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Albert van Veenendaal


24-07-1956 - current


improvised, jazz


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Albert Veenendaal

Albert van Veenendaal

Since the 1980s Albert van Veenendaal (Utrecht, 24 July 1956) has been making a name for himself as a pianist, composer and arranger. In addition he also plays prepared piano and synthesizer in his own groups, and is a sought-after sideman. His playing is marked by clear rhythmic ideas and ...
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Biography Albert van Veenendaal

Since the 1980s Albert van Veenendaal (Utrecht, 24 July 1956) has been making a name for himself as a pianist, composer and arranger. In addition he also plays prepared piano and synthesizer in his own groups, and is a sought-after sideman. His playing is marked by clear rhythmic ideas and vivid, film-like imagery. Together with bassist Meinrad Kneer he starts his own CD label, Evil Rabbit Records, in 2006. It focuses on improvised music with a truly European signature.

Played in

2 Be Two   piano
I Compani   piano
Utrechts Improvisatie Laboratorium (uil)   piano


With saxophonist Dick de Graaf and Greek drummer Nikos Tsilogiannis he forms De Trio, but De Graaf and Van Veenendaal soon decide to continue as De Duo. In this line-up they win the first prize at the NOS/Meervaart Festival competition in 1982. 1982 also marks the start of a longtime collaboration with guitarist Corrie van Binsbergen. Together they found the Utrechts Improvisatie Laboratorium (UIL), which also features De Graaf, bassist Eric Calmes, drummer André Groen and singer Tirtsa de Vries.

Corrie van Binsbergen Dick de Graaf

1983 - 1985

Van Veenendaal joins singer/actor Willem Nijholt for a theater tour. A renewed collaboration with Nikos Tsilogiannis finds him playing in his quintet, in which Arnold Dooyeweerd is the bassist, and Dick de Graaf plays saxophone and Jeff Reynolds trumpet. They will later be replaced by tenor saxophonist Tobias Delius and trumpeter Gary Fienburg.

Arnold Dooyeweerd

1986 - 1988

Drummer Arend Niks invites Albert van Veenendaal to play with his group Geen Deel, which also includes Corrie van Binsbergen, and combines music and modern dance. The same year sees the start of the trio 2Be2=3, again featuring Van Veenendaal, Van Binsbergen and Niks.

Arend Niks

1989 - 1995

Albert van Veenendaal joins Sharp Wood, Utrecht drummer Michael Baird's band, making the group more than just a percussion ensemble. It is here that he meets marimba and vibes player Hans Hasebos, with whom he forges a longtime musical partnership. With Arend Niks and his band Niks Van Veenendaal records the CD At Hand in 1991 . Van Veenendaal can also be heard on Rood Haar, by the Peggy Larson Band, of which he is a member between 1991-'94. Corrie van Binsbergen forms a new octet, Bits & Pieces, and its pianist is again Albert van Veenendaal. The same guitarist plays the bass guitar in the group Smell, spearheaded by singer Alexandra van Marken, and also featuring Hans Hasebos.

Hans Hasebos


1999 marks the start of the trio Pavlov, which Van Veenendaal co-leads with Hans Hasebos and violinist/violist Oene van Geel. The group plays a kind of chamber music with a great deal of room for improvisations. With singers Alexandra van Marken and Karin Tanghe Pavlov can be seen and heard in the theater production Sinatra This Way (directed by Dirk Tanghe). Later (in 2003, 2004 and 2007) the group works with dramatist Kees van der Zwaard in the productions Ooit Is Het Begonnen, Vlieg op! and Koos. In 2001 Pavlov's recording debut is released: Table Music.

Oene van Geel

2000 - 2003

Albert van Veenendaal In 2000 Albert van Veenendaal forms a new band of his own, On the Line, featuring Oene van Geel and guitarist Timuç Sahin. A year later the trio takes part in the Dutch Jazz Competition and wins the first prize. They also release the CD The Unexpected. In 2001 the pianist again engages in a new long-lasting musical partnership, with saxophonist Esmée Olthuis. The first of three CDs the duo releases is called This Is To Say (2002). As co-leader of the 'bigtet' Tetzepi his duo partner includes him in this large ensemble. He remains in this band until 2004, contributes compositions, and can be heard on the CDs Ta Tenen and Shu. Saxophonist Alan Laurillard starts another large band, for which he engages Van Veenendaal: the Zuiderzee Orkest. The Canadian also includes him in his smaller ensemble: Seafood. An extraordinary project starting in 2001 is the Traveling Light Piano Quartet, consisting of four pianists: Rob van den Broeck, Sylvie Courvoisier, Cor Fuhler and the leader himself. Corrie van Binsbergen starts a series of concerts featuring Dutch writers (Kees van Kooten, Remco Campert, Josse de Pauw, Toon Tellegen, Ramsey Nasr), for which she uses a variety of line-ups, all featuring Albert van Veenendaal as the pianist.

Cor Fuhler Esmée Olthuis

2004 - 2005

A new version of the project with multiple pianists in one group is continued as the Traveling Light Piano Trio, featuring Niko Langenhuijsen and Belgian Jozef Dumoulin. This version runs until 2007, and records the CD Terra Firma in 2005. During a number of inspiring duo meetings with bassist Meinrad Kneer the idea takes root to make this a regular business. Adding drummer Yonga Sun a trio is born that carries all three musicians' names (and is usually abbreviated to VKS). Pretty soon TryTone releases their first CD: Songs to Dance Strangely With. In 2005 saxophonist Bo van de Graaf asks the trio as rhythm section for his band I Compani. As such they partake in the project Circusism, which is later released on CD. With the group President of the Globe Van Veenendaal participates in a project featuring the poetry of Russian poet Velmir Chlebnikov (1885-1922). TryTone releases the CD.

Bo van de Graaf Meinrad Kneer Niko Langenhuijsen Yonga Sun

2006 - 2008

Kneer and Van Veenendaal start their own CD label, Evil Rabbit Records. The sleeves, designed by Lysander Le Coultre, make for a clear style, and the music also bears its own individual mark. The starting point for all groups that release CDs on the label is European music. The first releases include a second CD by the VKS Trio (Predictable Point of Impact), the label founders' own duo (The Munderkingen Sessions, Part 1), and Van Veenendaal's duo with Italian pianist Fabrizio Puglisi (Duets for Prepared, Unprepared and Toy Pianos). He had met his southern European colleague during 2003's European TryTone Festival at the Amsterdam Bimhuis. With his other duo partner, Esmée Olthuis, Van Veenendaal starts organizing a series of improvisation concerts in the Amsterdam Bethaniënklooster, called The Mystery of Guests, for which the invite various trio partners in the course of 2006 and 2007. In 2008 a CD, bearing the same title, is released featuring the best of these confrontations. Corrie van Binsbergen, trombonist Joost Buis, bassist Wilbert de Joode and drummer Han Bennink are the guests selected for the album. The same year also sees the release of Seductive Sabotage, the first CD by Spoon 3, a trio featuring Meinrad Kneer and singer Jodi Gilbert.

2009 - 2010

2009 sees the tenth anniversary of Pavlov, which is celebrated by joining forces with VKS, making it a quintet, not surprisingly called Pavlov Five. Van Veenendaal also appears on CDs by violinist Tineke de Jong (Midday Moon) and flutist Mark Alban Lotz's group Lotz of Music (Bite!). In the course of 2009 Etudes voor Opera will be performed, a series of finger exercises for a musical drama production in the Bethaniënklooster, which Van Veenendaal has conceived with Esmée Olthuis. The duo will perform the music, featuring guests Hans Hasebos, percussionist Alan Purves, singer Kristina Fuchs and actors Kevin Walton or Hein van der Heijden. The libretti were written by Kees van der Zwaard and Oscar van Woensel. In the spring of 2009 the VKS Trio will collaborate with the French Matthieu Donarier Trio. In one of the TryTone Double Plus Concerts the trios will perform separately, and together, at het Bimhuis. Additional concerts have been planned for the spring of 2010 . In 2010 a theater tour has been planned for the production DeBoodschapper, based on the book by Iranian-Dutch author Kader Abdolah. The actors involved are Peter Faber and Vera Ketselaar. Albert van Veenendaal wrote the music.

Alan Purves Kristina Fuchs


In 2011 A Cool Trea is released, a collection of improvations recorded in 2008 by Van Veenendaal and cellist/designer Lysander le Coultre. The release is dedicated to Le Coultre, who unexpectedly passed away on 29 January 2009.

Lysander Le Coultre

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