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1961 - current


rhythm & blues, rock


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The name 'Bintangs' is the Malayan word for 'stars'. Initially the band plays rock 'n 'roll, but later switches to old-fashioned rhythm & blues. The Bintangs, who achieved fame with their legendary live shows, has had more than forty different line-ups.
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Frank Kraayeveld   basgitaar, zang
Burt van der Meij   drums
Maarten Ibelings   achtergrondzang, gitaar
Dagomar Jansen   gitaar, mondharmonica, zang

Former members

Jaap Castricum   gitaar
Alfred van der Linden   gitaar
Gus Pleines   gitaar, mondharmonica, zang
Jack van Schie   gitaar
Harry Schierbeek   drums
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1972   Oscar Benton
1972   Rob ten Bokum
1974   Carlsberg
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9/17/22, Q-Factory, Amsterdam
2/24/23, Duycker, Hoofddorp

Biography Bintangs

The name 'Bintangs' is the Malayan word for 'stars'. Initially the band plays rock 'n 'roll, but later switches to old-fashioned rhythm & blues. The Bintangs, who achieved fame with their legendary live shows, has had more than forty different line-ups.


Bintangs The Bintangs are formed. The first line-up includes the brothers Kraayeveld, drummer Jimmy Jansen and rhythm guitarist Meine Fernhout. Like most of the bands in those days they play rock & roll-covers.


By listening to BBC they discover beat music. This makes them want to find out about their own musical roots and from that moment on the Bintangs switch to rhythm & blues.


The band records its debut single. Although the single isn't much of a success the band's stage reputation causes much uproar: The fans often clash with the police and have a reputation of getting involved in full-scale rioting.

The Lords


During a gig in their hometown the fans tear down the local youth centre. In the meantime the band is desperately trying to get rid of its violent image. Later this year they are supporting act for the Rolling Stones.


When the popularity of the Toni Boltini circus is decreasing, Boltini hires popular artists to perform between the regular acts. On one of these occasions the Bintangs play the same bill as the Kinks.

Johnny Lion Rob de Nijs


The band's full-length debut Blues On The Ceiling is released and the single Riding On The L&N is a hit.


Travelling In The USA is another hit record for the Bintangs.

1971 - 1973

After various changes in the line-up the Kraayeveld brothers are kicked out of the band. They form Circus Kraayeveld and score a minor hit record: Mona Lisa. Vocalist Gus Pleijnes and guitarist/keyboard player/flute player/ Jan Wijte continue with the Bintangs.

Boudewijn de Groot Circus Kraayeveld Kraayeveld


Arti forms the band Carlsberg. Frank, Gus, guitarist Jack van Schie and drummer Harry Schierbeek form the Bintangs' 28th line-up.



Under the supervision of Link Wray producer Steve Verocca, the Bintangs record Genuine Bull.


The band again moves into the Rockfield Studio's where they record a cover album with producer Sean Tyla. Because the costs of the recordings are so high the band's label, Dynamite, gets into serious financial difficulties. Therefore it takes until 1978 before the album will be released (Philips). Arti Kraayeveld releases a solo album called Ramman.

Arti Kraayeveld


The Rockfield recordings, complemented with live recordings, are released on the album Bintangs.


Bintangs Nightfighter is the band's new LP.


Under the name Rockfield Beauties, the Bintangs release a new album.


Keyboard player Jan-Paul van der Mey joins the Bintangs. It is clear, however, that the band has difficulties in continuing its success.

1984 - 1985

On March 9, 1985 the Bintangs play a farewell concert in Paradiso, in Amsterdam.


The farewell concert is released on the double album Live-File. Frank forms the Frank Kraayeveld Groep ('Group'), which he takes on the road. The group does not, however, record any material.

Frank Kraayeveld Groep


The time seems right for yet another line-up of the Bintangs including Frank, Gus, Wijte and Van Schie.


The Bintangs' new album Alright Alright is released.


Bintangs The CD Ruby Red Hot comes out.


The Bintangs play in a sold-out Paradiso, Amsterdam. This gig is released on CD: Dynamite Live.


To the joy of many fans, especially in the US where the original LP had been a much-wanted collector's item, Genuine Bull is re-released on CD.


The band prepares for its 40th anniversary in 2001.


The picture book 40 Jaar Bintangs ('40 years Bintangs') is published.


In February the Bintangs present the album La Femme Sans Tête in Paradiso, Amsterdam. On 22 November Bintangs drummer Kees Brouwer commits suicide at the age of 42.


The Bintangs have found a new drummer: Burt van der Meij. Van Der Meij was already part of the Bintangs line-up in the period 1984-1985.

The Shavers


Bintangs Drummer Burt van der Meij leaves the Bintangs, after which guitarist Jack van Schie decides to call it quits as well. Gus Pleines doesn't want to continue without Van Schie. Subsequently the band is forced to cancel all upcoming gigs and disbands without playing a farewell concert. The first new band members to join Frank Kraayeveld and Jan Wijte are brothers Gerben (drums) and Maarten Ibelings (guitar/background vocals) from Bad To The Bone. Gerben Ibelings also played in another Dutch band called the Tröckener Kecks. On 8 October the new Bintangs line-up plays its first gig in music café the Troubadour in Hardenberg. They play many tracks off Mickey Finn and Night-Fighter, both albums from the days the Ibelings brothers were teenagers and first discovered the Bintangs. The aptly titled Pick It Up is one of the new songs. Roadie Dagomar Jansen, son of very first Bintangs-drummer Jimmy Jansen (from 1961-1963), joins the band as back-up singer on stage.

Bad To The Bone


Bintangs On January 8 ex-Bintangs saxophonist/singer Frits van der Meij dies of cancer at the age of 48. From 1983-1985 he was in the band, evidenced by live albums Livetime and Bintangs Bye Bye. In the same month Bintangs founder Frank Kraayeveld turns 60. Roadie Dagomar Jansen joins the band for real as fifth member (vocals, percussion and guitar).


Bintangs Frank Kraaijeveld contributes a hundred hand-painted booklets for the special edition of the April-released new CD Doc. De Bintangs celebrate the band's 45th anniversary with the DVD Document - 45 Years Of Rock 'n Roll. The DVD includes a live show from earlier this year, and lots of bonus material like homevideos, live performances, a photo gallery and a TV special about the band.


On 28 March Gus Pleines dies at the age of 58 following pulmonary embolism. Jan Wijte leaves the band in September. His last gig with the band is in club Patronaat in Haarlem. From this moment the Bintangs have the following line-up: Frank Kraaijeveld, Gerben Ibelings, Maarten Ibelings and Dagomar Jansen (vocals/ guitar/ slideguitar/ mouth organ).


On 3 February of this year the Bintangs play a one off show during which they only play songs from their 1969 debut album, Blues On The Ceiling. The show is partly in the original line-up with Jan Wijte, Aad Hooft, Frank Kraaijeveld, completed with Dagomar Jansen (mouth organ, guitaar, slideguitar and vocals).


In January the band goes into the studio to record new album Fire And Iron which comes out on 15 May. The band's 1975 album Genuine Bull is released as a deluxe edition.

Discography Bintangs

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BINTANGS Ridin' on the L&...
BINTANGS Ridin' on the L&N live Beverwijk
BINTANGS "Kick Kick Kick"...
BINTANGS "Kick Kick Kick" live in Alkmaar
BINTANGS Live Wijk aan Ze...
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BINTANGS "Kick Kick Kick" live in Alkmaar

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