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DJ Isis


1975 - current


DJ, draaitafels, house


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100% Isis, DJ 100% Isis

DJ Isis

DJ who reaches fame at a very young age in both the Dutch and international dance scenes. Before she reaches the age of 20 she already travels around the world playing her music.
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Biography DJ Isis

DJ who reaches fame at a very young age in both the Dutch and international dance scenes. Before she reaches the age of 20 she already travels around the world playing her music.

1992 - 1994

Isis van der Wel (born 29 April 1975) takes her first music lessons at the age of six. At the age of twelve she buys her first house record. Soon after that she starts mixing her own music. At the age of seventeen she becomes one of the regular DJ's at club RoXY in Amsterdam where she opens for DJ Dimitri during the HighTechSoulMovement. In 1993 Isis becomes one of the regulars on the Saturday night at Club RoXY. She also plays at the Penguin Festival and the Festival Des Amplitudes in France and gets her own night at club Privilege in Paris.

DJ Dimitri

1995 - 1996

Isis is involved in the start of club Chemistry in Amsterdam. In 1996 she performs at the Dance Valley festival in the Netherlands and also at the German Mayday festival. The TV merchandising label EVA (a partnership between EMI, Virgin and Ariola/BMG) releases her first mix album in 1996. Isis characterises her approach on the cover of the album as follows: 'We've selected some of those rare grooves that will make you feel the difference between unoriginal bullshit and the real thing!' The result is a place in the Dutch album Top 10. In October 1996 she releases her second mix album with underground house, soul techno, tribal and funky club house. This album also enters the Top 10 of the Dutch album charts. One of the tracks on this second album is a composition of Isis herself that which she recorded with Eric Nouhan. But there is also a downside to the success: overexposure in the Dutch media.

1997 - 1998

Isis performs at the New Frontier festival in the Netherlands, Amnesia in Ibiza and The Love Parade in Berlin. She also performs at the Dance Valley festival and is asked to represent the Netherlands with a DJ set at the World Expo in Lisbon in 1998. Later in the year she also goes on a three-week tour of Indonesia.

1999 - 2000

In 1999 Isis performs at all the major European festivals and the Tel Aviv Love Parade. She tours Mexico and the east coast of the US and also performs in Tokyo. State Of Bliss becomes her new club night in the Supperclub in Amsterdam, every first Sunday of the month. In 2000 100% Isis plays a DJ set at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida.


Isis performs at the Torhout (Belgium) and Mysteryland festivals and for the second time plays her set at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida. The State Of Bliss label is formed. In the autumn of this year Isis starts working on her first self-composed album. She can also be seen at the Massive party, organized by ID&T. As part of the Holland Festival she performs live at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam where she interprets several scores of John Cage, using a turntable, a sampler and a keyboard.


Reformation is Isis's third mix album in ten years time. The album is released on the NEWS label in the spring.

2003 - 2004

DJ Isis 100% Isis produces music with audiovisual artist Piet Jan Blauw. The DJ runs her own booking agency Magma and the successful All Is One event.


DJ Isis During the Amsterdam Dance Event in October 100% Isis launches her own record label All Is One. With the label she aims to build a bridge between various genres like techno, house, ambient and experimental dance music. The first release is an EP with tracks by the likes of Dimitri & Piet Jan Blauw, Gijs van Klooster & Tommy van Huystee and Frenchman Taho.


As of August Isis drops the 100% part of her name. From now on she continues as just Isis. In the autumn her DJ Mix comes out. It is available as a download on www.djdomain.com. At the Amsterdam Dance Event in October she releases the second EP on her own Label All is One. The EP marks a collaboration with 'musical artiste' Piet Jan Blauw.


DJ Isis As of April she celebrates her 15th anniversary as a DJ. The kick off of the anniversary tour is on April 8 in Paradiso Amsterdam. On 7 July Isis plays a set in the Deluxe Areas in the ArenA in Amsterdam during dance event Sensation White.


Eenhoorn (September) is a release on All Is One by DJ Isis and Piet Jan Blauw. The recordings were made in 2005 in Blauw's studio in Hoorn, near Amsterdam.


The second release by Isis and Piet Jan Blauw on All Is One Records are the tracks Blandas and Ibiza Luna. Isis describes the first track as electronic baroque. The title Ibiza Luna refers to an old farm on Ibiza where the song came about. On 5 May Isis and the singer Ellen ten Damme are Ambassadors of Freedom. They plays freedom festivals in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Roermond and Wageningen. The tribal dance track Liberté, inspired by contemporary minimal house, is composed exclusively for the occasion. On this track we can also hear the DJ sing for the first time. On 12 December Isis performs at a protest surrounding the climate summit in Copenhagen. She not only plays a DJ set but also a VJ show with a images from the international photo agency NOOR.

Ellen ten Damme


Supported by artists like Ellen ten Damme and rapper Def P, DJ Isis is selected as new nightmayor of the city of Amsterdam. The DJ wants to put a stop to the exodus of artists from the capital by creating more spontaneity and flexibility'. One other goal is appointing a civil servant who should be occupied fulltime with the subject 'night'.

Discography DJ Isis

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