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1994 - 2010


hard rock


Hard rock band formed by former-Zinatra singer Joss Mennen (ex-Zinatra).
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Joss Mennen   zang
Alex Jansen   basgitaar
Fon Janssen   drums
Gino Rerimassie   gitaar

Former members

P.P. Meusen   gitaar
Eric Van De Kerkhof   gitaar
Frenk Aendenroomer   basgitaar

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1992   Zinatra
2003   Erwin Musper

Biography Mennen

Hard rock band formed by former-Zinatra singer Joss Mennen (ex-Zinatra).


After he has left Zinatra singer Joss Mennen forms a new band called simply Mennen. Whereas Zinatra was more of a melodic hard rock band Mennen is more metal-minded. The band signs to the German label T&T Records. Under supervision of Wolfgang Stach (Guano Apes) Mennen records a self-titled debut album in the German Ton & Ton studio in Recklinhausen, Germany. One of the songs on the album is a cover of the song House For Sale from Dutch band Lucifer. The album is also released in Japan via the JVC label.

Lucifer Zinatra


Heavy flooding in the south of the Netherlands inspires the band to record the song River Of Tears. The song is released as a charity single by Dutch label Red Sea Records. All proceeds of the song go to the victims.


Because of the success Mennen has in especially Japan, the band is able to record a second album. Mennen goes into the studio with producer Mark Anthony (For Absent Friends). The album Back To The Real World is released in September and is supported by the Back On The Real Road tour in the Benelux countries. Highlight of the tour is a show at the Bospop Festival where the band performs in front of 10.000 people.

Mark Anthony


The third Mennen album is called Age Of Fools and is more song-oriented than the band's previous albums. Age Of Fools is produced by Edwin Balogh (Tamas, Ayreon). Guitarist P.P. and bassist Frenk Aendenroomer leave the band. Aendenroomer is replaced by Alex Jansen and Mennen continues as a four piece.


Mennen In 1999 Mennen tours Europe supports big international acts like the Scorpions, Gotthard, Molly Hatched, Grip Inc and Avalon. The band also plays at the Aardschokfestival and Rocktoberfest.


The year kicks off with a showcase at the Eurosonic festival in Groningen, the Netherlands. The band invites the fans to vote for their favourite Mennen songs which will be recorded live and released on the album Circle Of Live. The album is mixed by Peter de Wint (Glenn Hughes, Harem Scarem) in his studio in Antwerp.


The live album is doing especially well in southern Europe. Mennen tours France, Spain and Portugal.


Mennen builds a recording and rehearsal studio in preparation of their new album.


Recordings for the fifth Mennen album Freakazoid take up most of the year. The album is produced by Erwin Musper, the same producer who produced Mennen's former band Zinatra ten years before that.

Erwin Musper


Mennen The European release of Freakazoid is followed by the Unless Something Better Is One TV-Tour and the single Down. In September Mennen supports Whitesnake for a show in the Netherlands. Mennen signs an international deal with Swedish record company Escapi NMS AB. Freakazoid is also released in the US. In October the band shoots a video with the title track of the album. The director of the video is Jeroen Musper.


Mennen The single Freakazoid is released in June. After the summer Mennen travels to Cincinnati to record a new album in the studio of producer Erwin Musper. After finishing recordings the band goes on a promotional tour in the northeast of the US. The new album is released as a dual disc worldwide via Escapi Music early 2006. On the DVD side of the dual disc is a Making Of documentary.


Mennen In September Mennen tours the US. The live CD Freakalive is released on October 13 (Armageddon Music). Later in the year the studio album Planet Black comes out. The band gives several shows in the United States including one during the Midpoint Festival in Cincinnati which attracts about 20.000 visitors each year.


Mennen goes on tour with Victory & Nikki Puppet, opens for the bands Masterplan and Saxon, plays on Wacken Open Air and is headliner at the Holy Cow Festival in the Netherlands. By the end of the year guitarist Erik van de Kerkhof leaves the band to pursue a new musical career. Joss Mennen asks his old Zinatra pal Gino Rerimassie to step in. After Rerimassie has joined the band, Mennen's setlist also includes several Zinatra songs.


Eric van de Kerkhof releases the album Perfect Lives. The album features a combination of latin and jazz and also contributions by Jeroen Vierdag (bass), Gijs Anders van Straalen (percussion), Tjaco Oostdijk (drums, vibraphone), Marleen van Emmerik (vocals), Robert Rook (piano) and Barend Tromp (bass). The band's seventh album Planet Black features a new sound which includes more jazz influences, like in the song Future Ahead.


After seventeen years, five studio albums and two live albums, Mennen announces the breakup of the band. On 17 April Mennen plays a farewell gig in the band's most successful line-up which includes Joss Mennen, Eric van de Kerkhof, Alex Jansen and Fon Janssen, completed with guest musicians and a choir.

Discography Mennen

In the discography you will find all recordings that have been released listed chronologically. We restrict ourselves to the title, the type of audio, year of publication or recording, label, list of guest musicians, plus any comments on the issue.

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