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1937 - 1987


chanson, Dutch-language, gitaar, zang


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Cornelis Vreeswijk

Multifunctional artist who is successful both in the Netherlands as well as in his adopted country Sweden.
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gitaar, zang

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Biography Cornelis Vreeswijk

Multifunctional artist who is successful both in the Netherlands as well as in his adopted country Sweden.


Vreeswijk and his family move to Sweden.


Vreeswijk gets his first guitar.


While his family moves back to The Netherlands, Cornelis stays in Sweden


Vreeswijk makes his debut with Ballades En Brutaliteiten ('Ballads and Impertinence'). The album is greeted with much enthusiasm by the Swedish press. For Vreeswijk it is the start of a flamboyant career with lots of ups & downs.


Vreeswijk makes his debut on Dutch television. The single Nozem En De Non ('Ted and the Nun') is released.


Vreeswijk makes his debut as an actor.


Vreeswijk's star is also rising in The Netherlands. The singles Veronica and De Nozem En De Non (the latter re-released) are Top 40 hits and the album Cornelis Vreeswijk becomes gold. Unfortunately, Vreeswijk's alcoholism is getting out of hand.


The album Foto's En Een Souvenir ('Photo's and a Souvenir') reaches the album charts.


Vreeswijk makes a comeback.


Vreeswijk plays for the second time at the Danish Roskilde festival.


Vreeswijk dies of cancer of the liver. He is penniless and cannot even afford his hospital bills.


De Memoires Van Meester Cees ('The Memoirs of Master Cees'), a box-set containing five albums is released and sells over 70.000 copies.


A Best Of… CD is released.


In Stockholm a vigil is held marking the 10th anniversary of Vreeswijk's death.


In the Dutch city of Utrecht the Cornelis Vreeswijk Foundation is set up.


Sagan Om Den Glygande Holländer a play about Cornelis Vreeswijk's life can be seen in the Swedish theatres.


The play is translated into Dutch.


A tribute CD to Vreeswijk features contributions by (cabaret artists) Jack Spijkerman, Eric van Muiswinkel, Bob Fosko, Maarten van Roosendaal, Jeroen van Merwijk and Bram Vermeulen.


On June a bust of Cornelis Vreeswijk is unveiled in the dunes near IJmuiden. The day is concluded with shows by musicians like Bob Fosko and Cornelis' sister Tonny Vreeswijk.

Bob Fosko


On March 29 pubcaster VARA broadcasts the TV documentary Cornelis Vreeswijk Leeft! ('Cornelis Vreeswijk Lives!') by director Hans Polak. Apart from interviews with family and friends, the film also features an impression of the annual memorial concert in the Stockholm's Katarina church plus a visit to the museum dedicated to the late singer/songwriter. While working on the film, unknown recordings by Vreeswijk are discovered at his uncle's. They appear to be translated songs by Swedish troubadour Carl Michael Bellman (1740-1795).


In October Piter Wilkens releases the tribute album It Fûgeltsje Yn Myn Gitaar in Frisian.

Piter Wilkens


Several renowned Swedish artists record an album as tribute to Cornelis Vreeswijk. Acts like Nicolai Dunger, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, singer Stefan Sundström and Joachim Thåström from punk group Ebba Grön record a new version of the 1970 album Poem, Ballader Och Lite Blues. The CD comes out late November.


In November is the premiere of a Swedish film about the life of Cornelis Vreeswijk. The film is directed by video director Amir Chamdin. The role of Vreeswijk is played by singer Hank von Helvete (real name: Hans Erik Dyvik Husby) from the band Turbonegro.

Discography Cornelis Vreeswijk

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