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Clan Of Xymox


1983 - current


alternative, gothic, new wave


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Clan Of Xymox

Electro gothic band from Amsterdam fronted by veteran Ronny Moorings that is more respected and sells more records abroad than at home.
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Mojca Zugna   basgitaar, toetsinstrumenten, zang
Ronny Moorings   gitaar, zang
Rui Ramos   drums
Sean Göbel   toetsinstrumenten

Former members

Nina Simic   toetsinstrumenten
Anke Wolbert   basgitaar, toetsinstrumenten, zang
Rob Vonk   gitaar, zang
Willem van Antwerpen   drums
Frank Weyzig   toetsinstrumenten
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Biography Clan Of Xymox

Electro gothic band from Amsterdam fronted by veteran Ronny Moorings that is more respected and sells more records abroad than at home.


Clan Of Xymox, formed in 1981 by Ronny Moorings and Anke Wolbert, makes it debut with the EP Subsequent Pleasures.


Clan Of Xymox, the band's full-length debut, is released on the UK label 4AD (Cocteau Twins, Birthday Party, This Mortal Coil). A Day becomes a club hit and enters the UK indie charts.


The band's second album Medusa is released and sells worldwide over a hundred thousand copies.


Keyboard player Pieter Nooten records the album Sleeps With The Fishes with Michael Brook.


Clan Of Xymox goes on a six-week US tour.


Clan Of Xymox shortens its name Xymox and signs to Wing, a progressive branch on the PolyGram tree. The album Twist Of Shadow is accompanied by three 12-inch releases (Obsession, Imagination en Hearts).


Phoenix, produced by Pete Walsh (Simple Minds) sells less than expected, despite good reviews from the press, and Xymox leaves PolyGram.


The house-influenced Metamorphos is released.

Cyberia First Contact


Headclouds is released on the Zok Records label. By that time Anke Wolbert has already left the band.


Xymox takes part in the CD-ROM project Total Mayhem.


Clan Of Xymox Moorings decides to put the word Clan back in front of Xymox and signs to the independent label Tess Records. The album Hidden Faces, produced by Dave M. Allen (Sisters Of Mercy, Cure) and John A. Rivers (Dead Can Dance) is released and combines the Clan's 4AD years with the '90s. The band tours the US, South America and Europe and headlines the Gothic Wave Festival in Leipzig, Germany. The singles Out Of The Rain and This World are high in the German indie charts. Former Clan Of Xymox members Willem van Antwerpen and Frank Weyzig turn up in the trio Born For Bliss that debuts with Flowing With The Flue. Third member is Remco Helbers (ex-Dreamside).

Born For Bliss The Dreamside


The band's new album Creatures is released in April. On stage Moorings is assisted by Mojca (bass), Rob Vonk (guitar), Nina Simic (keyboards) and Rui Ramos (drums). In October the single Consolation is released.



The double CD Live also contains two videos with the songs Stranger and Jasmine & Rose. The track Liberty is released as a single.


Nina Simic leaves Clan of Xymox. Late March the EP Subsequent Pleasures is released on CD. The band's new album Notes From The Underground is scheduled for a September 25 release.


To promote Notes From The Underground, Clan Of Xymox embarks on an international tour in March. The album Remixes From the Underground contains remixes of Angels & Agony, Front 242 and Michael Balch (ex-Frontline Assembly). In September new single There's No Tomorrow comes out. In the fall the band performs in Mexico again.


Xymox Control, Clan Of Xymox's own label, releases albums by the likes of Jesus Complex and Greek band Dark Runner. The album Farewell somes out in September.


Clan Of Xymox In September the 14-track sampler The Best Of Clan Of Xymox is released. Fans picked the tracks: two tracks of each album, including new recordings of old songs and new remixes.


Italian band The Frozen Autumn joins the Xymox Control collective. Frontman Ronny Mooring is active as DJ Ronny COX in the clubs. By the end of the year the band relocates to Leipzig, as artistically the band doesn't feel at home anymore in Amsterdam.


The single Weak In My Knees contains a video plus remixes by The Azoi, Dimitri (Iambia Audioplug), Grendel and Haujob. In April the album Breaking Point comes out. In August the band performs live at German gothic festival Mera Luna. Former band members Anke Wolbert and Pieter Nooten are involved in Two Ways Of Running, the debut album by Sophie Zeyl. Around the same time Nooten releases his solo album OurSpace, while Wolbert releases his CD Cocoon Time. Both releases are out on the new label I-Rain Records.



The single Heroes (May) contains two versions of the David Bowie hit by that name, a slow industrial version and a pop version.

Discography Clan Of Xymox

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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clan of xymox - a day
clan of xymox - a day
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