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The Skidmarks


1995 - 2005


garage rock, sixties

The Skidmarks

'60s garage punk rock 'n' roll band that was voted best live act of 2001 during the Grand Prix Of The Netherlands Talent Show.
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Peter van Rijn   drums
Ernst Jonkman   basgitaar
Sander Borst   gitaar, zang
Maarten van Essen   gitaar, orgel, zang
Jeroen Mesker   zang

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Biography The Skidmarks

'60s garage punk rock 'n' roll band that was voted best live act of 2001 during the Grand Prix Of The Netherlands Talent Show.


Ernie, Jeroen and Sander met at the University of Amsterdam and decided to form a band. With Ernie's long-time friend Fat Pete (with whom Ernie also played in the Incredible Leg between 1993 and 1995) and Jim (from a band called Suffcuts) they form the Skidmarks. It is clear from the very beginning that many of their heroes come from the '60s.

1996 - 2000

The Skidmarks play the Dutch underground scene and sometimes the bigger clubs like Paradiso, OCCII, the Melkweg, Winston Kingdom and the Arena.


The Skidmarks play at the Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt festival and also win the preliminary of the Grand Prix Of The Netherlands Talent Show. Record company Munich shows an interest in the Skidmarks after hearing a demo released by the band in September. After the finale of the Grand Prix Of The Netherlands Talent Show the Skidmarks are voted Best Live Act.


Drummer Van Rijn and Maarten Heijblok (ex-Treble Spankers) also play in a band called the Parlandos. Debut album Come And Get It! is released on Munich Records, which earns the band positive reviews from the Dutch press. The Skidmarks play Germany for the first time. The band also supports Dead Moon in Tivoli and Paradiso. In the autumn the band goes into the studio to record 10 new songs.



The Skidmarks March sees the release of a 10" called Annual White Trash Barbecue, which was recorded live, and a 7" called Red-handed. The four tracks on the latter record were recorded during a 2 Meter Sessie and a session for radio show Leidsekade Live.


Singer Jeroen damages his vocal chords and the band is forced to cancel several gigs and their German tour. The recordings of the band's new album are also delayed. Till The Last One's Gone is presented in Paradiso, Amsterdam on April 22. The 12-track album boasts various styles, ranging from soul, garage, and '60s to '70s hard rock. After shows in France the band travels to Spain in September for a two-week tour.


In their last year of existence the Skidmarks initiate many projects on the side. Together with the drummer of the Stilettos and the bassist of El Superflaco, Maarten van Essen puts together The Bigger Beef Bonanzas who play covers of garage rock band The Devil Dogs. Bassist Ernst Jonkman, drummer Peter van Rijn and soundman Remco perform a one-off as Fat Pete & the Sherpa's. After a few festival appearances plus a short Spanish tour the band splits up amicably by the end of August.

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In January Fat Pete & the Sherpas release their 5-track untitled debut-EP. Peter van Rijn and Maarten van Essen back up ex-Outsider Ronnie Splinter in his new '60s band The Dam. Sander Borst plays in The Pedro Delgados, The Gentlemen's Club (with Ernst Jonkman) and Los Pompodoros (with Van Essen).

The Dam


The Skidmarks temporarily get back together for a show at Sleazefest and other gigs. The Pop-Outs consists of members from The Skidmarks and The Budgetics. The line-up includes drummer Peter van Rijn, bassist Ernst Jonkman and organ player Maarten van Essen. The band's garagerock sound features elements from punk and sixties music with a touch of sleazerock and lyrics that deal mostly with murderers, hooligans, women and horses.

The Pop-Outs

Discography The Skidmarks

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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