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Acid Junkies


1988 - current


acid house, techno


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Acid Junkies

House duo that is influenced by the Chicago/Detroit acid sound.
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Harold De Kinderen   toetsinstrumenten
Stefan Robbers   toetsinstrumenten

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Biography Acid Junkies

House duo that is influenced by the Chicago/Detroit acid sound.


Stefan Robbers discovers acid house music.


Robbers is introduced to the techno scene, the Detroit variant on house.


One of Robbers' demos comes under the attention of Saskia Slegers the owner of hiphop label Djax Records. She and Robbers start the Djax Records sublabel Djax-Up-Beats. Robbers' renowned 916 Buena Avenue EP (under the a.k.a. Terrace) is the label's first release.

Saskia Slegers Terrace


The Staight Tripping EP, released on red vinyl, is very well received in the techno scene. Again under the Terrace flag, Robbers decides to experiment with music that is more melodic than the increasingly popular techno sound. His minimalist experiments are released on the Djax-Up-Beats label as R.E.C.



After releasing two more successful Terrace EP's, Robbers and Wladimir M decide to start their own label: Eevo Lute Muzique. On this label Robbers releases several EP's and CD's under the name Florence. Robbers also releases an acid EP for Djax-Up-Beats, for the first time using the Acid Junkies moniker. Soon after that the Acid Junkies become a real band when Harold de Kinderen joins Robbers. The EP Part 1 is released as a tribute to the old Chicago acid sound and the Acid Junkies start performing.



Robbers releases Agenda 21, his first compilation, on Eevo Lute.


The Acid Junkie's debut album Paranoid Experience is released. The album contains five live-tracks and is also available on vinyl (Part 3).


The EP Part 4 is released.


Part 5: Unsequenced is released and contains eight tracks. An EP with remixes by Steve Rachmad and Claude Young a.o. is to be released in 1998. The CD version of Unsequenced is the band's second album.


On Acid Life Vol. 1 the Acid Junkies mix their favourite tracks. The Junkies also release their third album EU. In December they release a new EP with Miss Djax. The EP is an ode the Roland TB 303.

Saskia Slegers


Acid Junkies The Windy City EP is released. The Junkies fourth album Jackpot, consists of old school and techno tracks. The album also contains a CD-ROM with which it is possible to create your own Acid Junkies video. Also released is Acid Life Volume 2.


Due to a dispute about distribution and also challenged by new media, Acid Junkies decide to release all their forthcoming material only on via the Internet. Because the rights on Acid Junkies name are exclusively with the Djax label, Robbers and De Kinderen decide to change the band's name into A.J.


In August the 12" President Incident is released on the German label Acid Tracks, followed in October by a live album. An Acid Tracks tour is to kick off in 2002.


Acid Junkies take a sabbatical.


Acid Junkies contribute to the sampler Powerslaves: An Elektro Tribute To Iron Maiden. As R.E.C. Stefan Robbers releases the Uptime EP. In the summer the duo celebrates its 10th anniversary as a live act and finds a new management. New album B.O.D.Y. is virtually acid-less. It's out on CD and double vinyl (December). It contains practically all-new material that harks back to early '80s Electronic Body Music (EBM). It is heavy and fast techno in an electro flavour, produced according to the most up-to-date techniques. One exception though: the track Wanna Kiss Myself, an ode to Human Resource's rave classic Dominator, a live favourite. Just after Xmas Robbers en De Kinderen - Robbers & the Kids - embark on a (domestic and international) club tour to commemorate its 10th anniversary.



Acid Junkies Under the name Planalto Stefan Robbers, John Edwards and singer Janaina Rodrigues da Silva release the Latin album Hornito!.



The duo's productions become more dark and industrial under the name The Acid Plant, both live and on record (on the label A3C0I3D Tracks). On 17 December Acid Junkies are part of the Acid Wars - The Big One night. Because it's a home game for Acid Junkies, the two musicians bring part of their studio with them on stage.


Festival Acid Wars gets a follow-up with Acid Wars - The New Beginning, on 4 November at Butan Club in Wuppertal, Germany, and on 16 December in Effenaar, Eindhoven.


In August Acid Junkies is part of the 303 All Stars, an 'orchestra' of Dutch techno pioneers, which also includes Rude 66, Legowelt and Nederzuur. During the Lowlands festival, the orchestra plays an acid set with analogue and interconnected Roland drum machines: five 303's, one 808 and one 909.


Discography Acid Junkies

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