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1989 - current




Hungarian alternative rock band, fronted by Amsterdam-born Mick Ness, which is hugely successful in the former Eastern bloc.
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Gabor Varga   sampler, toetsinstrumenten
Tibor Vangel   drums
Viktor Laszlo   achtergrondzang, basgitaar
Tamas Kocsis   achtergrondzang, gitaar
Mick Witkamp   gitaar, zang

Former members

Zoltan Hegyi   zang

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1989   Mick Ness

Biography Sexepil

Hungarian alternative rock band, fronted by Amsterdam-born Mick Ness, which is hugely successful in the former Eastern bloc.


After a solo career in the '80s Mick Ness comes in contact with Hungarian band Sexepil, which started out as a punk rock band called ETA. As Sexepil the band was influenced by the likes of Joy Division/The Comsat Angels/Bauhaus. After having recorded an album called United States singer Zoltan Hegyi leaves the group. He is replaced by Ness. Other band members include Tamas Kocsis (lead guitar, backing vocals), Viktor Laszlo (bass, backing vocals) and Tibor Vangel (drums). Besides lead vocals, Ness also plays the guitar. The decision to start singing in the English language causes quite a stir among part of the Hungarian press. They are, however, unanimous in their judgement that Ness is a very charismatic stage personality whose vocal abilities overshadow many Hungarians. Sexepil becomes one of Hungary's most renowned alternative bands.

Mick Ness


The cassette tape Bi... contains live material which was recorded for the most part in Vienna and the USSR. The twelve-track tape is available via mail order and in record shop and can also be purchased at the gigs. Love Jealousy Hate, the band's first album with Mick Ness, is released via the Hungarian label WEAST Records. The album is quite successful in Hungary and is still being regarded the best the band has ever recorded. Although the music is written by the band, Ness is responsible for the lyrics. His love for David Bowie and also the influence of the Comsat Angels is obvious.


Love Jealousy Hate is successfully released in Germany on the Metronome/Polygram label. In the Netherlands the vinyl version of the single is available through Semaphore. Dutch magazines OOR and Opscene publish raving reviews but this fails to boost record sales. Gabor Varga joins the band on keyboards and sampler. Sexepil travels to the US for several gigs in New York (including the New Music Seminar).


Sexepil Nobody Is An Island is seen on MTV's 120 Minutes. VJ Paul King is a fan and calls Sexepil one of his favourite bands. Sexepil supports the Sugarcubes on their European tour. The band also plays Holland but no one notices that Dutchman Mick Ness is the frontman.


Sexepil's next album is rather more up-tempo than the band's debut. Against Nature does well in Hungary and Germany. The cassette tape of the album is popular in other eastern European countries. Eroding Europe can be seen on MTV.


Sexepil plays at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. The band then travels to Dallas, New Orleans, Athens and New York and signs a worldwide contract with Warner Hungary. In an attempt to get Butch Vig to do the production of the new album, the band gets in touch with Brian Anderson, an up and coming producer at the time.


Sugar For The Soul is recorded in the Phoenix Studio in Budapest and mixed in the Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin, in the US. Following that the band travels to Austin, Texas, to perform at the South By Southwest festival. The new album is mastered by Howie Weinberg. The video for the single Jerusalem is by Peter Kovacs and has a world premiere on MTV's Alternative Nation. Sexepil tours Hungary supporting Faith No More and also appears at several European festivals throughout the summer. In August Sugar For The Soul comes out in Hungary. Influences on the album are grunge and music by American bands like Rage Against The Machine. The album is called best production of 1995 in Hungary and is also released in many other European countries including the Netherlands. Unfortunately, Warner Music Holland fails to promote the album.


Sugar For The Soul is released in the US, but because of a lack of support the album fails to make any impact. Ness records several dance remixes of the tracks.


'Remixes' comes out in the summer and reaches the Top 10 of the Hungarian album charts. The band works on new material, but due to technical problems the release of the follow-up to Sugar For The Soul takes longer than expected.


The band is not happy with the result of the re-recorded songs for the new album. Keyboard player Gabor Varga quits.

Discography Sexepil

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Sexepil - I come
Sexepil - I come
sexepil - Eroding Europe ...
sexepil - Eroding Europe (xpc remix)
sexepil - somewhere
sexepil - somewhere
Sexepil - Jerusalem
Sexepil - Jerusalem
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Sexepil - I come

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