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Severe Torture


1997 - current


death metal, metal


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Severe Torture

Severe Torture is a brutal and tight death metal band from the province of North Brabant that has put itself seriously on the international metal map with its debut album Feasting On Blood (2000). The music is inspired by Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal and Immolation and the major themes of ...
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Dennis Schreurs   zang
Seth van de Loo   drums, lyricist
Marvin Vriesde   gitaar
Thijs van Laarhoven   gitaar
Patrick Boleij   basgitaar

Former members

Eric de Windt   zang
Jelle (1)   gitaar

Mentioned in the biography of

1998   Sinister
1999   Dead Head

Biography Severe Torture

Severe Torture is a brutal and tight death metal band from the province of North Brabant that has put itself seriously on the international metal map with its debut album Feasting On Blood (2000). The music is inspired by Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal and Immolation and the major themes of the lyrics are misanthropy and anti-religion.

1997 - 1998

Severe Torture is founded in 1997 and originally consists of drummer Seth van de Loo and bassist Patrick Boleij (who are also members of the band Centurian), guitarist Thijs van Laarhoven, vocalist Eric de Windt and guitarist Jelle. In 1998 the band records the five track demo Baptized at the QSA Studio with producer Vincent Dijkers (Sinister, Houwitser). They have 600 copies of the demo pressed. In its May 1998 issue the metal magazine Aardschok compares the music to Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy and Suffocation. Eric de Windt leaves Severe Torture to join Sinister.

Houwitser Sinister

1999 - 2000

The band records two tracks for a promo CD, with the new vocalist Dennis Schreurs. The two tracks are released by Damnation Records as a 7”. Guitarist Jelle leaves the band after a gig with Immolation. Severe Torture performs at the 2000 No Mercy festival at the Tilburg venue 013 (featuring Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Vader, Hate Eternal and Vomitory) and tours for the first time in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Belgium. After the tour the band starts recording its debut album Feasting On Blood with producers Berthus Westerhuys and Robbie Woning (best known for their work with Altar and God Dethroned) at Franky's Recording Kitchen. The CD and limited edition picture disc are released in Europe on 9 October 2000. The reviews are very favorable: 'In ten awesome tracks the four gentlemen blow Cannibal Corpse off the map easily,' writes music magazine Oor in September.

Altar God Dethroned

2001 - 2003

Severe Torture In January 2001 Severe Torture takes part in the Masters Of Murder 2001 European tour with the American bands Macabre and Broken Hope and the German band Die Apokalyptischen Reiter. During the tour the single Lambs Of A God is released, on green vinyl, in a limited edition of 500 copies. Seth van de Loo and Patrick Boleij quit Centurian, because it is too hard to combine a second band with Severe Torture. In April the band travels to the United States, to perform at the Ohio Death Fest. Back in the Netherlands they start work on their second album, which is again recorded at Franky's Recording Kitchen with Berthus Westerhuys and Robbie Woning. The recordings are finished by March 2002 and the band immediately leaves for the States again for a second series of shows. Together with Deeds Of Flesh, Disgorge and Disavowed They they take part in the package Bloodletting North America Part III. They also perform at the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, Ohio Death Fest and do five shows in Canada. In a review of their second album, Misanthropic Carnage, Aardschok magazine calls Severe Torture 'without a doubt one of the best death metal bands in the Netherlands.' In September and October Severe Torture does a five week European tour with Cannibal Corpse, Dew-Scented and Viu Drakh. A planned gig in Switzerland is cancelled by the venue since it considers the Misanthropic Carnage album cover too violent. The CD ends up in German stores with an altered cover design. During the tour the band meets guitarist Marvin Vriesde, a member of Dew-Scented, and also of Blo.Torch. In its 19 October issue music magazine Oor devotes a two page article to the tight scene around Severe Torture. A few months later Marvin Vriesde joins Severe Torture as their second guitarist. His arrival means that the band's tunes feature more solos now.

2004 - 2007

Severe Torture signs with the internationally renowned metal label Earache, which releases their third album Fall Of The Despised in September 2005. After the CD's release the band gets an offer to tour for six weeks with the Polish band Vader. Another important tour is the one in Mexico in 2007. During the first four shows of Deicide's European tour drummer Seth van de Loo subs as singer, when the vocalist of this American band, Glen Benton, makes a no-show. The new album Sworn Vengeance is recorded at several locations. The drums, guitars and bass are recorded at the Rotterdam Excess studio and the vocals at the Limburg Pit studio. The mix is made at the Hertz Recording Studio in Bialystok, Poland. The album contains guest vocals by Jason Netherton (from the American band Misery Index) and Ché Snelting (Born From Pain). The music is varied, leaving room for slower tunes, medium tempo moments and more melody.

Born From Pain

2008 - 2010

The collaboration with Earache comes to an end. Severe Torture, however, is soon signed by the independent label Season Of Mist. The band wishes to record the intensity of their live sets on their next album and they ask Textures' Jochem Jacobs to be their producer. The fifth studio album, Slaughtered, is recorded at the Amsterdam Split Second Sound Studios. Because of the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull there is no air traffic possible in large parts of Europe, and Severe Torture is forced to cancel its Mexican tour in April 2010. In June 2010 the CD Slaughtered is released both in Europe and in the United States.


Discography Severe Torture

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