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Bolland & Bolland


1971 - 2007


pop, producers, rock

Bolland & Bolland

Two brothers who are very successful as recording artists, producers and composers and who have achieved international fame working with artists like Falco and Status Quo.
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Ferdi Bolland   zang
Rob Bolland   zang

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Biography Bolland & Bolland

Two brothers who are very successful as recording artists, producers and composers and who have achieved international fame working with artists like Falco and Status Quo.


Rob Bolland is born on April 17 Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


Brother Ferdi is born on August 5.


Their older brother Ton teaches them how to play the guitar. They also learn to play banjo, bass, piano and drums. Their talent does not go unnoticed and they are offered a recording contract, which they have to decline due to a Dutch law against child labour.


Rob, Ferdi and older brother Ton form the band The Swingkickers.


Rob en Ferdi form the duo Bolland & Bolland and sign to Negram. Brother Ton records several singles under the name George Riley.

George Riley


Ferdi and Rob score their first hit with Summer Of '71. The follow-up Wait For The Sun becomes an even bigger chart success.


Bolland & Bolland The duo takes part in the World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo. The reach the finale and receive an award for their composition.


The brothers record the album Bolland & Bolland.

Hans van Hemert


The Bolland brothers become second at the national finals of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Hans van Hemert


The duo produces its own single Spaceman, which becomes a Top 20 hit. From this moment on Bolland & Bolland will occupy themselves more and more with composing and producing songs for other artists.


Bolland & Bolland sign a contract with Bovema/Negram. Sandra Reemer, Rob's girlfriend, takes part in the Eurovision Song Contest with the Bolland & Bolland composition Colorado.

Sandra Reemer


Bolland & Bolland establish their name internationally with the release of the album The Domino Theory. The album contains the single In The Army Now, which becomes a small hit.


Together with Austrian singer Falco the Bolland brothers write and produce the single Rock Me Amadeus. Although it fails to enter the Dutch charts it does become a number one hit in both the UK and the US. The duo receives the Exportprijs ('Export Award').


The next Falco/Bolland single Jeanny hits the Dutch charts, followed by Rock Me Amadeus. Status Quo scores an international hit with the Bolland & Bolland composition In The Army Now. For the second time in their career the brothers receive the Exportprijs.


Bolland & Bolland For the third time in a row the brothers receive the Exportprijs, this time for the Status Quo version of In The Army Now.


Samantha Fox scores a big European hit with the Bolland & Bolland composition Love House. For the fourth time the brothers receive a Conamus Exportprijs for best selling Dutch act abroad.


Bolland & Bolland For the first time in many years Bolland & Bolland release a single under their own name: The Wall Came Tumbling Down, a song that climbs the charts early 1990. Again the brothers receive the Exportprijs.


The brothers release two albums: Dream Factory and The Bolland Project, the latter starring guest musicians such as Colin Blunstone and Suzi Quatro.


They produce The Sexual Album for Goddess (Dutch singer Elvira Valentine). The single Sexual peakes at 74 in the Billboard Hot 100.


The album Pure is released.


The brothers cleverly anticipate the boy and girl band craze and start their own equivalents B.E.D., Wow! and O Die 3. All three projects are successful in the charts.

B.E.D. Gerard Joling O Die 3 WOW! (2)


Bolland & Bolland write and produce songs for Daniella's Daze (100% Jesus) and for the Smoke On The Water Rock 'n' Rap Extravaganza by Ian Gillan & Ray Slijngaard. They also contribute several songs for the soundtrack of the Dutch film Abeltje.

Daniella's Daze Ray Slijngaard


Bolland & Bolland produce the debut album of David Vermeulen, son of Hans Vermeulen (formerly Sandy Coast, Rainbow Train).

David Vermeulen Hans Vermeulen Rainbow Train Sandy Coast


Rock Me Amadeus is chosen Record of the Century in Austria. The brothers play themselves in a film about Falco and also write the soundtrack for the film. They are also the people behind the group Follow That Dream, which is formed as part of the TV series Alles Voor De Band ('Everything For The Band'). The single Follow That Dream reaches number thirteen in the Dutch Top 40. The Bolland brothers also write 12 songs for the Dutch film Babs in which Rob also plays a small role.

Dolly Dots Follow That Dream

2001 - 2002

More and more the brothers work individually and gradually a split is imminent. Ferdi teams up with his wife. He is credited for arrangements of the songs of the musical film Ja Zuster Nee Zuster. Rob is developing his painting skills.


3 Musketiers hits the stage on March 30 in Rotterdam. The cast includes Pia Douwes and Henk Poort.


It's been a long time since the brothers Bolland have been seen together in public. They appear as guests in two national TV shows.


Rob Bolland sings two songs - In The Army Now and Amadeus - at the The Hague Beat Night at the local Parkpop festival.


In March Rob Bolland announces that the musical collaboration between the two brothers is definitely over. The cause is a difference of opinion over a family matter.


Ferdi Bolland's Everybody Can Be A Star is one of the songs written for the semi-finals of the Eurovision Songcontest. The song is not selected by the jury however. Ferdi Bolland Productions (FBP) is looking for new Dutch music talents for a new super group called the Netherlands.


Discography Bolland & Bolland

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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