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Aad de Mooy


hardhouse, house, producer, techno, trance


Cat Scanner, D-Shake, Electric Sweat, Hallucination Generation, House Of Nachos, Hyper, Interface, Nu-Tro-Gen, Paradise 3001, Shake Inc, Squid, Super Ragga Gabba, Time Warp

Aad de Mooy

Dutch house pioneer who was the first to score a big hit in the UK. Re-appears ten years later in Flygang and as Alex Cortiz.
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Biography Aad de Mooy

Dutch house pioneer who was the first to score a big hit in the UK. Re-appears ten years later in Flygang and as Alex Cortiz.

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Alex Cortiz   producer
Flygang   producer


Rotterdam producer Aad de Mooy releases the single Yaah on the Amsterdam-based house label Go Bang! The record is a real bombshell in the house scene. This is partly because of the heavy sound and the layered, trance-like build-up that leads to a gigantic climax. The B-side, Techno Trance, takes this even further and becomes a big hit on the international dance floors. The single tops the charts and makes a name for the Netherlands in the world of house music. The Yaah-sound forms the basis of the by De Mooy so detested gabber house, but also club house has its roots in the song.


Dance The Night Away, My Heart The Beat and the loud Tekno Bam become minor hits. An interview with De Mooy in which he explains gabber, is sampled and spoofed on a Djax-Up-Beats EP by Gerald & Suzie Creamcheese. It's illustrative of De Mooy's position in the scene: many accuse him of commercial sell-out. The album Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Groove, however, does quite well and is one of the first Dutch techno albums. But by that time De Mooy is fed up with the entire scene and quits. Apart from being a musician De Mooy also makes videos (for Kraze and Todd Terry).


After seven years of making records for several club and mellow house labels De Mooy teams up with two US DJ's with whom he forms Flygang, a casual project that conveys their preference for old-school disco s. The single Feeling and the album Disco Machine bring back De Mooy to the centre of attention for the first time in years. The album follows the disco revival that has been initiated by bands like Daft Punk and Air.



Under the name Alex Cortiz De Mooy and DJ Xavier Perec release the trendy lounge album Moodfood.

Alex Cortiz


Double album Magnifico! under the name Alex Cortiz, is a compilation. The first CD features tracks of his previous albums and the second CD features previously unreleased mixes and alternate tracks.


The fourteen tracks on Lo Tek (April), the Alex Cortiz album, are described on the album cover as 'a blend of minimal techno, dubhouse and space'.

Discography Aad de Mooy

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Video Aad de Mooy

D-Shake - Yaaah
D-Shake - Yaaah
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D-Shake - Yaaah

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