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Anouk ontvangt eind 1997 in de radiostudio van de TROS een megaward (Bron: fotocollectie Beeld en Geluid)


08-04-1975 - current


Eurovision Song Contest, pop, rock, soul


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Singer from The Hague whose musical style is a combination of Joan Osborne, Melissa Etheridge and Alanis Morissette. From the nineties the most popular rocksinger of the Netherlands. In 2013 she represents The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest.
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Ruud Groenendijk   gitaar
Sven Figee   toetsinstrumenten
Paul Jan Bakker   gitaar
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Biography Anouk

Singer from The Hague whose musical style is a combination of Joan Osborne, Melissa Etheridge and Alanis Morissette. From the nineties the most popular rocksinger of the Netherlands. In 2013 she represents The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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For The Love Of Money   zang


At the age of 15 Anouk leaves school. She starts performing with her band Shotgun Wedding and auditions for the academy of music in Rotterdam. She is accepted, but is kicked out of school after two years because her theoretical knowledge is not sufficient. Her talents, however, are being recognized by radio DJ Alfred Lagarde who mixes some of her demos. Then she meets Barry Hay from the Golden Earring who asks her whether she is interested in recording a single.

Alfred Lagarde Barry Hay


Anouk's first single, Mood Indigo, is released and gets a fair amount of airplay. She tours with the Golden Earring and teams up with composer Bart van Veen, a male nurse who writes songs in his spare time. She gets a new band of professional musicians together, one of which is Jack Pisters who will later tour and record with Keith Caputo. Because Barry Hay is too busy with the Golden Earring Anouk and Van Veen start writing songs for Anouk's first album.



Anouk ontvangt eind 1997 in de radiostudio van de TROS een megaward (Bron: fotocollectie Beeld en Geluid) In the spring the single Nobody's Wife is released and Anouk is being touted as the next big thing. For weeks the song is high in the charts. The single is followed by Anouk's full-length debut Together Alone, which reaches number one in the charts. Anouk scores her first international hit in Denmark where Nobody's Wife enters the Top 10. Dutch media brand her as the Dutch exponent of American singers Joan Osborne, Alanis Morissette and Melissa Etheridge, who present themselves as 'strong women'. In the meantime both Nobody's Wife and Together Alone become gold.


Anouk is awarded a TMFAward in the categories Most Promising New Act and Best Single (for Nobody's Wife). She also receives Edison Music Awards in the categories Best Female Singer, Best New Artist and Best Video. Together Alone reaches gold in Scandinavia and platinum in Italy. Anouk's second single is It's So Hard comes out but is less successful than its predecessor. In the summer she performs at the Parkpop and Pinkpop festivals. Although the gig at Parkpop is very successful, her performance at Pinkpop is less so: she gets an egg thrown at her, but reacts by taking off her t-shirt and continuing the gig. Sacrifice, written for a friend, is Anouk's third single and reaches number seven in the charts. Anouk becomes second best-selling artist in the Netherlands after fellow Dutch singer Marco Borsato. In November starts the Bennie & Ballie (Anouk's two cats) tour. Besides her band she is also accompanied by rap duo D.o.o.A. In the meantime a publicity campaign is launched to promote Anouk in the US, where she signs a deal with Sony Music's Columbia label.

DooA Marco Borsato


Anouk tours the country, but then suffers from a throat infection that forces her to take it slow for a while. Preparations for the recording of a new album continue, however, and Anouk and Bart leave for Portugal to write new material. The result is Urban Solitude, Anouk's second album. Like Together Alone it's a solid rock album with upbeat songs and ballads. The single R U Kiddin' Me is the first single to be taken from the successful album. Pre-sales for her new tour (Tournedos) have started.


Anouk teams up with Pepsi Cola that will also sponsor her new tour. She plays a small part in the film Hollywood Sign and also records the film's title track. Anouk is also the big winner at this year's TMF Awards (Best Single, Best Singer, Best Live Act and Best Video), and she also receives two Edison Music Awards for Best Artist and Best Singer Nationally. On the advise of her doctor she takes a period of rest and cancels all her gigs at the major summer festivals. The album Urban Solitude is released with a bonus CD, which includes live recordings and two music videos. Anouk sells several collector's items on the Internet. Fans can buy these items by sending an email. Proceeds go to the animal ambulance of The Hague. The single Break Down The Wall comes out, but can only be obtained through the post office. When Anouk has fully recovered after three months rest, she goes off to the States for the recording of a new album. The negotiations with the American label end in a row because of Anouk's refusal to become the next Melissa Etheridge. Anouk moves to Amsterdam with her boyfriend Anonymous Mis (Raymond Stotijn) from Postmen.



Anouk's new single Don't is released. The AA Tour-Semi Acoustic tour kicks off in February and the song Michel is awarded an Edison Music Award for Best Single of the Year. Anouk's band includes Michel van Schie, Satindra Kalpoe, Sven Figee, Paul Jan Bakker, Roland Dirkse, Stef van Es and U-Gene from U-Gene & Oh Jay. In March Lost Tracks, which contains previously unreleased material (like a duet with Sarah Bettens from K's Choice and Postmen's Anonymous Mis), acoustic songs and a 'forbidden Version' of the track Sacrifice, is released. After a row Anouk dismisses her entire band. Late June she starts performing again with a new band that includes drummer Hans Eijkenaar, bass player Silvano Matadin, guitarist René van Barneveld (the latter two are both former Urban Dance Squad), keyboard player Robin van Vliet (formerly Van Kampen) and guitarist Jack Pisters (formerly with the Project and the Wishing Well). In June Anouk performs at the Pinkpop festival for the second time in her career.

Dyzack Eugene Latumeten Postman Slagerij Van Kampen Stef van Es The Wishing Well Urban Dance Squad


A little overdue to her own taste, the rock prima donna receives the prestigious Popprijs ('Pop Award') at the Noorderslag Festival in Groningen. The jury praises her for her versatility. She donates the money (€5.000) to GAI, an animal well-fare organization. In April she gives birth to a son. Anouk will pick up her musical career again in a few months time. Before she goes on maternity leave she cuts enough material for her comeback album. October sees the release of new single Everything, followed by the album Graduate Fool in November. Except for the track Bigger Side, which is composed by Belgium's K's Choice, all songs have been written by Anouk and her long-time collaborator Bart van Veen.


Anouk plays at the Noorderslag festival. From mid-March she tours the Netherlands supported by Dutch band 16Down. On 24 February receives a Gouden ('Golden') Harp music award. On March 6 she receives a Edison Music Award. In April Anouk receives a TMF Music Award in the category Best National Female Singer. Anouk also sings on the JXL album Radio JXL - A Broadcast From The Computer Hell Cabin.

16Down Junkie XL


Update is released on January 5. The album contains 13 songs, including 7 acoustic tracks which can also be found on the DVD Close Up and an acoustic version of Between These Walls. The DVD contains live shows recorded during Rock Werchter, Pinkpop and the Swiss Gurtenfestival, a documentary and two songs recorded during a 2 Meter Sessie. Anouk features in a commercial for chocolate bar Lion. Anouk's first gig of the year takes place at the Paaspop ('Easter Pop') festival in Schijndel. On June 11 she supports David Bowie in the Amsterdam Arena. She has a legal argument with her mum, who refuses to leave the house that Anouk wants to sell to pay for her emigration to the US. The judge advises them to settle it amicably out of court. In September Anouk takes the whole caboodle on the road again for a semi-acoustic tour along the theatre circuit. Ronald Kool plays keyboards in her live band. Postmen support her the entire tour long. Her fourth studio album, Hotel New York, named after the hotel by that name in Rotterdam, is released by the end of November. On November 7, at the closing night of the 10th Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht video director A.D. is awarded the first prize for the video along Anouk's I Live For You.


On Saturday March 19 Anouk wins two Radio 3FM Awards, one for being Best Female Singer and another one for most played Dutch production (Girl) by the public station. By the end of March the album Hotel reaches the gold status in Belgium, acknowledging sales in excess of 25.000 copies. Another, her third, Best Local Female Singer she wins at the annual TMF Awards at Rotterdam Ahoy' arena in April. At the annual Musicians' Day, staged in Amsterdam's Melkweg club, Anouk wins the so-called Devil Award for Best Female Singer. It is a peer-to-peer prize established by the Dutch Rock & Pop Institute. In October Anouk wins three Belgian TMF Awards (Best International Artist, Best Album and album en Best Video). Anouk sings most of the vocals on Green, the fourth album by Postmen (now Postman), her husband Remon Stotijn's band. In November Anouk headlines two big arena shows Antwerp's Sports Palace. On December 3, 4, 16 and 17 she plays four sold-out shows in the Rotterdam Ahoy' arena. The duo zZz is support act. After the Ahoy' show Anouk and her family move to Ohio. As of now her career will be continued out of the US.

Postmen zZz


During the ceremonies of the 3FM Awards in Amsterdam's Melkweg, Anouk wins the Best Female Singer award. On March 15 she picks up an Edison award in the same club and in the same category. At the ceremonies she joins dialect rock band Normaal that won a lifetime achievement award. On March 20 at Antwerp's Sports Palace she wins two awards at Humo's Pop Poll De Luxe, staged annually by Flemish radio and TV guide Humo. Again she wins the Best Female Singer trophy plus Best Single (Girl). Anouk cancels her Pinkpop show. Reportedly, the rock singer doesn't agree with the time slot offered to her. In June she appears for the fourth time at Belgium's Rock Werchter festival. Anouk Is Alive is a double DVD, including the registration of the Ahoy concerts of December 2005, complemented with a backstage documentary and video. Anouk again receives TMF Awards for Best Female Artist and Best Rock Act. In November Anouk again wins a European MTV Award for Best Dutch/Belgian Act.



During the summer Anouk is in Los Angeles with producer Glen Ballard and American session musicians working on a new album called Who's Your Momma. The CD comes out late November and features songs by Anouk and Ballard, The Anonymous Mis from Postman and Bart van Veen. Good God is the first single from Who's Your Momma. Back in the Netherlands, a difference of opinion about the new album is cause of a break with Anouk's backing group. Guitarists Leendert Haaksma and Martijn van Agt, bassist Michel van Schie and drummer Hans Eijkenaar are fired by the singer via email. In December the singer performs on TV with her new band which is made up of the young musicians Boaz Kroon (bass) and Thijs Boontjes (keyboard) from the band King Jack, Angelo de Rijke (guitar), Memru Renjaan (guitar) and Oscar Kraal (drums). Anouk has returned to the Netherlands and is living in Amsterdam.

King Jack


Anouk performs at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp. On 28 and 29 March she plays the Gelredome in Arnhem. It is the first time in her career that she performs in such a big venue. After having been married for eight year Anouk and Postman split. Late April the 3FM Awards are presented at The Factory in Amsterdam. Anouk wins in the categories Best Female Singer, Best Album and Best Rock Artist. During the VNPF LiveXS Awards, in Paradiso, Anouk wins an award as Best Act National. Early August, during the opening ceremony of the Olympics in China, Erland Bratland performs Anouk's song Lost. Earlier this year, the seventeen year old singer from Norway won the talent contest Norway's Got Talent and reached top spot of the Norwegian charts with this song. Anouk and Tjeerd Bomhof of the band Voicst work on material for a new album. The songs are recorded later this year in Sweden with producer Tore Johansson, known from his work with The Cardigans, Melanie C, Suede, Franz Ferdinand and Sophie Ellis Bextor. Starting 1 September works as a teaches pop music to students of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Conservatory Amsterdam). Anouk's shows at the Heineken Music Hall 4, 17 and 22 December are all sold out.



Anouk features in commercials by bank and insurer ING. On 23 April, during the annual 3FM Awards, Anouk wins in the category Best Rock Artist. The singer performs at the Pinkpop festival and at the Westerpark in Amsterdam. The album For Bitter Or Worse is scheduled for release on 18 September. The first official single of the new album is Three Days In A Row featuring a remix by Terilekst and Anouk's new boyfriend Unorthadox. session musicians. On stage her band consists of Anouk guitarists Leendert Haaksma and Martijn van Agt (both of whom have returned) and Glenn Gaddum jr. on bass. On 12 and 16 November and on 2 and 4 December Anouk plays the Ahoy' in Rotterdam.


The single For Bitter Or Worse is the title song for the Dutch movie De Gelukkige Huisvrouw (The Happy Housewife) with actress Carice van Houten (a.o. Black Book, Game of Thrones). At the 3FM Awards in april listeners of the Dutch popular radio station 3FM vote Anouk Best Female Vocalist. For Bitter Or Worse wins Best Album. In August the singer leaves for The United States to start writing her next album. The first producers to contribute to songs are Noize Trip (The Roots, Black Eyed Peas, Macy Gray), musicians from the collective Lionshare from Brooklyn and the New York producer Reggie 'Syience' Perry (Beyoncé, John Legend, Mary J Blige). Anouk continues her recordings with the American producer Ryan Leslie (Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg).


During the 3FM Awards ceremony in Amsterdam on April 14 Anouk wins in the category Beste Live Act. On her single Down & Dirty she disses her former boyfriend Unorthadox. The funky album To Get Her Together (released in May) has guest appearances by amongst others Jenny Lane, Berget Lewis and Trijntje Oosterhuis. Thanks to her new album Anouk receives the award for Best Female Artist at the Edison Pop 2011 Awards. The single What Have You Done is an adaptation of the song Onderweg which was a hit single in 2000 for the Dutch band Abel.

Abel Berget Lewis Jennie Lena Trijntje Oosterhuis


Anouk is co-producer on the album Wrecks We Adore by singer Trijntje Oosterhuis. The album is released on the renowned Blue Note label. On March 11 she gives a concert at the GelreDome stadium in Arnhem (capacitiy: 41.000). Anouk says it will be one of her last concerts in a stadium for the time being. ‘I like to spend more time at home and in the studio. Making music is where my heart lies at the moment, more than performing on stage.’ One of her other rare gigs this year is at the Beatstad Festival 2012 in The Hague on July 7. In October Anouk announces her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Contrary to previous years the organizers of the National Song Contest give the singer complete artistic freedom. This time there’s also no public voting.

Trijntje Oosterhuis


Promotiefoto 2013 (Bron: officiële website Anouk) During a packed press conference at the Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum on March 12 Anouk presents her entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. With her stripped down performance of the orchestral ballad Birds she stands out between the other contestants during the first semi-final in Malmö on May 14. The song wins her a place in the final on the 18th of May. It’s the first time since 2004 The Netherlands has reached the final. During the grand final Anouk makes it to the ninth place. The longer version of Birds can be found on the album Sad Singalong Songs, released on Anouk’s own label Goldilox on May 17. The songs are recorded with Swedish producers/composers Tore Johansson and Martin Gjerstad. In October Anouk is the main act during the eighth edition of Symphonica In Rosso at the GelreDome stadium in Arnhem.

Phatt Shirma Rouse Yerry Rellum

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Anouk - Birds
Anouk - For Bitter Or Worse
Anouk - For Bitter Or Worse
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Anouk - Nobody's Wife
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Anouk - Down & Dirty (Exclusive New Track)

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