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31-07-1946 - current


contrabas, improvised, jazz

Arnold Dooyeweerd

Arnold Dooyeweerd (Amsterdam, 31 July 1946) takes his reputation in the Dutch jazz and improvised music world largely from the weekly workshop he has been running at the Amsterdam Bimhuis since 1974. 'Dooyeweerd has seen over 1000 musicians pass by in his workshop years. Some only stayed for ...
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Biography Arnold Dooyeweerd

Arnold Dooyeweerd (Amsterdam, 31 July 1946) takes his reputation in the Dutch jazz and improvised music world largely from the weekly workshop he has been running at the Amsterdam Bimhuis since 1974. 'Dooyeweerd has seen over 1000 musicians pass by in his workshop years. Some only stayed for a couple of weeks, others were still learning after so many seasons.' (Erik van den Berg in the Volkskrant). He also teaches at the Sweelinck Conservatory in the Dutch capital, where he coaches many good young musicians on their way to everyday music practice. He himself is often seen as a sideman in groups led by musicians of his own generation (like Willem van Manen, Dick de Graaf and Martin van Duynhoven), but also with younger musicians like trumpeter Eric Vloeimans, guitarist Anton Goudsmit and saxophonist Jasper Blom.

Played in

Banten   contrabas

1965 - 1970

Even before he starts his studies at the Amsterdam Conservatory Arnold Dooyeweerd forms his own trio, with which he wins the 1965 Amsterdam FAMOS Jazz competition. During his studies he becomes a member of saxophonist Joop van Enkhuizen's quartet (1966-'68) and pianist Jan Rath's quintet (1968-'70). Between 1968 and 1988 he regularly tours with Americans, like Ben Webster, Dexter Gordon, Don Byas, Johnny Griffin, Art Taylor, Kenny Drew, Chet Baker, Jimmy and Doug Raney, and J.R. Monterose. He also has a regular gig at The Birdsclub in Amsterdam with the Tom Meyer Trio, with drummer Max Bolleman, backing many guests, including Tom Jones and Yoko Ono.

Joe Vanenkhuizen


Arnold Dooyeweerd is the bassist of the new group Banten, consisting of pianist Rob van den Broeck, cellist Ernst Reijseger, drummer Jurre Haanstra and singer Hennie Vonk. The BASF label releases their eponymous LP.



Dooyeweerd is the bassist in pianist Boy Edgar's medium-sized band, Boy Edgar's Sound. The eleven piece ensemble records the LP Live in Shaffy in the summer of 1973, which appears on the White Elephant label.

Boy Edgar

1974 - 1975

Arnold Dooyeweerd starts leading a workshop at the recently opened Bimhuis in Amsterdam, aimed at familiarizing (largely) young musicians with improvising in groups. Dooyeweerd starts the workshop because he considers the element of interplay the least developed quality in Dutch improvised music. 'I still think that this is the case. I hear it as a listener, but also when I'm on stage with other musicians. Every musician seems to be transmitting at his own frequency, and hoping others will pick up the signal. In the workshop we want to explore whether it is possible to detect the others' frequency. ' (from the interview with Erik van den Berg). Later he starts giving workshops at other locations in the Netherlands, often in collaboration with the SWING foundation (Dutch foundation for workshops). Under the name Leen Brededuif Quartet Dooyeweerd assembles a free improvisation group featuring saxophonist Theo Loevendie, pianist Misha Mengelberg and drummer Martin van Duynhoven.

Martin van Duynhoven Misha Mengelberg Theo Loevendie


In the Theo Loevendie Quartet (with tenorist Hans Dulfer and drummer Martin van Duynhoven) Arnold Dooyeweerd regularly subs for his in demand colleague Arjen Gorter.


The Amsterdam Sweelinck Conservatory starts employing Dooyeweerd as a teacher for Double Bass (at the Jazz & Improvised music department) and Ensemble Playing.

1980 - 1982

Together with pianist Peter Schön and drummer John Engels he forms saxophonist Fred Leeflang's quartet. In 1981 the group records the album Zwingen, Mannen! for the VARAJazz label. He also joins saxophonist Vera Vingerhoeds's group List van (featuring saxophonist Peter Barkema, trombonist Mark Timmer and drummer Martin van Duynhoven). Dooyeweerd starts the group Vijf, in collaboration with drummer Martin Bunjes. Tenorist Rinus Groeneveld and the trombonists Toon van Ulsen and Joep Maessen complete the quintet.

Fred Leeflang Vera Vingerhoeds

1983 - 1985

The Greek born Utrecht percussionist Nikos Tsilogiannis asks Dooyeweerd as the bassist for his new quintet, which features trumpeter Jeff Reynolds, saxophonist Dick de Graaf and pianist Albert van Veenendaal. After Reynolds' death Gary Fienburg comes in as his replacement, and saxophonist Tobias Delius takes over from Dick de Graaf. Theo Loevendie also starts a new quintet, in which Dooyeweerd is featured. It has Ab Baars on saxophones, Wolter Wierbos on trombone and Martin van Duynhoven on drums. Their eponymous first LP appears on the VARA Jazz label in 1985. The VARA broadcasting company commissions a composition from bassist Niko Langenhuijsen, which he performs in the VARA studio with a special sextet featuring trumpeter Toon de Gouw, trombonist Willem van Manen, cellist Ernst Reijseger, bassist Arnold Dooyeweerd and a violinist from the Brabant Orchestra, Bohuslav Zola. Langenhuijsen himself doesn't play bass this time, but his original instrument, the piano (and also synthesizer and melodica). The LP, released on the broadcasting company's own jazz label, gains Langenhuijsen an Edison (Dutch Grammy) in 1985.

Nikos Tsilogiannis


Arnold Dooyeweerd is the bassist in saxophonist Dick de Graaf 's newly formed septet, which brings together old hands and young talent. The group records one CD in the original line-up, November (1989). After three years Dooyeweerd's student Egon Kracht takes his place in the Dick de Graaf Septet.

Dick de Graaf


The Amsterdam based American singer Peggy Larson starts her Peggy Larson Band in January, with trombonist Willem van Manen, pianist Albert van Veenendaal, drummer Martin van Duynhoven and Arnold Dooyeweerd. The quintet produces one CD, Rood Haar. In the spring of 1990 saxophonist Dick de Graaf conceives a special quartet, with pianist Misha Mengelberg, bassist Arnold Dooyeweerd and drummer John Engels. The group's life is limited to only one Dutch tour. Dooyeweerd also forms his own quartet, with guitarist Wiek Hijmans, saxophonist Tobias Delius and drummer Bart van Helsdingen.

Bart Van Helsdingen Tobias Delius Wiek Hijmans


Saxophonist Frans Vermeerssen includes Dooyeweerd in his new Transatlantic Sextet, which has one more Dutchman (drummer Pierre Courbois) and three Americans in its ranks: trumpeter Herb Robertson, French hornist Alex Brofski and cellist Thomas Ulrich. Drummer Martin van Duynhoven asks the bassist for his nonet Music & Drums. The group's output consist of two self produced cassettes (recorded live at the Bimhuis).

Frans Vermeerssen


The young trumpeter Eric Vloeimans starts his own quartet and asks Arnold Dooyeweerd to be the bassist. Guitarist Anton Goudsmit and drummer Pieter Bast complete the group. Their debut CD, No Realistics, is released by the Art in Jazz label. The albums First Floor (1996) en Bestiarium (1997) are to follow, the latter with the German saxophonist Peter Weniger as a special gust. The new quintet Dooyeweerd's Profs also appears on the scene, featuring Wiek Hijmans, trombonist Joost Buis, saxophonist Barend Middelhof and Bart van Helsdingen.

Eric Vloeimans


Vote is singer Sylvia de Hartog's new group, which contains musicians from her own generation, like saxophonist Lothar Ohlmeier, pianist Pieter Jan Cramer, guitarist Paul Pallesen and drummer Bart van Helsdingen, as well as the seasoned bassist Arnold Dooyeweerd.

Sylvia de Hartog


Guitarist Anton Goudsmit, with whom Dooyeweerd has become acquainted in Vloeimans's group, but who also studies with him at the Amsterdam Sweelinck Conservatory, asks his teacher as the bassist for his own quartet, with saxophonist Yuri Honing and drummer Jos de Haas.


Trombonist Willem van Manen sees Dooyeweerd as the ideal replacement for Eric van der Westen as the bassist of his Contraband. He can be heard on the CD Hittit, released by BVHaast in 1998. In the same year his student Gerco Aerts is his successor in the orchestra.

Willem Van Manen


Together with alto saxophonist Esmée Olthuis and guitarist Anton Goudsmit Dooyeweerd forms the collective trio Drumless Dog (the second part of the band's name is taken from the initials of the musicians' family names). They propagate an energetic free music with strong melodies and tight grooves. In 2001 the group records its first CD, Temporary Music.

Anton Goudsmit Esmée Olthuis


Anton Goudsmit again invites his teacher for a new quartet, with saxophonist Efraim Trujillo and drummer Martijn Vink. Later Jeroen Vierdag will fill the bass spot, and the group eventually adopts the name The Ploctones.


Saxophonist Jasper Blom and drummer Flin van Hemmen are Dooyeweerd's partners in a nameless free improvisation trio. Because of the musicians' structured way of playing clear forms appear in the band's music. The group makes its debut during the final night at the old Bimhuis in Amsterdam. Because Van Hemmen relocates to the US, Michael Vatcher takes his place behind the drum kit.

Jasper Blom

2009 - 2011

Drumless Dog continues with guitarist Wiek Hijmans taking Anton Goudsmit's place. The trio now simply bears the names of the three musicians.

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