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1994 - current


hard rock, symphonic rock


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Symphonic rock project by multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen in which he makes use of classical elements. He revives the rock opera with ambitious albums that he records with various guest musicians.
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Arjen Lucassen   gitaar, producer, toetsinstrumenten

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Biography Ayreon

Symphonic rock project by multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen in which he makes use of classical elements. He revives the rock opera with ambitious albums that he records with various guest musicians.


Guitarist Arjen Lucassen starts the Ayreon project in the mid-'90s. Shortly before that he releases a solo album under the name Anthony. Before starting Ayreon, Lucassen plays in bands like Mover, Pythagoras, Bodine and Vengeance.

Bodine Mover Pythagoras Vengeance


Ayreon Initially, Lucassen has difficulties in finding a record company that is interested in releasing the first Ayreon album The Final Experiment. He finds one, however, in Transmission (a sublabel of reissue independent Pseudonym). Especially in Japan the album is very successful. The album comes about in cooperation with musicians like Barry Hay (Golden Earring), Lenny Wolf (Kingdom Come), Edward Reekers (Kayak) and Jan-Chris de Koeijer (Gorefest).

Barry Hay Edward Reekers Jan-Chris De Koeijer


The second Ayreon album, Actual Fantasy, is released. Under the name '?' the cover album Strange Hobby comes out. Musicians on this album include Edward Reekers, Robert Soeterboek and Okkie Huysdens. Strange Hobby contains covers from songs by Pink Floyd, the Beatles, T-Rex, Donovan and the Kinks.

? Edward Reekers Okkie Huysdens Robert Soeterboek


Lucassen works on a Vengeance comeback album. The third Ayreon album is also on its way.



Ayreon goes into the studio to record Into The Electric Castle. Lucassen invites several guests to contribute to the album. These include guest vocalists Edward Reekers, Anneke Giersbergen (the Gathering), Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation), Robert Westerholt (Within Temptation), George Oosthoek (Orphanage), Fish, Jay van Feggelen (Bodine), Damian Wilson (Threshold, Landmarq), and Edwin Balogh (Tamas, Omega). Guest musicians include Ed Warby (drums, ex-Gorefest), Thijs van Leer (flute, Focus), Ton Scherpenzeel (Kayak, Camel), René Merkelbach, Jack Pisters (sitar), Erno Olah (violin, Metropole Orchestra), Robby Valentine and Roland Bakker (Hammond organ).

Bodine Gorefest Jack Pisters Orphanage René Merkelbach Robert Kempe Sharon den Adel The Gathering Thijs van Leer Ton Scherpenzeel Within Temptation


Lucassen works on a new rock opera.


Ayreon Two albums with by name Universal Migrator part 1 and part 2 are released at the same time. The first part is The Dream Sequencer (melodic and 'easy-listening'') and the second part is Flight Of The Migrator (progressive and heavy). Both albums enter the Dutch and German album charts. Guest musicians include singer Jacqueline Govaert (Krezip), who can be heard on the single Temple Of The Cat, and Edward Reekers, Ian Parry, Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) and Neal Morse (Spock's Beard). The album Ayreonauts Only consists of demos and previously unreleased material.

Ian Parry Jacqueline Govaert


Under the name Ambeon Lucassen and 14-year-old Astrid van der Veen make instrumental, ambient music, based on Ayreon compositions. The result of this collaboration can be heard on the album Fate Of A Dreamer.

Ambeon Astrid van der Veen


Lucassen releases a new album under the name Star One. The album is released on the German Inside Out Music label. Lucassen tours the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium, under the name Star One featuring Ayreon. His band includes drummer Ed Warby (Gorefest), bass player Peter Vink (Q65), keyboard player Joost van den Broek (Sun Caged) and vocalists Russell Allen (Symphony X), Damian Wilson (Threshold), Robert Soeterboek (Wicked Sensation) and Floor Jansen (After Forever).

After Forever Gorefest Q65 Star One Sun Caged


Arjen Lucassen mixes the new Sun Caged album. In the spring Star One releases the double CD Live On Earth, which includes contributions by the likes of Floor Jansen (After Forever), Ed Warby (Gorefest) and Peter Vink (Q65).

After Forever Gorefest Q65 Star One Sun Caged


Ayreon On May 24 the new double album The Human Equation is released. Guest musicians include Ed Warby (Gorefest), Joost van den Broek (Sun Caged), Martin Orford (IQ, Jadis), Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) and Jeroen Goossens (Pater Moeskroen. Guest vocalists are Devon Graves, Devin Townsend, Eric Clayton, Heather Findlay, Irene Jansen and James LaBrie.

Gorefest Pater Moeskroen Sun Caged


With two members of Mexican band Elfonía plus Swedish guitarist Lori Linstruth Lucassen and the band Stream Of Passion release the album Embrace The Storm in September. Singer Astrid van der Veen of Ambeon independently releases her album Seamless Borderline. Since 2003 she is also a member of the Endorphins.

Stream Of Passion theEndorphins


Vengeance releases the comeback album Back In The Ring. Lucassen is featured on the album as special guest. In June he joins the band on stage at the Bang Your Head Festival in Balingen, Germany.



Lukassen leaves Stream of Passion to be able to fully concentrate on the next Ayreon album: 01011001. On 23 March he is part of event Classics In Rock in Ahoy', Rotterdam. He shares the stage with the likes of Jon Anderson (Yes), John Waite (The Babys), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Floor Jansen and Joost van den Broek (After Forever).

After Forever


Concept album 01011001 continues along the line of Into The Electric Castle from 1998 and deals with the evolution of mankind due to an intervention by planet Y. The album is recorded in a somewhat difficult period in Lukassen's life who enjoys the nightlife a bit too much after his relationship has ended. He loses his sense of taste and smell (anosmia) and ends up in a depression. 01011001 (the binairy code for the letter Y) features guest appearances by Anneke van Giersbergen (Agua de Annique), Simone Simons (Epica), Floor Jansen (After Forever), Ed Warby, Jeroen Goossens (Flairck), Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theatre) and Thomas Bodin (The Flower Kings). Timeline (November) is a box with three CDs and one DVD featuring a compilation of thirteen years of Ayreon. The box contains tracks from the albums The Final Experiment from 1995 and 01011001 and everything in between, completed with the new Epilogue: The Memory Remains which is sung by Jasper Steverlinck of Arid. The DVD contains videos, behind the screen footage, 5.1 mixes and registrations of shows.

After Forever Agua de Annique Epica Flairck


Arjen Lucassen contributes to Pure Air, the solo debut of singer Anneke van Giersbergen (Agua de Annique). Lucassen's project Guilt Machine releases its first album. On This Perfect Day (August) sounds more subdued than Ayreon and is also more simple. Lucassen plays all music himself and also sings all backing vocals. His partner and manager Lori Linstruth plays the guitar solos and is responsible for the lyrics. The lead vocals are by Jasper Steverlinck of Belgian band Arid. Chris Maitland (ex-Porcupine Tree) plays the drums.

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The Human Equation
The Human Equation
Epilogue: The Memory Rema...
Epilogue: The Memory Remains
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Epilogue: The Memory Remains

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