achievement award at the Edison industry awards. Keyboardist Pim Kops contributes to Yesterday's Tomorrow, a CD featuring nine Leonard Cohen songs. It comes with the same-titled book by Belgian writer Marc Hendrickx. Henk Hofstede of the Nits plays the music.

Henk Hofstede


De Dijk The band's 25th anniversary is celebrated with a big show at the Rotterdam Ahoy' arena in February, the sampler Zullen We Dansen (1981-2006) ['Let's Dance'] plus an extensive tour. Het Hart Van De Dijk ('The Heart Of The Dyke') by Thomas Verbogt is a book about the band, its importance, its songs and the people around the band. On May 27 Pim Kops wins a Devil (musicians to musicians) Award (established by the Dutch Rock & Pop Institute) for 'Best Keyboardist.' The single Wil Je Altijd Van Me Houden ('Will You Love Me Forever?') contains a video directed by Jan Doense. It is based on Doense's short horror film R.I.P. (2001), featuring singer Huub van der Lubbe as a zombie. On July 21 De Dijk, Acda & de Munnik, Van Dik Hout and De Poema's play at Amsterdam's Java Eiland ('Island'). It's their first ever performance together. Because of De Dijk's 25th anniversary the band is thrown a tribute concert by befriended bands and artists (Bob Fosko, Bløf 's Paskal Jakobsen, Acda & De Munnik, Alex Roeka, Rowwen Hèz) on October 1 in Paradiso Amsterdam. It marks the same ground where the band debuted live on stage on October 1 1981, supporting Belgium's Raymond van het Groenewoud. Also, children of Dijk members form a one-off band. Harry Muskee grants De Dijk an award acknowledging sales in excess of 2 million copies. Initiated by literature magazine De Revisor 13 poets and just as many vocalists write love songs. On October 2 these songs are performed live at the 'Night of the Dutch Love Song' at the Paradiso Amsterdam. For this project Huub van der Lubbe teams up with poet Gerrit Komrij. On November 27 Van der Lubbe participates in a special Toon Hermans tribute. The show is broadcast by pubcaster AVRO on Boxing Day. Van der Lubbe is featured in the remake of Eli Asser's classic TV piece 't Schaep Met De 5 Pooten ('The Five-legged Sheep').

Acda en De Munnik Alex Roeka Bløf Cuby + Blizzards Eli Asser Rowwen Hèze Toon Hermans Van Dik Hout


De Dijk is nominated for the Golden Nutcracker award in the category Light Music. On June 30 the band performs live at the second edition of the festival Concert At SEA at the Brouwersdam in Zeeland. On July 7 De Dijk closes of its 25th anniversary club tour at Amsterdam's Heineken Music Hall.


De Dijk In the first half of 2008 De Dijk will perform live only once: on Februray 6 at the Rotterdam Ahoy' arena. In March and April Huub van der Lubbe goes into the theatres with a solo tour called met Solo Met Jan (Solo With Jan), accompanied by longtime friend and pianist Jan Robijns. Van der Lubbe and singer Charlie Dée record the duet Ten Thousand Times. The original version of the song can be found on Charlie Dée's second album Love Your Life. Just like in 2006, Acda en De Munnik, Van Dik Hout and De Dijk perform during a concert at Java island in Amsterdam. The event takes place on 27 and 28 June. The album Brussel (September) includes the single Het Moet En Het Zal which features US soul singer Solomon Burke. The album also features a version of the song Mira by Lieve Hugo. Brussel is recorded at the ICP Studios in Brussels in March and May, and is produced by band members Antonie Broek and JB Meyers.

Charlie Dée Lieve Hugo


During the Noorderslag festival in Groningen, the Netherlands, De Dijk receives the Popprijs 2008. Most important reason for the jury is the importance of the band in the canon of Dutch pop and rock music and especially the outstanding quality of the album Brussel. According to the jury the lyrics underline the fact that: 'this band may perhaps not have invented Dutch rock music, but its name has been inextricably links to the for many decades.' Before the start of their show, Huub van der Lubbe makes a short speech: 'Start a band. Make music for your own pleasure and that of each other and the audience. Make sure you have a good crew and your own office. Try to keep matters in your own hands. Don't let others make you crazy, keep it up. It's gonna be more and more fun and after 29 years you will win the Popprijs!' During the Holland Flowers Festival a tulip is named after the band. In April a deluxe edition of the Niemand In De Stad is releasaed. Besides the original album from 1989, this edition includes an extra CD with live recordings (Paradiso, 7 April 1989), outtakes and demos. The linernotes has handwritten notes and diary notes by Huub van der Lubbe. A successful club tour ends with a show at the Heineken Music Hall on 4 July 2009.


On 20 June De Dijk, Acda en De Munnik and Van Dik Hout again play at the Java island in Amsterdam. Special guest is singer Ellen ten Damme.

Ellen ten Damme

Discography De Dijk

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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