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1988 - current


alternative, indie rock


Guitar-driven pop band that has had a very whimsical career. Daryll-Ann's initial success comes to an end when UK-based record company Hut Records terminates the band's contract after only one album. Following that the group becomes the first band to be signed by Excelsior Records. By the late '90s Daryll-Ann ...
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Diederik Nomden   toetsinstrumenten
Jeroen Kleijn   drums
Dick Brouwers   basgitaar
Coen Paulusma   zang
Anne Soldaat   gitaar, zang
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Former members

Frank van der Bij   drums
Jeroen Vos   basgitaar

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Biography Daryll-Ann

Guitar-driven pop band that has had a very whimsical career. Daryll-Ann's initial success comes to an end when UK-based record company Hut Records terminates the band's contract after only one album. Following that the group becomes the first band to be signed by Excelsior Records. By the late '90s Daryll-Ann finally succeeds in translating their cult status into sold-out shows and satisfying record sales.


Daryll-Ann is formed by five high school students: guitarist Jelle Paulusma, his brother Coen (vocals), bassist Jeroen Vos and drummer Frank van der Bij. Anne Soldaat is added is an extra guitarist shortly after that.


After the boys have graduated from high school they move to Utrecht and Amsterdam for their studies. The Decibel EP is released on the Kelt label.


Daryll-Ann plays at the Noorderslag festival and releases its CD Renko on Solid label.


When one of Daryll-Ann's demo comes to the attention of David Boyd from the UK based Hut Records he immediately wants to sign the band. Solid, however, is not very willing to let them go. After long negotiations the two parties come to an agreement and the band can sign to Hut Records. First release is the I Could Never Love You EP. Jeroen Kleijn (ex-Little Furry Things and also Julia P. Hersheimer) joins the band as its new drummer. By the end of the year the group goes to the UK to perform with the Verve and Acetone.

Julia P. Little Furry Things


Daryll-Ann plays at the Noorderslag festival and again tours the UK. They also support Smashing Pumpkins on their London shows. I Could ... is chosen single of the week in Melody Maker. In May the Come Around EP is released and the band embarks on yet another UK tour followed by a showcase at the New Music Seminair in New York. In August they perform at the Lowlands festival.


March sees the release of the album Seaborne West. The album is a huge step forward in the band's development. First single to be taken from the album is Stay. Seaborne West gets positive reviews from the music press and Stay is awarded single of the week by Melody Maker. Q writes of 'an album of timeless quality and charm'. Daryll-Ann goes on an extensive European tour with Bettie Serveert and records some songs for a BBC Radio 1 session. Two songs of this session end up on the single You're So Vain. In August Seaborne West also comes out in the US. Despite all the good news, record sales lack behind and by the end of the year Hut terminates the band's contract.

Bettie Serveert


Manager Ferry Roosenboom and producer Frans Hagenaars start a new record label: Excelsior Recordings (formerly Electrolux). Daryll-Ann, which has just seen the return of Coen Paulusma, is one of the first bands to be signed. The album Daryll-Ann Weeps is recorded in the Studio Sound Enterprise, owned by Hagenaars. The studio is located in Weesp ('Weeps'). The album gets good reviews, but is not as successful as the band members - who are to this very day convinced that with this album they have created a masterpiece - had expected. The singles Tremble Forte and A Proper Line hardly make any impact. In the meantime, the band performs at a cultural festival in Sarajevo. Also on the bill are Caesar, Cornfields and DJ duo Easy Aloha's. Following that the band plays the Lowlands festival. Then things become quiet and it seems the Daryll-Ann story has come to an end. The fans turn their attention to other Excelsior bands like Caesar and Johan.

Easy Aloha's


Early in the year Daryll-Ann goes on a short Marlboro Flashback Tour, covering material by the Byrds. Later in the year Anne Soldaat and Jelle and Coen Paulusma start recordings for the new album. Drummer Jeroen Kleijn has become label manager for Excelsior and also plays in the bands Rex (late 1997), Scram C Baby and Speed 78.

Scram C Baby


Daryll-Ann Daryll-Ann releases Happy Traum. The reviews are unanimously positive and the album shoots to the number 1 spot in the indie album charts.


Daryll-Ann records the track Belle Hélène for a tribute for Dutch band Doe Maar. The album DA Live is released in September. It contains several newly recorded tracks and also material from various radio and television sessions.

Doe Maar


Bassist Jeroen Vos is replaced by Dick Brouwers (ex-Soft Parade). Early September Daryll-Ann performs several try-out gigs to prepare for their American tour, which has to be postponed due to the 9/11 attacks. A new album is scheduled for early 2001.

Soft Parade


On the new album Trailer Tales Jelle Paulusma is more and more becoming a true multi-instrumentalist. David Corel (Alamo Race Track) joins the band in the studio on bass guitar.

Alamo Race Track


Daryll-Ann acts as support band for the Dutch show of the Counting Crows in early February.


Daryll-Ann New, highly varied album Don't Stop is released on February 16. Recorded live in the studio, it marks the band's split with Excelsior 'staff producer' Frans Hagenaars and its first collaboration with producer J.B. Meyers. 'Sideman' Anne Soldaat, who has returned in the band, sings four tracks. In March the band embarks on a tour in support of the album. Jelle Paulusma is guest vocalist on the album by Clashing Egos, the dance project by Erwin van Moll and Jan Vanderlest. On Wednesday May 26 drummer Jeroen Klein announces that after having been together for 15 years Daryll-Ann has split up. The band cancels all gigs.

J.B. Meijers Max 404


Jelle Paulusma comes up with his first solo album Here We Are in January. The 10-track set that marks a Munich Records label debut features contributions by John Maasakkers (drums), Diederik Nomden (piano) and JB Meijers (guitar, mandolin a.o.). The album is a cross between singer/songwriter, West Coast pop and neo psychedelics. Apart from his own thing he is still involved in electro pop band Clashing Egos that is preparing its second release. Meanwhile, Anne Soldaat is co-producer of Gem's second album Escapades. Soldaat's own new band Do-The-Undo readies a CD for Excelsior. Coen Paulusma sings on three songs on the Mercy Giants album Running In Slomo.

Anne Soldaat Do-The-Undo Gem Jelle Paulusma Mercy Giants

Discography Daryll-Ann

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Daryll-Ann - Surely Justice
Daryll-Ann - Surely Justice
Daryll-Ann "Come Around" ...
Daryll-Ann "Come Around" 1994
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Daryll-Ann "Come Around" 1994

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